Bong Hits 4 Ever

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The Washington Post has an important point:

WHAT IS a bong hit 4 Jesus? We're not sure, and we doubt anyone really knows what the phrase means -- which is one reason the Supreme Court ought not to regard it as prohibited speech.

It's true. Prohibiting something you don't understand is the height of ignorance. All attempts to interpret the statement can be dismissed as the desperate fulminations of confused people who demand arbitrary authority to shield themselves from future confusion.

Now that it's been immortalized by the very people who find it objectionable, bong-hits-for-Jesus will probably be with us for quite some time. In the interest of preventing subsequent misunderstandings, I propose that we decide what it means. I vote that we use bong-hits-for-Jesus as a dissmissive retort to anything that doesn’t make sense. For example, if someone's carrying on about something you disagree with or don't understand, you'd reply "bong-hits-for-Jesus, dude."

If we succeed in making BH4J the next WWJD, the censors will surely come to regret ever complaining about it in the first place.

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What a great suggestion!

The perfect retort to any inane pronouncement: Bong hits 4 Jesus!

Seriously, though, this article makes an important point. If it weren't for the attempts to suppress this meaningless slogan, no one would have heard about it. By opposing nothing, they have made it into something. In seeking to eliminate it, the "authorities" have cast it in bronze, and in refusing to acknowledge it as free speech, they have installed it into the lexicon. Bong hits 4 Jesus!

There must be some universal principle tucked in there somewhere.

UK drug laws

Scientists continue to press the well informed case for a restructuring of drug classifications

Louie Louie

Reminds me of when they tried to censor Louie, Louie, because nobody could figure out what the words were and paranoid church ladies were coming up with all kinds of selacious potential lyrics. The FBI crime lab spent hours and hours trying to figure out the actual lyrics before giving up and declaring them too difficult to understand to matter.

Recreational Drug Use and Spirituality

I think that the underlying meaning of this phrase comes from the spiritual communities that advocate recreational drug use (specifically marijuana and most psychedelic drugs) as a form of connecting to a higher purpose. I could just be blowing smoke out of my ass though. I may just be out of the loop as to where this slogan came from because I haven't heard of it until now.

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