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Joe Biden Gets Stuck on the Fence

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Joe Biden, whose brain malfunctions severely anytime he thinks about drugs, did not disappoint during Sunday’s Democratic Presidential Debate. When asked about his shifting support for a fence along the Mexican border, Biden had this to say:
Well, that fence -- the reason I voted for the fence was that was the only alternative that was there, and I voted for the fence related to drugs. You can -- a fence will stop 20 kilos of cocaine coming through that fence. It will not stop someone climbing over it or around it.
And so -- but this bill has a much more reasonable provision in it. It has much -- much shorter fence, it does have the Border Patrol requirement, and it is designed not just to deal with illegals; it's designed -- a serious drug trafficking problem we have.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Biden, understand that he is not suffering from a stroke.* This guy just has a really hard time understanding drugs, but continues to bring them up whenever he’s under pressure. Biden’s unfortunate obsession/confusion regarding drugs has led him to create ONDCP, author the RAVE Act, and propose biological warfare in South America.

So does Biden dramatically misunderstand the role of actual people in physically transporting cocaine across the border? Is it really necessary to explain that some of the people who climb over or around the fence carry cocaine with them? Does he know that 20 kilos fits in a backpack?

Whether Biden realizes the absurdity of his remarks is beside the point. He got cornered for flip-flopping on the fence issue, so he cried “Drugs! If my positions appear contradictory, it’s because I was trying to fight drugs.” That’s what he does, because he knows there’s no accountability when you talk about “Drugs!”

*No offense to stroke victims. I’m not really comparing you to Joe Biden.

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Joe Biden Gets Stuck on the Fence

Biden is a excellent example of what is wrong with Washington Politicians.

Remark defending Joe Biden

So a fence wont help aid in the stop of drugs it wont even slow down a person with 20 kilos trying to smuggle it to the U.S. I think the stupid one is you....

Cocaine has never been more available here

To suggest that this fence has reduced the flow of cocaine into the U.S. is completely and obviously wrong.

Valuable goods will always cross borders.

The real choice regarding the drug trade is, regulated, or black market?

Regulated generates tax revenues and is orderly, relatively safe. Unregulated corrupts our police and political leaders, generates murderous, expensive crime. I think the choice is a very clear one myself, it IS a political choice.

Biden is choosing to play the drug war card again. Perhaps he doesn't realize when you turn that card over, there is actually a religion on the other side, it is like a skull, with roses all around it - but invisible. It is a secret religion. A real surprise actually, a passel of religions almost nobody knows about were hiding under that card. Perhaps Biden doesn't realize how much his actions do discriminate against the people of these religions. But, you know, I think he does know, I think he knows about that.

He is a total zero as a presidential candidate - zero potential, zero credibility, his state should be ashamed to send him to the senate. Our senate, very discouraging to see such stupid people, making such important decisions, and only be hearing about it in sound burps on CNN. Araaaagh!

The black-balling the media do to us Ganja devotees is totally unfair, it should stop right away. The religious users must ASK for it to stop. It would be nice if DRC would do a petition to that effect. We want our religious freedom, yada, yada, yada... you get it together on a functioning site. It needs a counter so we can see progress and a printable card. A printable petition with pretty ganja pictures. I will see how well I can advertise it. It must be free and the information of the card is the law regarding our religious right and a declaration of intent. THC Ministry Intl. style, OK? I plug THC Ministry because I felt we were uniquely able to bridge the christian/native american religious gap, no small thing. And the International branch provides global legal protection. Is this do-able? Let me know.

And, I want to thank the manager of this site for calling me today. I am working a magic spell here, calls help, so thank you.
To learn more about the religious connections of Ganja you might want to look into EROWID.


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