I INVITE YOU ALL TO CHECK OUT MYSPACE AND GET TO KNOW ME A LITTLE BETTER! I am going to be sentenced to Federal prison in just 3 short weeks and my fight for my freedom is at an all time high! I have been through hell and am trying to get a re-trial based on the fact that my Federal Defender hid evidence in my trial as well as a huge conflict of interest!
I fired them for ineffective council for not ordering my email accounts for my accounts that would have absolutely caused reasonable doubt in my guilt and the jurors would have been able to see the threats that were placed upon my by a corrupt confidential informant as well as the lies he used to set me up.
But the reason that they didn't want to order my email accounts is the real key here....In my email accounts were the names of all my clients. I am a former escort. One client in particular was an investigator working on my case assigned by the FEDERAL DEFENDERS OFFICE!!! Hence the conflict of interest! My court appointed attorney should have recused themselves as soon as they found out about the sexual relationship I had with one of the investigators on my case ...but instead...they chose to NOT order my email evidence and told me to NEVER tell anyone about the sexual misconduct with their computer expert assigned to my case!! AND of course I was found guilty of the charges against me due to the fact that I had no proof of entrapment on the CI setting me up online and by email!
I have a new lawyer now because my ex husband paid for an attorney as soon as he found out I didn't get all my evidence and my fair day in court was not had.
I thank God for that and pray now for a retrial! Thanks for your time and hopefully for caring! My URL My Blog URL
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Buy Guns

It is time to buy guns to defend ourselves from abusive police. If a police officer attacks you you have the right to fight back.

Fighting back

The comment about attacking police is nothing but encouragement for their twisted behavior. The place to fight back is in the voting booth, and wherever we can obtain a forum.

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