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Atlanta Police Nearly Killed 80-Year-Old Woman Two Months Before Killing Kathryn Johnston

It has now been reported that a mere two months before killing 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston, Atlanta police conducted a very dangerous, similar raid on the home of 80-year-old Frances Thompson. The supposed drug dealer, named "Hollywood," didn't live there. (Read more about it on Radley Balko's The Agitator blog, the most continuous source of information on the problem of SWAT teams/paramilitarization of policing.) You'd think the Atlanta police would learn from one experience and take the steps needed to avoid making the same mistake. Then again, you'd think police nationally would learn when people wind up dying in these raids. But they keep doing it over and over and over...
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S.L.A.N.T. Dirty Panty Bandits

What are these pol;ice raids really about? For some law enforcement agencies itis an opportunity for lawenforecement peronal to engage in sexual deviant practices against small children. August 15, 2007 my home was raided by a S.L.A.N.T. Team acting on an illegal search warrant issued by a Stephenson County, Illinois Judge. Illinois State Police Officers Scott Ellefson and Andrew Schroder and team. After smashing into the home and terrorizing and rounding up the residence proceded to vandalize the propery and in their folly they allowed my 9 year old daughter to go down to a lower level of the house to use the bathroom. This is when the child stepped into her bed room only to find a member of Andrew Schroeder and Scottellefson's team sniffing the female dischage in the croch of a pair of the childs dirty panties! It took nearly seven months for the child to finally beable to tell of this. At a year and half later she is still very much affected by this gross act of vile ignorance. While the case is still going on. Two Freeport, Illinois Stephenson County Judges and Posecutors are doing everthing they can dream of in their attempts o keep his whol affair quiet. They have so far succeeded is making matters worse. These parties have engaged in some of the lowest and questionable practices in their attempts to cover this act of sexual misconduct in the presence of a child they can dream of. Somewhere there is a trophy room maintained by one of these persons. Judge James Hauser upon issuing the search warrant knew very well it was a dirty warrant and issued it anyway. Stopy the drug raids and my daughter wants her panties returned to her.. Other citizens in this area have described similar instances comitted against teir children during thse sexally driven (drug) raids by Illinois State Police (S.L.A.N.T.) Andrew Schrode and Scott Ellefson acting on search warrants issued by Judge Hauser, Mostly involving little girls. One involving a little boy.. THis whole drug raid thing is not just driven by drug crazed cops. but by sexually driven perverts.
Commentary by Bill and Kathy the raided.

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