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New ONDCP Video Demonstrates Exactly Why Their Ads Don't Work

"Stoners in the Mist" is a fake documentary from in which "Dr. Barnard Puck," clad in safari clothes, observes stoners and performs various experiments on them.

This is worth discussing only because it perfectly illustrates the lack of seriousness that still dominates the marijuana debate. I don’t know how anyone could watch this and conclude that the people who made it are a credible source of information about the effects of marijuana.

Among the highlights:

* A practically comatose stoner fails to notice when a tracking collar is placed around his neck

* Unable to move, two stoners sit on the same couch for 72 hours

* A stoned girl forgets her friend's name and has brownies in her hair

* Despite repeated attempts, a stoner is unable to grasp objects tossed to him at close range

* Categorical statements such as "we have learned through our intensive research that both male and female stoners tend to lack the motivation to maintain proper hygiene" are made.

At the risk of increasing their traffic, you have to watch it to appreciate how far-fetched and derogatory this video really is. It reminded me immediately of D.W. Griffith's racist classic The Birth of a Nation, which glorifies the Ku Klux Klan and depicts African Americans as incoherent slobbering rapists.

So yesterday, when an ONDCP staffer called SSDP and basically threatened to increase the childishness of his office's activities, we just laughed because there's really no lower level of discourse available to them. Two weeks ago, I witnessed ONDCP's David Murray indignantly challenge the seriousness of his critics, yet it is Murray himself who lobbies for more funding to produce utterly banal and sophomoric nonsense like "Stoners in the Mist."

So if the Responsible and Serious Youth Advocates at ONDCP can't figure out why they've alienated everyone, let me spell it out: it's because you're having your own made-up conversation about marijuana that no one else can participate in because it is completely fictitious and insane.

No, this is not a video about the effects of marijuana. It is a parting shot from an entrenched clan of spiteful, sniveling spin-doctors who continue to sling mud in desperation even as their puddle dries up.

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perfect analogy

between the racism of "Birth of a Nation" and the alcohol supremacism of the pathetic reefer madness style anti- marijuana propaganda machine. How many people does alcohol kill? And marijuana? Which one did you say is illegal?
America, stop defecating on your solemn pledge of liberty and justice for all.


So much money wasted on a production that would only make students howl with laughter. One of the things we learned in my Substance Abuse Education and Prevention class is that you cannot talk down to teens and this is definitely targeted towards teens . . . or then again, perhaps not. My 76 year old mother is from the reefer madness generation and she would probably be on board with it.
The poorly drawn cartoons they are doing on TV get the message across in much better, simpler manner than this over produced pompous crap. While I have been clean and sober for 7 1/2 years, I haven't used pot for many, many more years than that, but I can tell you and I'm sure that most can agree that such exaggeration is ridiculous. Once you show ignorance to a teen audience, you lose there trust and they won't take you seriously anymore, therefore you have lost before you hvae even started. Come on, the girl finds brownie in her hair~then eats it???? Whatever. This is satire, not truth.

Ignorant ridiculiousness is their norm...

I suppose it's not surprising that their website has NO negative critique buttons, while it does have plenty of positive ones...
Just look at the page for that "Stoners in the mist" crap... (which I find so wrong that it's offensive to me and probably every other cannabis user...)
See the button in the lower right? It says "Like it?"
Well if you click on it... all it gives you is the Yes "I like it" option... XD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? So suddenly saying "no I didn't like it" is just not an option... there is no way to tell if people don't like it, or if it's not a good use of money to make such crap. I'm sure they'll just say "oh we had so many people click the yes button"... -_-

This is how they accomplish and prove things... this ONE button is an example of how they gather ALL of their 'facts'... -_-

This quote from above article is spot on:
"So if the Responsible and Serious Youth Advocates at ONDCP can't figure out why they've alienated everyone, let me spell it out: it's because you're having your own made-up conversation about marijuana that no one else can participate in because it is completely fictitious and insane.
No, this is not a video about the effects of marijuana. It is a parting shot from an entrenched clan of spiteful, sniveling spin-doctors who continue to sling mud in desperation even as their puddle dries up."

Really put it best... I agree with more thumbs up than I have to give... XD

The worste thing about this....

At the end, if you look at the bottom there is a tab "Marinjuana: The Facts"

Mostly anything but the facts. They cite a bunch of studies that imply that you will get depressed, go crazy, become stupid and drop out of school if you smoke pot.

What they don't tell you is that these studies all caveat that the illicit nature of marijuana precludes the majority of individuals in "healthy" household environments from getting involved with the drug and the correlation between use and outcome come froms the subjects being predisposed to emotional problems because of disfunctional homelife that, which is also an attributing factor to why they would "cross the line" and become involved in an illicit substance.

Rubbish. Legalize It. All of it.

Do something about it

I went to the website an emailed them what a joke I thought their site was. If you don't agree with the info there let them know.

What's funny to me is that they have a button you can press if you like the fake documentary, but they don't have a button to push if you dislike it. What good planning on their part!

Stoners in the mist

I went to their web site too, and watched part of the video, enough to see how boring it was. I expect the ONDCP to lie, but at least they could do it skilfully for all the tax money they piss away.

Yeah, about the "I like it" button, with no "I don't." There they go, supposedly mature people with the fingers in the ears chanting "La la la, we can't hear you!" What a crock. So I left them a message that I felt the ONDCP's pain in that they couldn't get better writers and directors because they were stoners too.

Stoned video

I left them with a message and asked them if they were trying to surpass "Reefer Madness" in it's misinformation and stupidity and if so , in that case they have succeeded. I also gave them a place they could go to get the real facts just in case they were interested in making something other than propaganda. I also asked ,as some of you did, what the hell THEY were on? Verena

I am not a "creature" to be

I am not a "creature" to be studied. This is the most offensive ploy, that they've been able to think of yet. My worst fear is that people will think that it's truth. Thank god it's too long to be put on television commercials.

stoned video

me,i would commit vehicular homicide on those two bozo actors if they allowed the''stoner'' actors that car to drive around the orange cones.but then again when the cops arrested them after kicking the shit out of them and the courts finds them guilty and given the death penalty,well it goes to show that the end justifies the means.that would of been the real the way eat shit.

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