Breaking News:We Just Won an Old Fight

The plot thickens...

I am charged with two felonies. Meeting with a lawyer Thursday, and it's gonna cost at least $3500.00 for openers. The first two attorneys I talked to were already mentioning plea bargains before I got off the phone. I will have a jury trial, and suffer the consequences. So be it.
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Are you moral enough to prosper in America? We are suppose to believe that Thomas Edison stole the light bulb, that’s what illegal drug users do right? Tell us what happened to firestone; tell us what happened to the small business of the 1960? Tell us what happened to the world famous gaslight square Mic Jager sang about. The real reason they work so hard to keep weed illegal doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out. They control the crave. When these Nazi justify attacking cancer and scoliosis petitions or spending 30 years trying to make a Delorian out of people we need to look at the real reason these cowards are stealing cars from the handicap and ripping off the blind, it all relates to the money they make criminalizing us for barring arms against their harms, with their biological weapons their high Tec they can make pot worthless to smoke with a touch of a button, but this is not the main factor the real factor is the billions they make off oil, yes oil, our money goes overseas to support the oil industries and the tallibomb, when the American farmer could grow hemp and make fuel that cost $0.50 a gallon we have to pay the Arabs over 3.00 a gallon as these Nazi deny us the first page of the Christian bible" the power over the plants and animals" they subvert the true science and the declaration of independence for their wallets.

Right there with you...


You've got guts.

I may be walking into battle with you (er... different battle...)

MDMA charges - conspiracy and trafficking.

Trial is tempting.
It's the only way to appeal...

Best of luck.
Let me know how things go.

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