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The People Support Medical Marijuana, Even If Congress Does Not

After retaining the right to arrest medical marijuana patients and caregivers, ONDCP's Tom Riley was unable to contain his glee:
Riley called the vote "a really tough day" for backers of the medical marijuana legislation.

"More and more people are realizing there is a con going on…" [Reuters]
This is just false on so many levels. For starters, we're gaining votes every year and we know more or less what to expect. Yesterday's result is not some sort of shocking rebuke of our position. If anything, Riley should be a bit concerned that 165 members of Congress think his whole team has its head up its collective posterior.

Similarly, Riley's assertion that "more and more people" are turning against medical marijuana is utter nonsense. We would have liked to get more votes, of course, but this is still the most support medical marijuana has seen in Congress. Public support for medical marijuana is far greater, hovering between 70% and 80%. Riley knows perfectly well that this issue is a full-blown public relations nightmare for his office, and he should be supremely grateful that idiocy about medical marijuana is better represented in Congress than the general population.
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I'm stunned

All the new Democrats in Congress, continued overwhelming public support, and only 2 more votes. I hope I'm wrong, but this makes me wonder what it's going to take for this thuggish country to let up. They hate recreational marijuana users so much, they have no problem transferring that hatred to people in desperate medical condition (or farmers whose land isn't good enough to grow anything useful except hemp). What a sick scapegoating country this is.

Sure is...

Have you read the DEA's policy towards marijuana? The page is sickening. They play with facts that don't all match up and try to mislead people. All the while, as you said, the people support the change. When it does finally pass (and not get vetoed) the DEA's going to be running around like a bunch of of nazis - get 'em while you still can. It'll be like little rich kids not getting their way, stomping up and down. I can't wait. My back hurts.

Prohibition II

Prohibition II supports Terrorists by allowing them to sell their drugs, up to $5 Billion a year, in support of their killing activities. Without Federal prohibition and with tax and regulation, Medical Marijuana is a win/win situation. Time for the governance to wake up.

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