ONDCP Gloats Over Ken Gorman's Death

The New York Times reports on the death of Ken Gorman, a Colorado medical marijuana provider who was murdered by thieves. It's a fair story, though NORML's Allen St. Pierre is misquoted as saying that 20 medical marijuana providers have been killed in robberies (the correct figure is an unfortunate but much smaller 6).

Shamefully, the ONDCP blog blames Gorman's death on medical marijuana laws:
Drug Violence: State Medical Marijuana Laws Creating More Confusion and Abuse

Today's New York Times covers the latest murder generated by the passage of State-based "medical" marijuana laws. For years, marijuana legalization groups have worked to bypass the Supreme Court's decision, the FDA's official Interagency Advisory, and Federal law regarding medical marijuana. Symbolic medical marijuana laws which have been passed in some U.S. states have given too many citizens the false impression that growing and distributing marijuana is safe and legal.
One cannot possibly overstate the appalling falsity of ONDCP's attempt to paint the medical marijuana industry as inherently violent and chaotic, particularly in light of ONDCP's ongoing commitment to undermining the safety of medical marijuana patients. The rank dishonesty of this notion even compares unfavorably to the typical bile churned out by this organization on a daily basis.

Fortunately, widespread public support for medical marijuana ensures that concern over such violence will often tip in favor of regulation. The safeguards necessary to prevent deaths like Gorman's will be viewed by many as the responsibility of government; a responsibility the government continues to reject at every turn.

Persecuted and abandoned, patients have instead turned to the democratic process for relief, mobilizing state legislatures and millions of voters to their aid. They have built and now operate their own institutions, withstanding remarkable pressure as they push away the recreational marijuana economy with one hand and fight off the DEA with the other. Problems with medical marijuana laws are both wildly exaggerated and entirely attributable to interference and false propaganda from government officials whose utter lack of credibility necessitates the celebration of murder.

Ken Gorman's blood now stains the hands of the liars and quacks whose belligerent resistance to medical marijuana is truly the primary destructive force at work here.

United States
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I think ONDCP has a point

After all, didn't we legalize it in Denver? I thought we had removed the black market? Did that whole thing not work?
And if we didn't succeed in removing the black market, why are we bothering to pass laws in other states to legalize pot? The same thing is going to happen there also. Shouldn't we just focus on making the Feds legalize it?

Now that I think about it, we're sorta screwed, because the Feds will never legalilze it.

Man, this sucks.

borden's picture

putting pressure on the feds

One of the reasons to pass state laws is to increase the pressure on Congress to ultimately change federal law. Another reason is that even with some continuing risks, at least patients and their providers are at less risk of arrest and imprisonment this way.

David Borden, Executive Director
StoptheDrugWar.org: the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

No lie is too outrageous...

For the ONDCP to propagate. They will say anything; engage in the most despicable forms of bait-and-switch, data cherry-picking, and of course the celebration of death and mayhem if it assists them. And they will take a correlating distance, denying death and mayhem as a strategy when events or facts would tend to indict them or their operations, tactics, and strategies.

From Harry Anslinger's overt racism, to Bill Bennett's chain smoking and major gambling habit, lying and selective morality are rampant at ONDCP. Barry McCaffery's pathological lies take the lead, at, for one example, international press conferences (staged of course in prohibitionist Sweden) in his unending bashing of the domestic policies of extremely close allies of the USA, e.g. the Netherlands. Here he declared that the murder rate in the Netherlands (in 1998) was twice that of the USA, and that this was a direct result of cannabis not being prohibited. "That's drugs," he emoted after uttering the mangled statistics.

The Dutch murder rates was actually 1/4 that of the USA (1.9/100,000/year vs 8.1/100,000/year). Even though he was shown the facts from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics on the Dutch evening news program Twee Vandaag, he refused to consider that he might be wrong.

He blamed numbers from Interpol, and he said one would have to check with them if one believes the numbers to be incorrect. The murder rate in 2006 in the Netherlands, after 8 more years of legal cannabis sales, has reduced even further, and is at record lows.

This ultra-self-righteous behavior, complemented by the sour and vitriolic dialogue from the ONDCP during his regime, resulted in such grandiose denunciations of (especially medical ) cannabis as his infamous, "this is Chichi and Chong Medicine," comment in response to California's heretical 1996 vote to stop harassing the sick and dying.

ONDCP Heads and staff will say absolutely anything, no matter how outrageous or insubstantial or untrue it is. And the more the internet keeps undermining their propaganda efforts, the more militant they become. This produces still more outrageous claims and lies to support them.

ONDCP is the one place in the entire government where lying is the most practiced and precious art and skill. It has to be, as its very existence is predicated upon a bogus tissue of lies and the associated bigotry of those who promulgate these lies.

Even CIA spies and State Department diplomats, except those who work on perpetuating drug prohibition, and even presidents of the USA, cannot hold a candle to the unprecedented ability of and willingness of the ONDCP, its Czar-come-kingpin of the moment, its staff, and its media propagandists to lie.

They lie about everything, from the strength of marijuana to its effects on the individual, the family and society. One wonders if their spouses trust them when they go home at night... after all, if you spend your days crafting lies for the USA and the world to consume, how easy would a simple sexual affaire be to lie about? "No, honey, I am not doing anything but finishing my work. My secretary (sic) has already left." (It seems he and his secretary use government funds on government time to carry on this adulterous affaire, which should not show up on a drug test by the way (after all, ONDCP employees have to have some fun, right?)) then he finishes his work after hours... making him think he isn't lying to his wife on the phone.

So, liars go to the ONDCP for a job, and the sick and dying can simply go to hell...

Or they can emigrate to the Netherlands, like I did. Foolish government officials...

Eric Johnson

Wake Up

Nothing will change unless you boneheads get out there and vote!

Sitting on yer arses and watching the election process come and go every year gets you nowhere!

Ken's message was about standing up for what you believe in and then doing it to the fullest.

The way you do that in this country is by voting. Make your voices heard. Or Not!

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