Obligatory Comment on the Toddlers-Smoking-Pot Video

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I'd just as soon not touch this with a 10-foot pole, but I fear that ignoring it could make us look scared. We're not.

The highly publicized video of toddlers being forced to smoke marijuana is disgusting. It's child abuse, and when confronted by such provocative images it's important for reformers to remember that we're the only people with a plan for protecting children from drugs. After all, the drug war certainly didn’t protect these children.

There's nothing the drug war can do to prevent outrages like this, but there are a few ways in which it makes them more likely to occur. The drug war eliminates age requirements for drug purchases by creating a black market. The drug war has incentivized drug dealers to actually employ children, and it creates new job opportunities with each arrest.

More importantly perhaps, the drug war has broken up families at alarming rates, creating vast opportunities for events like this to occur. Perhaps widespread media coverage of this story will reveal more about the circumstances surrounding it. We've heard from a grandparent, but we don’t yet know anything about the parents. Whether incarceration plays a role here remains to be seen, but the odds of that are unfortunately quite good.

Still, for all its failings, the drug war provides no excuse for the conduct of the teenagers depicted in this video. They're criminals and they're exactly the sort of people we want police going after. Now if we could somehow manage to stop arresting so many people who don't deserve it, perhaps we could better attend to creeps like these.

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marc emery did it too

If that's the case, why defend marc emery? He also has given pot to a two year old (the daughter of his best friend). How do we know this? He has a video about it on Pot TV.

If Marc Emery jumped off a bridge while smoking up a 2-yr-old...

...would you do it too?

Yes, Marc deserves to go to jail for child abuse, not for selling seeds.

child abuse

I guess, Marc Emery has no more wisdom than these adolsecents. They should not be able to get their hands on it, if they have no responsibility. They don't appear to understand why the reckless behavior is not acceptable. They, including Marc, deserve the treatment of any other criminal that would commit child abuse.

At least, with regulation, the drugs would be less available to idiots like this! Drug dealers don't card and don't care if this type of child abuse occurs! Then, again, the cops would have more time to find criminals like this! They would be able to do this, instead of putting so many non-violent drug abuseres in jail. This type of arrest is also making it impossible for most of them, and others, to attain any reasonable education level, by denying them financial help for school. The drug war is making this country one of the biggest human rights violators in the world! We are treating people with medical problems like criminals, instead. And, with the present system we are making the drugs MORE available to idiots like this, who might be able to claim that they were not old enough to know better!



Marijuana cause no memory loss i don't care wat they say its a natural herb and it makes you feel laid back and relaxed....it should be made legal then we wouldn't have so many smuggling problems..it actually helps u concentrate in a math class!!!!!!!!11


Do you really think that smoking pot should be legal? Give kids pot should be normal? No loss memory? Help you concentrate?... Dude, you are DUMB. That is exactly what drugs do to you... MAKE YOU SOMEBODY ELSE WITH NOT GOOD JUDGMENT. Do not stop the war against drugs, or we'll loose our common sense. If you are old enough to decide using drugs. If you choose it. (Nobody force you, because you're an innocent infant), then you HAVE TO BE legally process as an adult. Also, do not come to me with the outrageous idea that "these people have medical conditions". Being a junkie is a medical condition? Since when? Since being a prostitute is a lovely and professional career? A nation of idiots… That's what we've become… If you do something illegal, you have to be punished. If you try to legalize something like that, then you can move to somewhere else where they don't have rules for it to see if you like it. Go ahead, get out!

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