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More Border Blues--Canadian Mom Searching for Missing Daughter Denied Entry

Just two weeks ago, in an article titled Border Blues, we wrote about how both the Canadian and the US governments can and do deny entry to people who admit to past drug use or have a drug conviction. Last week, a particularly egregious example of the abuse of this provision occurred. In a sad tale first picked up by the Vancouver daily the Province, "Mother's Hunt for Missing Daughter Blocked at Border", Kamloops, BC, mother Glendene Grant related how she was turned away from the US as she headed for Las Vegas to search for her young adult daughter, Jessie Foster, who went missing a little more than a year ago. Although Grant had made several previous trips to Las Vegas in an effort to find her daughter and even though she was scheduled to meet local law enforcement and appear at a Crimestoppers event about Jessie's disappearance, she was turned away a week ago today. Why? The 49-year-old mother was arrested in 1986 on marijuana and cocaine possession charges. We are looking into this. Right now, I have emailed Ms. Grant to set up an interview, and I have calls in to US Customs and Border Protection and an anti-human trafficking unit in the Las Vegas Police Department. There is apparently some suspicion that Jessie Foster was the victim of sex slavers. But who cares about that, right? Customs and Border Protection appears more interested in protecting us from a harmless woman who got busted on penny ante drug possession charges more than two decades ago than helping her spur an investigation with possible international implications. My understanding that the decision to deny entry to people with old drug convictions is not mandatory (I'll be checking with CBP on this) but discretionary. In the case of Glendene Grant, the denial of entry looks to be an abuse of discretion, not to mention just downright mean, inhumane, and cold-hearted. Is there more to the story? Stay tuned.
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Entrey Denied

What for an arrest in 1986 for marjuana and cocaine. This is just ubserd and she has been to Vega's before. So what the other times she came to the US never happened. wow i hate the US border patrol they cant keep illegal immigrants out but wont let a person looking for there daughter in this is just insane.

Denied Entry

I am Glendene Grant. I am the mother of missing Jessie Foster and the person denied border crossing. I have been to Las Vegas 2 times and to New York City 1 time (for the Montel Williams show), this would have been my 4th trip to the USA (and this is in my entire life-and the trips have been within the past 8 months).
If there is ANYONE out there who is able to help me get this pardon done, or find a way around it, I would appreciate hearing from you ASAP. I need to get back to Las Vegas and get the appointments and interviews done that had to be postponed.
Please contact me anytime: [email protected] and please visit our site: and pass that site around to your friends, family, co-workers...everyone.
Thank you so much for your support in our search for Jessie and my quest to get back to the USA.
Sincerely, Glendene Grant.

Write Nevada Senators. They have some "juice" and can fix this

Ensign, John- (R - NV) Class I
(202) 224-6244
Web Form:

Reid, Harry- (D - NV) Class III
(202) 224-3542
Web Form:

I have already contacted both with emails expressing my outrage. I think we all should...

Canadian Mom Denied Entry

I am a Canadian and I am asking all Americans to contact Harry Reid, contact anyone who you think will help this Mom. We in Canada cannot receive a reply from out of State.
Glendene just wants to find her missing daughter, not take up residence in the United States. To deny her access over a 20 yr. old drug conviction is ludicrous.
Shame on the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

Still Denied

I am Glendene Grant, Jessie's mom. My friend Brenda Rose and I tried to drive across the border in November '07. We went to Sumas, WA...but they told me to stop trying to come into the USA or they will confiscate the car I am in and I will be charged and not able to enter the USA again for 5 years! WHAT. This is getting worse. Take our car? 5 years automatic denial to the USA.
I just wonder, who am I to all these me I am just a 50-year-old wife and mother of 4 daughters and grandma of 1 granddaughter. BUT, someone took one of my I am now someone who will NOT stop until I find my daughter, ALIVE or NOT. If she is not, be assured we will get justice for Jessie.
I still, in my heart of hearts think Jessie is alive, but I am also a realist, she may not be. We are ready to hear anything, it just has to be soon.
We have sent my DNA sample to be tested with a Jane Doe found in Kilgore, Gregg County, TX. There are some who think the restruction done looks like a good possibility.
I will need the test results for me to know.
Thank you all for your support...Glendene Grant. / [email protected] or [email protected]
PS: go to and look for this story: about Jessie's disappearance. This site gets lots of readers, so I hope we get something from it.

Sumas denial

Hi I've neve r broken a law in my life. I'm a Canadian (born and raised) I have an American girlfriend. I was told that I could not try to enter the US for at least 6 months, because I travel too much! This is nothing in comparison to what i read on these boards. Has the US gone completely insane with paranoia. Good luck dave


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