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Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Care About Sick People

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Via Reason, Don Murphy of Republicans for Compassionate Access asked Rudy Giuliani about medical marijuana:
MURPHY: You talked about abortion rights and how you trust people to make their own choices. Do you support the choice of cancer patients to use medical marijuana?
RUDY: No, I don't think a cancer patient should use marijuana. There are other options.

Other options, he says. Well that's no surprise coming from a hired consultant for Perdue Pharma, manufacturer of Oxycontin. Rudy even helped Perdue fend off the DEA when Oxycontin became linked to widespread abuse.

To be fair, OxyContin can be a very effective option for many patients and there isn't necessarily anthing wrong with Rudy sticking up for Perdue in this context. Unfortunately, he fails to recognize that medical marijuana should be defended for all of the same reasons. Lots of sick people say it helps, and that's really all that matters.

If widespread abuse and even death associated with OxyContin don't bother Rudy, what's his beef with medical marijuana? The problem might be that Rudy Giuliani is a horrible person.

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oxycontin vs. medical marijuana

Oh yeah, as a previous heroin user give me all the oxycontin you have on hand Rudy, I love the opiate high, what's that you say, it is addictive. Well, I know a medication that works and is not physically addictive. In fact marijuana is perfect for the opiate addicted patient once they are off opiates. Instead of prescribing the white rabbit called Oxycontin, marijuana is much safer, the only problem is marijuana is cheaper and the drug companies do not want it legalized for fear of the $$ they will lose.


Pain relief isn't all marijuana's good for. Anti-emetic, anyone?

Near as I can tell a common side effect of oxycontin is nausea and vomiting. That sounds like a lot of fun on top of cancer.

what a joke this guy is

im starting a pac

united stoners of america

has Rudy ever suffered from chronic pain and nausea?

My has had 4 spinal surgeries and continues to degenerate. Th pain meds bring some relief so she can at least sleep a couple of hours at a time, but the nausea and vomitting from these meds aren't helping. After a dozen different G.I. tests - the dostors all say "It's the pain meds - stop taking them". But what DOES work a miracle is a small amount of marijuana. The only prescription anit-nausea medicine that did work even a little was denied by the insurance company because she was told she is not pregnant (she's 47) and she does not have cancer. So if she wants to be able to eat even a small amount of food and keep it down, we have to pay $800 for 2 weeks of medicine that gives SOME relief. Wait - I can spend $50 a week and get 1000% more relief? hmmmm.......let me think while my wife suffers and the kids are told I have no money for food.......

Oxycontin kills!!! Marijuana Does NOT!!!

Giuliani, you are a very close minded idiot if you ask me. I know too many people who are entirely addicted to oxycontin and a few who have died from overdose! One who was a very close friend might I add. NO ONE has ever overdosed on marijuana. Oxycontin and other hard core pain killers are MUCH MUCH more dangerous? ANYONE WANT TO DISAGREE? I think not! (this is coming from 26 year old female licensed educator)

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