Another Letter from a Medical Marijuana Patient

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This one is excerpted from a post made anonymously on our comment boards by a reader from Ohio:
I have had multiple sclerosis and a seizure disorder for 13 years now. I tried it the legal way and just got sicker and sicker, to the point of staying in bed all day. Then I tried marijuana, and it's like a wonder drug for me! I do not get high from the marijuana, it helps relax my muscles and takes the spasms away. Not to mention it's the only way I have an appetite to eat anything. How could someone tell me, no medical marijuana for you?
Good question.
United States
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Medical marijuana

Because the people elected the lawmakers thus causing the elected official to make the mistaken decision that they were elected to tell you how to live i.e. what's good for you to use/eat/do and when to use/eat/or do it, so that you may have life and have it more abundantly,(ref. John 10:10 KJV.) What does that tell you? Does it remind you of any historical situation? While what actually happens is they live life to the fullest with your tax dollars while making daily decisions on what's safe and good for the people and the future of the country. Again does that remind you of anything? Once they get in office they get drunk with power and blindly uphold the old laws while introducing more laws that affect/restrict your life. Like prohibition. when it was used against alcohol the people fought back while the black market flourished supplying it anyway but without safety guidelines, and the elected official right down to the cop on the beat received(s) a monthly stipend or is it kickback. Pretty soon the government encrouches upon your life by telling you who and what to worship, wait a minute; isn't that why America was created, to get away from a restrictive government like that? America is becoming exactly who they ran away from in the first place. Sadly, according to them that is the circle of life.

Medical Marijuana

While it is not a "cure all" medicine it does alleviate several symptons for many dieseases. It also can be abused just like anything else. It is less harmful than 95% of all pharmacetucials if taken correctly. If sick people need it then it should be allowed. It is not a man made "drug" it is a plant. Is it the funny feeling people get when using it for recreational use? Well for most that is happyness, just like alcohol produces but it is safer. The federal goverment will recognize medical marijuana once New York passes mmj laws. It is just a matter of time.

medical marijuana

marijuana was legal is this country since the founding, and made illegal in the last century, because of racist reasons, like "black jazz musicians use marihuana to seduce white women." This is very close to one of the reason s that was told to congress back in the thirties. How in the hell could they just ignore over centuries of solid proof??? I don't know the answer, but I do know is people get paid to misinform fellow citizens, I don't know why somebody would think taking away are choices to medicate, only to make our country start to fall apart, which has been going on for a long time. The rich can do drugs, but for the poor, its a trap to be locked up for a long time, aspecially if your of color. This shit has got to stop. Were all just a bunch of hairless silly monkeys, who have been taken out of our traditional tribes and villages, and put into this artificial monkey zoo called civilization. There is NOTHING civil about the U.S. civilization, where blood and death is worshiped, and sex and love is concidered hate. Its just like "1984".

But just like in Jurassic Park, NATURE will find a way........PEACE

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