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Bruce Willis Finally Figures it Out

Submitted by smorgan on
Last year, Bruce Willis was advocating scorched-earth warfare against the cocaine trade:
"I'm talking also about going to Colombia and doing whatever it takes to end the cocaine trade. It's killing this country. It's killing all the countries that coke goes into…And I think that's a form of terrorism as well." [UGO]
Yikes! Fortunately, Bruce has been reading some books or something, because he's come all the way around on this:
Bruce Willis has hit out at America's war on drugs, insisting it would be more productive for politicians to tackle the social problems that lead people to take narcotics in the first place.

"We fight it the wrong way. The war on drugs is a joke." [Star Pulse News]
Maybe he could start Celebrities for Sensible Drug Policy. Of course, CSDP is already taken.

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