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Connecticut Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Legislature, Needs Governor's Signature

Friday night (too late for last week's Chronicle), Connecticut's state senate passed a medical marijuana bill, already passed by the House, and it is now heading to Gov. Jodi Rell's desk to be signed or vetoed. Rell has said she is "torn" over it. DPA's Gabriel Sayegh sent us the following links to media stories about it:
Op-ed by patient Mark Braunstein editorial from Harford Courant (it’s about 90% good; the part about the kid in Rhode Island is bad) Danbury Times editorial Stamford Advocate article Hartford Courant article NY Times AP story
United States
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medical marijuanna

Gov. Rell,
Please see marijuanna for what it really is, a plant that grows naturally. it doesn't impair the way alcohol or other drugs do. I have severe depression and it helps me more than words can say. I have been in and out of mental hospitals all of my adult life. About 3 years ago i became roommates with a woman who smoked on the regular. After careful consideration i decided to see if it would really help. I was so amazed. The only problem now is every time i leave the house i'm afraid i'm going to get arrested. I have never broken the law in my life. It bothers me tremendously that it's illegal to feel better. Please help.
Norwich, ct
39 years old.

Governor Rell - Please Get Your Head Out of Your Ass

I live in Connecticut and have suffered a traumatic brain injury. None of the prescription drugs that doctors have forced upon me work. Everything from Depakote to Zyprexa, to Xanax and Lexapro. The pharmies turn me into a zombie and it is almost impossible to live a “NORML” life. I feel that the experimental games physicians play with pharmaceutical salesmen need to stop. Stop using human lives and emotions as guinea pigs. I lose sleep, have unnecessary anxiety, and have difficulties prioritizing events in my everyday life without marijuana, yet it is a crime in my state, for myself or others to possess the safest and most effective type of treatment available. When will the politicians and narrow-minded “professionals” begin to think outside of the box, and when will those of us in need be able to receive the appropriate doctor's care?

medical marijuana

i can go 3 days without sleep if i dont smoke a joint before bed. Id rather consume something naturally grown from mother earth to help me with my problem then pop a pill made by a scientist and advertised by the government. Who is the government to tell me what i can and can not treat my problems with if its my choice. Thats what being in a "free" country means.

medicinal marijuana

I have an irregular heart beat and a recent test i've done with a heart rate and blood pressure monitor given to me by my doctor shows that marijuana makes my heart beat consistently and it lowers my blood pressure and other levels which i do not know the meaning of to acceptable or nearly acceptable levels. stop making it so dangerous and difficult for me to get something that helps me

medical marajauna

i belave cannabis should be legal for medical use. i have used it for years and it helps with my high blood pressure and helps me sleep. i can not sleep on my own. i have tried nyquil sleeping pills nothing works except marajauna. im not the only one

May you and/or your loved

May you and/or your loved ones NEVER be in the need of pain control and not be able to obtain it. To have pain that can only be controlled by a substance that people will not legalize is criminal at best.

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