Another Pain Doctor on the Ropes

Another pain physician, Dr. William Mangino, was convicted on trumped up charges equating his reasonable prescribing of opioid pain medications in the course of practicing medicine with illegal drug dealing. He is in jail pending sentencing, unless someone comes up with the $3,500 bail he needs to get out. Dr. Mangino is a writer and a thinker, and throughout his lengthy travail he has sent a copious amount of email to people who are interested in this problem, including myself -- not just about himself but commentary on the issue too, and on prosecutions brought against other doctors, much of it very detailed. It always makes me sad when these cases turn out badly (or when most drug cases turn out badly, for that matter), but the combination of the absence of his emails with the news itself has reinforced the reality of it for me. It probably won't be long, though, before he writes some things for us about this latest stage and someone gets it typed up and posted. Alex DeLuca has an update that includes some of the defense strategies for challenging the conviction (which include a Motion for a Directed Verdict of Not Guilty), the address for writing to Dr. Mangino in jail, and other information.
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Dr. Mangino Sentencing Re-Scheduled: Sept 14 '07

Thank you, Mr. Borden, for calling attention to Dr. William Mangino's plight. His conviction was deeply wrong, as a matter of law and common sense. But that is just par - as you have noted here in Chronicles, (like forever), most recently in regards to Hurwitz and McIver. I have reviewed Mangino's medical records in preparation for testimony I ultimately was not called on to give. But the bottom line: In all cases Dr. Mangino was clearly a professional in a legitimate doctor-patient relationship acting in the best interests of his patient. His records were fine, his patient care individualized, thoughtful and expert, his prescriptions not at all extreme. It is insane that he was criminally prosecuted; I don't even see civil malpractice.

Just about everything has changed since I posted Mangino III - Bail and Support that your post refers to directly. New and urgent and correct specifics follow: (with more detail here: Mangino IIIa - Bail Strategy Changes)

1. The Sentencing is now scheduled for Friday, September 14, 2007 in Newcastle, PA., I think at 11AM. Promises have been made by the Court that it won’t be rescheduled, again; and,

2. The strategy around the issue of preparing the Appeal has changed. Counsel feels that at Sentencing the judge will impose a very high bail, or even revoke bail pending appeal, given that 5 / 9 counts on which Dr. Mangino was convicted carry mandatory minimum prison terms; therefore,

3. It is extremely important that the approximately $3000 still needed to get Dr. Mangino out of jail PRIOR to Sentencing, be raised ASAP, because Dr. Mangino is destitute cannot afford lawyers and hired experts to prepare the crucial appeal for him - he needs to do a lot of the research and writing and planning working with his pro-bono lawyers, Leslie and Michaelson.

Like you, I got to know William through many, often long and complicated, emails especially about the perverse legal ramifications of the Controlled Substances Act on pain docs, medical ethics, pain management and odd points of law. And he is a terrible speller and typist when he rushes, which gives a manic, ranting, quality to some of his spontaneous writing. All of which is to say that Mangino is not an easy read; it is sometimes dense and pithy stuff. But I've found, as you have, that he is an original thinker and even more important, a reader - he actually knows what he's talking about, and has thought through some very complex ideas. I've gotten to know him better through phone conversations, and I have come to like him very much, and find him to be kind and generous as well as very smart and well read.

I know William spent a lot of time Commenting on internet-published articles and in forums like this one, and I know he spent a lot of time reviewing the medical and legal literature which made his online communications usually well worth reading. I hope some of the many people he has shared with and given to will read this, and will write him and send him interesting stuff to read. Snail-mail to:

Dr. William Mangino
C/O Lawrence County Jail
111 South Milton Street
New Castle, PA 16101

And consider sending some money - I have. A mere $3000.00 gets him free till Sentencing in Sept to prepare his appeal. This is so important; please:

Richard F. Michaelson, PC, Attorney at Law
Contribution to: the William Mangino Defense Fund
2300 Chestnut Street, Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA 19103
215.832.3800, Fax: 215.832.3808, [email protected]

Thank you again, David, and to you readership, for this forum.


Alex DeLuca, M.D.
Pain Relief Network;
War on Doctors/Pain Crisis blog

Dr. Mangino Makes Bail!

Hello all,

Just a follow up to my Comment of a few days ago.


Dr. Mangino Makes Bail Pending Sentencing; by Dr. William Mangino; War on Doctors/Pain Crisis blog of the Pain Relief Network; 2007-08-05.

Dr. Mangino now has some six weeks to prepare his appeal prior to his Sentencing on Sept 15th, which will likely land him in prison.

Thanks to all who contributed.


DeLuca, M.D., Pain Relief Network
[email protected]


Doctor mangino is a good doctor and never did any thing wrong he did everything by the book and never broke any laws I hope and pray that mangino is found not guilty he gave full exaimes everytime I visited his office and I never felt better until I would see doctor mangino lets pray the jury makes the right decision and finds him not guilty

DEA and the war on drugs

This will continue to happen until we make the government disband the DEA and get rid of the war on drugs, a war we lost the moment it began. Portugal has won the war on drugs by legalizing them

I am a veteran who has several painful conditions and live in pain every day because our government in it's zeal to "save" addicts and put them in prison has instead denied veterans good pain control. Each day vets and soldiers commit suicide due to pain issues {   }

The entire policy is STUPID  and perhaps if more of us voted and voted not for Democrats or Republicans (who in my opinion are a great part of the problem) we could change it. Wouldn't it be nice to live in an America in which everyone can live their life as they wish as long as they are of legal age and do not infringe on the rights of other citizens.

I don't believe you can save addicts. You can make their lives safer by giving them access to safe drugs sold in clinics that have not been cut with rat poisoning and other things drug dealers use to cut their wares. We'd also see a reduction in violent crime by gangs and crime families in Mexico Just look at what a change Portugal had. And doctors could prescribe what they feel a patient needs based on their expertise, not some stupid DEA agent who is just playing doctor.

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