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Don't Snort The Pink Speed

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If you're not already dead, be warned that drug dealers are lacing meth with candy. According to experts at the DEA, it's obviously a cynical plot to trick children and stupid adults into doing lots of meth. From USA Today:
Reports of candy-flavored methamphetamine are emerging around the nation, stirring concern among police and abuse prevention experts that drug dealers are marketing the drug to younger people.

"Drug traffickers are trying to lure in new customers, no matter what their age, by making the meth seem less dangerous," [DEA Spokesman Steve] Robertson says.
Of course, the truth is that everybody likes sweets. Young people are disproportionately associated with candy because it's one of the only naughty things they're allowed to consume. It's probably also worth noting that children who want sugar won't buy it in an alley for $100 a gram, and that they are also often pumped full of meth derivatives by their doctors with no one complaining except the Scientologists.
"The traffickers know the word is out about what a horrible drug this is," [Deputy Drug Czar Scott] Burns says.

"They are having a tough time selling this product, especially to young people. What do people in marketing do when they have a tough time selling a product? They have to come up with some sort of gimmick."

Wait, what? I thought we were in the middle of a massive, unmanageable meth crisis. Scott Burns is right that meth use is on the decline, but it's annoying that he only brings this up when it suits him. Of course, meth use was going down before the "crisis" was even declared, yet these late-comers wanna take credit for saving America with poignant public service announcements. It wasn't until 2005 that ONDCP figured out meth and marijuana were different drugs. And they continue to mix them up.

Seriously though, it's the users who decide what drugs are in and out. There's no evidence that street-level marketing schemes or ONDCP propaganda make a lick of difference to party people who want the most bang for their buck. They know what they're after. Pink meth exists because people want pink meth, not because they don't want any meth at all.

Drug policy expert Chris Rock explains it best in his classic performance Bring the Pain:

"Drug dealers don't sell drugs. Drugs sell themselves. It's crack. It's not an encyclopedia. It's not a f**king vacuum cleaner. You don't really gotta try to sell crack. Ok?

I've never heard a crack dealer going "Man, how am I gonna get rid of all this crack?!"
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shut the fucc up drugs shouldnt be illegal at all let the fuckin americans have freedom and do what the fucc they want to meth coke weed or wtf ever they want weed is my choice of drugs thc gets me hi and my cousin too.. so if u dont like them all i got to say is fucc u .. weed is put on this damn earth for a reason TO SMOKE IT and so is cocain... TO SNORT THE SHIT it gets u hi and thats all there is too it u lil goodie too shoes ass mufuccas can quit gettin on this site if u dont like it.. u all arguin about the shit so ima shut u da fucc up and let u know wazz rele good fam... fucc haters like president bush.. obama is gonna legalize weed homie. and if u racist fucc u too still.... i am a dealer always will be and aint never gna stop homie 6 popin crip game on mine.. 3 1.. for life and pothead for life too u aint a gangster kids .. until u do drugs dont listen to ur bitch ass mom cuzz she does them too u just dont know it yet.. trust me do what the fucc u wana dont have to listen to anybody its freedom of speech thats why i am typing this and it still is gna keep goin... METH IS NOT THAT GOOD BUT IT IS SOMEWHAT... COKE IS CRAAZZY GOOOD .. WEED IS THE BEST ON EARTH... THIZZLES (ECSTACY) IS REALLY GOOD TOO.. ITLL FUCC U UP ALL NIGHT .... AND SHROOMS IS THE FUCCIN BOMB OMG TALK ABOUT LAUGHIN... SO KIDS IF U WANA RELE FIND OUT WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT .....((((DO DRUGS)))) FUCC YALL GOODIES OUT HERE...

Meth is bad, Meth is

Meth is bad, Meth is harmful, BUT, the only reason the government ever "cares" about anything, is if it is bothering something that they are doing. If anyone ever thinks that there government actually cares if they die, or they do drugs, or your kids do drugs. YOU ARE WRONG. Whos bringing the coke into this country? what about the CIA plane that just recently crashed in Florida with over 100 kilos of columbian cocaine in it? Bet you never saw that one on CNN or NBC. Who brings any of the drugs into this country? Have you ever heard of any United States Drug Lords? Where are they all? Every major city should have at least two or three, not including all the smaller metro citys across the United States. Thats because they are running the game. They are the drug lords, and that is FACT. What about when the CIA openly admitted on live TV that they were selling crack cocaine in order to fund private wars around the world? How come we dont ever talk about that? Theres alot more going on that meets the eye, Im not going to say meth is good because it isnt. But my thoughts are if someone wants to do them, go ahead and let them do them, Alcohol is a drug. scientifically alcohol is the number 1 drug that kills people throughout the United States. But they make marijuana look like its a horrific "gateway" drug... If someone wants to get high on it let em, but, keep it away from the kids. thats the number one thing.

the pink meth

swim found a bag last nite ina  DC club  i live in baltimore he thought it was coke or raw dope cuz how dark it was well it turned out to be pink powder i never done methamp but im on methadone an ex dealer n addict seen both sides wel n e way METH sucks n i tried it n took a five panel piss test pos mamp had to take a ton of xanex to come down n it dont taste good AT ALL i smoked it on weed felt cracked out guess thats why it more arural thing in bmore its raw dope scramble coke ready all day i jus smoke that sensi n sip that syrup but it was a gay club she found it at she a candy grl likes rollin but not dis i googled it n it looks just loke it pink powder lil chunks rather smoke kush than bash BUSH i dont get all political i jus say the truh n to me if i was in middle school one taste n kno it aint no fuckin candy dead it im telling u this in real time feb. 2011

Smoked some just now.

Yeah, I thought this pink stuff wasn't going to be as good as the last shards I had, turns out, this stuff was really really good, Man I'm talking about I'm currently typing this and talking to three other people, listening to led zep, and I have a sandwich in front of me, I'll probably eat that when I come down, in like a week, till then it's all just beep beep beep, you know just like a damn satellite in orbit, and guess what you might think, when you light your lightbulb full of this pink fairy dust, hey, there's a guy right outside, in the woods. *whisper*he's in the treeeeessss, he's watchin me, studying on killin me I reckin*/whisper* but you just gotta be prepaired for that moment when that gman mofo comes running through your door, hopefully you have a head full of this wonderful pink magic moon sugar, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man, yeah man, strawberry quick I rate it 5 stars now I'm off to clean my EVERYTHING!!!

i am 58 years. doing

i am 58 years. doing marihuana since more than 40 years. also a lot of other drugs. and drink beer every day.

my 3 kids are  29, 34 and 36. only 1 of them smokes some weed - sometimes.
the other 2 never did any drugs.
thats about your "influence-theory"
even when the 2 were teenagers and all their friends were smoking weed and stuff - witch is just normal in this age - they did NOT!! 
btw - their mom smokes too ;)


i dont understand how you can judge drugs if you have never tried?!


thats like talking about meat with a vegan :D


just keep loving 'war for america' and all your other retarded activities ;)


your best friend

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