Opposition to Medical Marijuana is a Conspiracy to Prevent Broader Legalization

An important fact to understand about the medical marijuana debate is that the federal government knows perfectly well that marijuana is an effective medicine:

*They've been providing it for decades to a select group of seriously ill patients, and continue to do so.
*They've approved a synthetic drug with the same active ingredient (THC).
*They commissioned a huge study in 1999, which explicitly said it works.
*They've been blocking research, which makes no sense if they think the results will favor them.

So the debate over medical marijuana isn't even about whether it has medical properties. It is about something else entirely, stated perfectly by ONDCP's Tom Riley just the other day:
"…a lot of the people who are behind this aren't really interested in sick people who need medicine, they're interested in marijuana legalization and they're playing on the suffering of genuinely sick people to get it." [Reuters]
As silly as it is, this argument explains everything there is to know about why the government actually opposes medical marijuana. Though countless mainstream medical, legal,  and religious organizations support medical marijuana, the federal government remains fixated on drug policy reformers and our role in defending the rights of patients.

The simple truth is that they are afraid that medical marijuana could lead to full-blown legalization of marijuana for recreational use. And it's not an irrational concern. If you're struggling to prevent accurate information about marijuana's effects from reaching the scientific community and the public, the last thing you want is a huge user population that can speak openly about their experiences with the drug.

Ironically, it is ONDCP's obsession with legalization that has turned medical marijuana into a great controversy, not ours. Similarly, it is ONDCP that exploits patients for political purposes, not us. Opposition to medical marijuana is not championed by doctors or scientists. It is funded and carried out by political operatives who want to keep marijuana illegal for everyone. That's the real medical marijuana conspiracy.

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Medical Marijuana

The rea$on marijuana i$ in a $tate of prohibition i$ the $ame rea$on the FDA doe$n't $tandardize and regulate all herbal $upplement$ a$ medicine$. It'$ the $ame rea$on American MD'$ aren't educated about plant$ a$ medicine$ in medical $chool. It'$ the $ame rea$on the German E monograph$ aren't con$idered to be "true" re$earch by MD'$ and pharmaci$t$ in the U$. It'$ the $ame rea$on there are only twelve $tate$ in the U$ that aknowledge and regulate Naturopathic doctors... The pharmaceutical companies can not patent and charge insane amounts of money for a plant that we can grow in our gardens and use to heal ourselves or alleviate symptoms of illness; they can only patent "drugs" that require a process of extraction or chemical synthesis. Big pharm is the largest and most powerful industry in this country and they have patent and insurance money to lobby against herbal medicines and standardization.

Red Herrings

ONDCP’s Tom Riley’s inane utterance can be corrected and stated as follows:

"…a lot of the people who are behind this aren't really interested in sick people who need medicine, they're interested in marijuana prohibition and they're ignoring the suffering of genuinely sick people to get it."

The legal availability of alcohol and tobacco, along with 46-million Americans who lack health care insurance in the U.S., makes a mockery of any government claims about marijuana and the government’s concern for public health. Health issues are a red herring that can apply to anything. Rather than fall into the health argument trap, let’s focus on the issues for marijuana prohibition that we know exist; the ones the drug warriors never mention.

For instance, how about focusing on these questions: What is it about fascists that make them fear a benign drug that creates in its user's minds a peaceful contemplation and introspection? Is marijuana seen by reactionaries as a threat to their culture of obedience? In the puritanical world of the drug warrior, is thinking for oneself as bad as having sex with oneself? Maybe.

The Program

Personally, I think it's a lot more sinister than most realize. It's all about making the world "drug-free". The only way to do that is through absolute global social order. There are a few people at the core of all this who believe that is not only achievable, but that it is desirable. They believe this religiously.

It all started with The Seed, spread into the government, like this, and has been exported around the world, like this: http://dfaf.org/about/founders.php

Yeah, way too bizarre for most anybody to swallow. But the current drug war doesn't just *look* like the actions of a totalitarian state, it actually originated in one. It's a viral program that disables the logic capabilities of those affected, and was originally designed to do one thing: fix social defects and maintain absolute order.

No shit.

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