Mexico's President is Half Right

Mexican President Felipe Calderon told Deutsche Press-Agentur this weekend that America's drug habit is the cause of Mexico's drug prohibition-related violence. In Mexican President Blames US for Drugs War, Calderon said:
"Our problem is the demand for narcotics in the US market, which significantly affects Mexico," the Mexican president said. Calderon stressed that no strategy from the Mexican government against drug cartels will be sufficient unless demand is reduced. "It is evident that as long as there is a market, as long as there is drug consumption in the United States, this problem will persist in Mexico," he said.
Calderon is, of course, absolutely correct on that score. I've often noted that the prohibition-related violence plaguing our southern neighbor--there have been 1,046 killed in Mexico's drug wars so far this year--is Mexico paying the price for our war on the drugs we love to consume. Where he is wrong is his implicit assumption that the US government can meaningfully reduce demand and that the war on drugs could somehow succeed if--gosh darnit!--we Americans only tried harder. We spend about $40 billion and arrest nearly 2 million people a year in the drug war, and the drug use numbers fluctuate at the margins. The US drug market will never go away. If Calderon wants to see an end to the prohibition-related violence in Mexico, he would be much better off calling for the regulation and normalization of the illicit drug business than waiting for Americans to quit using drugs. The only thing less likely than the US government ending drug prohibition is that Americans are going to change their ways.
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Calderon and cannabis

Could Mr. Calderon be bothered to explain why he can use alcohol, with all the violence associated with it, but other good folks can't use cannabis? Quite obscene that neither he nor anyone else will do so. Calderon, you got any evidence that cannabis is more dangerous than alcohol, or is that just your faith? Calderon, Bush, Clintons, UN et al - no red blooded American will respect a law you jokers can't even be bothered to defend.

United Nations and cannabis

As in many other areas, the UN is useless when it comes to cannabis, and the war on selected drugs in general. They believe cannabis is a drug and alcohol isn't. Alcohol is a dangerous drug because it can makes people do crazy things, you can die of an overdose, iit can be physically addicting, you can die of chronic overuse, and it can be devastating to fetuses. Cannabis not. Get real, United Nations!

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