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Detailed Compilation -- Stats and Voting Lists -- for Tonight's Hinchey Medical Marijuana Vote

The Hinchey results are in, losing by a vote of 165-262. This is only a very slight improvement over last year, when we lost 163-259. I'm disappointed. On the bright side, at least it increased by two. Suppose we had gotten fewer votes than last year? That would have really sucked. Here's a summary of the key stats:
  • 165 members of Congress voted for the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment this year (150 of them Democrats), but 262 members of Congress voted against it. Ten members did not have votes recorded (plus Pelosi, for some technical reason as Speaker).
  • 78 Democrats voted against the amendment, while 15 Republicans voted for it.
  • Nine members who voted Yes on the amendment last year switched their votes to No this time (hiss), and three who voted No last year switched to Yes.
  • 27 members of Congress who are either newly-elected or did not have a vote recorded on the Hinchey amendment last year, voted Yes, only one of them Republican.
  • 45 members of Congress who are either newly-elected, or did not vote on the amendment last year, voted No, including 24 Democrats and 21 Republicans.
  • Two members of Congress who voted Yes last year did not vote on the amendment this year, and seven members who voted No last year also didn't vote this year.
I guess a lot of Democrats are spooked about 2008 (but will they ever not be spooked?), and most Republicans are... just Republicans. (Sorry, Republican drug reformers, but those are the numbers. Be proud for at least getting the 15.) I have one more request to make of our members on this, which is to not get discouraged but to get angry instead. There will be more opportunities to take action, very soon. Following is a detailed compilation covering all the stats listed above, below the fold (meaning that if you don't already see it, you have to click the Read Full Post link appearing just below, or click through to this post's permanent web page here). Also, check back (maybe tomorrow, definitely by Friday for the Chronicle) for a report on which members of Congress spoke for or against the amendment on the Floor, and what they said. (We know already that Rep. Stephen Cohen, a freshmen Rep. from Tennessee, played a prominent role speaking in favor.) 165 members of Congress voted for the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment this year: Abercrombie (D-HI) Ackerman (D-NY) Allen (D-ME) Andrews (D-NJ) Baird (D-WA) Baldwin (D-WI) Bartlett (R-MD) Becerra (D-CA) Berkley (D-NV) Berman (D-CA) Bishop (D-GA) Bishop (D-NY) Blumenauer (D-OR) Brady (D-PA) Broun (R-GA) Campbell (R-CA) Capps (D-CA) Capuano (D-MA) Carnahan (D-MO) Carson (D-IN) Christensen (D-VI) Clay (D-MO) Cleaver (D-MO) Cohen (D-TN) Conyers (D-MI) Courtney (D-CT) Crowley (D-NY) Davis (D-CA) Davis (D-IL) DeFazio (D-OR) DeGette (D-CO) Delahunt (D-MA) DeLauro (D-CT) Doggett (D-TX) Doyle (D-PA) Ellison (D-MN) Emanuel (D-IL) Engel (D-NY) Eshoo (D-CA) Farr (D-CA) Fattah (D-PA) Filner (D-CA) Flake (R-AZ) Frank (D-MA) Garrett (R-NJ) Giffords (D-AZ) Gilchrest (R-MD) Gonzalez (D-TX) Green, Al (D-TX) Grijalva (D-AZ) Gutierrez (D-IL) Hare (D-IL) Harman (D-CA) Hastings (D-FL) Higgins (D-NY) Hinchey (D-NY) Hirono (D-HI) Hodes (D-NH) Holt (D-NJ) Honda (D-CA) Hooley (D-OR) Hoyer (D-MD) Inslee (D-WA) Israel (D-NY) Jackson (D-IL) Jackson-Lee (D-TX) Johnson (D-GA) Johnson (R-IL) Johnson, E. B. (D-TX) Jones (D-OH) Kanjorski (D-PA) Kaptur (D-OH) Kennedy (D-RI) Kildee (D-MI) Kilpatrick (D-MI) Kind (D-WI) Kucinich (D-OH) Langevin (D-RI) Lantos (D-CA) Larson (D-CT) LaTourette (R-OH) Lee (D-CA) Lewis (D-GA) Loebsack (D-IA) Lofgren (D-CA) Lowey (D-NY) Maloney (D-NY) Markey (D-MA) Matsui (D-CA) McCarthy (D-NY) McCollum (D-MN) McDermott (D-WA) McGovern (D-MA) McNulty (D-NY) Melancon (D-LA) Miller, George (D-CA) Mitchell (D-AZ) Moore (D-KS) Moore (D-WI) Moran (D-VA) Murphy (D-CT) Murtha (D-PA) Nadler (D-NY) Napolitano (D-CA) Neal (D-MA) Norton (D-DC) Oberstar (D-MN) Obey (D-WI) Olver (D-MA) Pallone (D-NJ) Pascrell (D-NJ) Pastor (D-AZ) Paul (R-TX) Payne (D-NJ) Perlmutter (D-CO) Peterson (D-MN) Porter (R-NV) Price (D-NC) Rangel (D-NY) Rehberg (R-MT) Renzi (R-AZ) Rodriguez (D-TX) Rohrabacher (R-CA) Rothman (D-NJ) Roybal-Allard (D-CA) Royce (R-CA) Ruppersberger (D-MD) Rush (D-IL) Ryan (D-OH) Sanchez, Linda T. (D-CA) Sanchez, Loretta (D-CA) Sarbanes (D-MD) Schakowsky (D-IL) Schiff (D-CA) Scott (D-GA) Scott (D-VA) Serrano (D-NY) Sestak (D-PA) Shea-Porter (D-NH) Sherman (D-CA) Sires (D-NJ) Slaughter (D-NY) Solis (D-CA) Sutton (D-OH) Tancredo (R-CO) Tauscher (D-CA) Thompson (D-CA) Tierney (D-MA) Towns (D-NY) Udall (D-CO) Udall (D-NM) Van Hollen (D-MD) Velazquez (D-NY) Walz (D-MN) Waters (D-CA) Watson (D-CA) Watt (D-NC) Waxman (D-CA) Weiner (D-NY) Welch (D-VT) Wexler (D-FL) Woolsey (D-CA) Wu (D-OR) Wynn (D-MD) Yarmuth (D-KY) ... but 262 members of Congress voted against it: Aderholt (R-AL) Akin (R-MO) Alexander (R-LA) Altmire (D-PA) Arcuri (D-NY) Baca (D-CA) Bachmann (R-MN) Baker (R-LA) Barrett (R-SC) Barrow (D-GA) Barton (R-TX) Bean (D-IL) Berry (D-AR) Biggert (R-IL) Bilbray (R-CA) Bilirakis (R-FL) Bishop (R-UT) Blackburn (R-TN) Blunt (R-MO) Boehner (R-OH) Bonner (R-AL) Bono (R-CA) Boozman (R-AR) Boren (D-OK) Boswell (D-IA) Boustany (R-LA) Boyd (D-FL) Boyda (D-KS) Bradley (R-NH) Brady (R-TX) Braley (D-IA) Brown (D-FL) Brown (R-SC) Brown-Waite, Ginny (R-FL) Buchanan (R-FL) Burgess (R-TX) Burton (R-IN) Butterfield (D-NC) Buyer (R-IN) Calvert (R-CA) Camp (R-MI) Cannon (R-UT) Cantor (R-VA) Capito (R-WV) Cardoza (D-CA) Carney (D-PA) Carter (R-TX) Castle (R-DE) Castor (D-FL) Chabot (R-OH) Chandler (D-KY) Clyburn (D-SC) Coble (R-NC) Cole (R-OK) Conaway (R-TX) Cooper (D-TN) Costa (D-CA) Costello (D-IL) Cramer (D-AL) Crenshaw (R-FL) Cuellar (D-TX) Culberson (R-TX) Cummings (D-MD) Davis (D-AL) Davis (D-TN) Davis (R-KY) Davis, David (R-TN) Davis, Tom (R-VA) Deal (R-GA) Dent (R-PA) Diaz-Balart, L. (R-FL) Diaz-Balart, M. (R-FL) Dicks (D-WA) Dingell (D-MI) Donnelly (D-IN) Doolittle (R-CA) Drake (R-VA) Dreier (R-CA) Duncan (R-TN) Edwards (D-TX) Ehlers (R-MI) Ellsworth (D-IN) Emerson (R-MO) English (R-PA) Etheridge (D-NC) Everett (R-AL) Faleomavaega (D-AS) Fallin (R-OK) Feeney (R-FL) Ferguson (R-NJ) Forbes (R-VA) Fortenberry (R-NE) Fortuno (R-PR) Fossella (R-NY) Foxx (R-NC) Franks (R-AZ) Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) Gallegly (R-CA) Gerlach (R-PA) Gillibrand (D-NY) Gillmor (R-OH) Gingrey (R-GA) Gohmert (R-TX) Goode (R-VA) Goodlatte (R-VA) Gordon (D-TN) Granger (R-TX) Graves (R-MO) Green, Gene (D-TX) Hall (D-NY) Hall (R-TX) Hastert (R-IL) Hastings (R-WA) Hayes (R-NC) Heller (R-NV) Hensarling (R-TX) Herger (R-CA) Herseth (D-SD) Hill (D-IN) Hinojosa (D-TX) Hobson (R-OH) Hoekstra (R-MI) Holden (D-PA) Hulshof (R-MO) Hunter (R-CA) Inglis (R-SC) Issa (R-CA) Jefferson (D-LA) Jindal (R-LA) Johnson, Sam (R-TX) Jones (R-NC) Jordan (R-OH) Kagen (D-WI) Keller (R-FL) King (R-IA) King (R-NY) Kingston (R-GA) Kirk (R-IL) Klein (D-FL) Kline (R-MN) Knollenberg (R-MI) Kuhl (R-NY) Lamborn (R-CO) Lampson (D-TX) Larsen (D-WA) Latham (R-IA) Levin (D-MI) Lewis (R-CA) Lewis (R-KY) Linder (R-GA) Lipinski (D-IL) LoBiondo (R-NJ) Lucas (R-OK) Lungren (R-CA) Lynch (D-MA) Mack (R-FL) Mahoney (D-FL) Manzullo (R-IL) Marchant (R-TX) Matheson (D-UT) McCarthy (R-CA) McCaul (R-TX) McCotter (R-MI) McCrery (R-LA) McHenry (R-NC) McHugh (R-NY) McIntyre (D-NC) McKeon (R-CA) McMorris (R-WA) McNerney (D-CA) Meek (D-FL) Meeks (D-NY) Mica (R-FL) Miller (D-NC) Miller (R-FL) Miller (R-MI) Miller, Gary (R-CA) Mollohan (D-WV) Moran (R-KS) Murphy (R-PA) Murphy, Patrick (D-PA) Musgrave (R-CO) Myrick (R-NC) Neugebauer (R-TX) Nunes (R-CA) Ortiz (D-TX) Pearce (R-NM) Pence (R-IN) Peterson (R-PA) Petri (R-WI) Pickering (R-MS) Pitts (R-PA) Platts (R-PA) Poe (R-TX) Pomeroy (D-ND) Price (R-GA) Pryce (R-OH) Putnam (R-FL) Radanovich (R-CA) Rahall (D-WV) Ramstad (R-MN) Regula (R-OH) Reichert (R-WA) Reyes (D-TX) Reynolds (R-NY) Rogers (R-AL) Rogers (R-KY) Rogers (R-MI) Roskam (R-IL) Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) Ross (D-AR) Ryan (R-WI) Salazar (D-CO) Sali (R-ID) Saxton (R-NJ) Schmidt (R-OH) Schwartz (D-PA) Sensenbrenner (R-WI) Sessions (R-TX) Shadegg (R-AZ) Shays (R-CT) Shimkus (R-IL) Shuler (D-NC) Shuster (R-PA) Simpson (R-ID) Skelton (D-MO) Smith (D-WA) Smith (R-NE) Smith (R-NJ) Smith (R-TX) Snyder (D-AR) Souder (R-IN) Space (D-OH) Spratt (D-SC) Stearns (R-FL) Stupak (D-MI) Sullivan (R-OK) Tanner (D-TN) Taylor (D-MS) Terry (R-NE) Thompson (D-MS) Thornberry (R-TX) Tiahrt (R-KS) Tiberi (R-OH) Turner (R-OH) Upton (R-MI) Visclosky (D-IN) Walberg (R-MI) Walden (R-OR) Walsh (R-NY) Wamp (R-TN) Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) Weldon (R-FL) Weller (R-IL) Westmoreland (R-GA) Whitfield (R-KY) Wicker (R-MS) Wilson (D-OH) Wilson (R-NM) Wilson (R-SC) Wolf (R-VA) Young (R-FL) 10 members did not have votes recorded (plus Pelosi, for some technical reason as Speaker): Bachus (R-AL) Boucher (D-VA) Clarke (D-NY) Cubin (R-WY) Davis, Jo Ann (R-VA) LaHood (R-IL) Marshall (D-GA) Michaud (D-ME) Stark (D-CA) Young (R-AK) 78 Democrats voted against the amendment: Altmire (D-PA) Arcuri (D-NY) Baca (D-CA) Barrow (D-GA) Bean (D-IL) Berry (D-AR) Boren (D-OK) Boswell (D-IA) Boyd (D-FL) Boyda (D-KS) Braley (D-IA) Brown (D-FL) Butterfield (D-NC) Cardoza (D-CA) Carney (D-PA) Castor (D-FL) Chandler (D-KY) Clyburn (D-SC) Cooper (D-TN) Costa (D-CA) Costello (D-IL) Cramer (D-AL) Cuellar (D-TX) Cummings (D-MD) Davis (D-AL) Davis (D-TN) Dicks (D-WA) Dingell (D-MI) Donnelly (D-IN) Edwards (D-TX) Ellsworth (D-IN) Etheridge (D-NC) Faleomavaega (D-AS) Gillibrand (D-NY) Gordon (D-TN) Green, Gene (D-TX) Hall (D-NY) Herseth (D-SD) Hill (D-IN) Hinojosa (D-TX) Holden (D-PA) Jefferson (D-LA) Kagen (D-WI) Klein (D-FL) Lampson (D-TX) Larsen (D-WA) Levin (D-MI) Lipinski (D-IL) Lynch (D-MA) Mahoney (D-FL) Matheson (D-UT) McIntyre (D-NC) McNerney (D-CA) Meek (D-FL) Meeks (D-NY) Miller (D-NC) Mollohan (D-WV) Murphy, Patrick (D-PA) Ortiz (D-TX) Pomeroy (D-ND) Rahall (D-WV) Reyes (D-TX) Ross (D-AR) Salazar (D-CO) Schwartz (D-PA) Shuler (D-NC) Skelton (D-MO) Smith (D-WA) Snyder (D-AR) Space (D-OH) Spratt (D-SC) Stupak (D-MI) Tanner (D-TN) Taylor (D-MS) Thompson (D-MS) Visclosky (D-IN) Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) Wilson (D-OH) ... while 15 Republicans voted for it: Bartlett (R-MD) Broun (R-GA) Campbell (R-CA) Flake (R-AZ) Garrett (R-NJ) Gilchrest (R-MD) Johnson (R-IL) LaTourette (R-OH) Paul (R-TX) Porter (R-NV) Rehberg (R-MT) Renzi (R-AZ) Rohrabacher (R-CA) Royce (R-CA) Tancredo (R-CO) Nine members who voted Yes on the amendment last year switched their votes to No this time (hiss): Brown (D-FL) Burton (R-IN) Butterfield (D-NC) Clyburn (D-SC) Dicks (D-WA) Jefferson (D-LA) Meeks (D-NY) Smith (D-WA) Thompson (D-MS) ... while three who voted No last year switched to Yes: Emanuel (D-IL) Peterson (D-MN) Renzi (R-AZ) There are 27 members of Congress who were either elected for the first time last November, or did not have a vote recorded on the Hinchey amendment last year, who voted Yes, only one of them Republican: (Most are freshmen; the several marked with an asterisk were members of Congress last time but did not vote on the amendment.) Broun (R-GA) Christensen (D-VI)* Cohen (D-TN) Courtney (D-CT) Ellison (D-MN) Giffords (D-AZ) Gonzalez (D-TX)* Hare (D-IL) Hirono (D-HI) Hodes (D-NH) Johnson (D-GA) Kanjorski (D-PA) Loebsack (D-IA) Mitchell (D-AZ) Murphy (D-CT) Norton (D-DC)* Perlmutter (D-CO) Rodriguez (D-TX) Sarbanes (D-MD) Schakowsky (D-IL)* Sestak (D-PA) Shea-Porter (D-NH) Sires (D-NJ) Sutton (D-OH) Walz (D-MN) Welch (D-VT) Yarmuth (D-KY) 45 members of Congress who are either newly-elected, or did not vote on the amendment last year, voted No, including 24 Democrats and 21 Republicans: (Most are freshmen; the several marked with an asterisk were members of Congress last time but did not vote on the amendment.) Altmire (D-PA) Arcuri (D-NY) Bachmann (R-MN) Bilirakis (R-FL) Boyda (D-KS) Braley (D-IA) Buchanan (R-FL) Cannon (R-UT) Carney (D-PA) Castor (D-FL) Davis, David (R-TN) Donnelly (D-IN) Ellsworth (D-IN) Faleomavaega (D-AS)* Fallin (R-OK) Fortuno (R-PR)* Gerlach (R-PA) Gillibrand (D-NY) Hall (D-NY) Hastert (R-IL)* Heller (R-NV) Hill (D-IN) Holden (D-PA) Johnson, Sam (R-TX) Jordan (R-OH) Kagen (D-WI) Klein (D-FL) Lamborn (R-CO) Lampson (D-TX) Mahoney (D-FL) McCarthy (R-CA) McNerney (D-CA) Murphy, Patrick (D-PA) Poe (R-TX) Roskam (R-IL) Sali (R-ID) Shays (R-CT)* Shuler (D-NC) Smith (R-NE) Souder (R-IN)* Space (D-OH) Stupak (D-MI)* Taylor (D-MS)* Walberg (R-MI) Wilson (D-OH) (At least two of these, Souder & Hastert, are known to be have always been strong opponents of medical marijuana.) Two members of Congress who voted Yes last year did not vote on the amendment this year: Michaud (D-ME) Stark (D-CA) ... and seven members who voted No last year also didn't vote this year: Bachus (R-AL) Boucher (D-VA) Cubin (R-WY) Davis, Jo Ann (R-VA) LaHood (R-IL) Marshall (D-GA) Young (R-AK)
Washington, DC
United States
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medical marijuana

If the state thinks it should be leagle for medical use should not be jailed by the feds by obaying there local law . that is like a section manager has charge of his sextion , he knows his section well , so he tell a worker he dosn't have to watch that valve to close , so he dosn't , the head boss comes by (who dosn't know beans about it) and tells him he has to watch it closely , so he dose and the rest of the department falls apart
if the people of the state decide they want it legal for medical reasons then the feds SHOULD NOT harress the people that voted , it's like our vote dosn't count anymore , the goverment is going to do what IT wants to do , regaurdless what the people want , are we becomming a communest country? I think so , our vote hasn't made any diffrence for the past 20 years


         Why is the government so against the legalization of marijuana? The top two reasons that come to my mind is the pharmacutical and oil companys greed. Wouldn't it be a shame if they didn't make a ridiculous profit. I know I'm not the only one that thinks this way. Continuing to drill for oil were ever they can, with no regard to the enviorment, wild life, or a familys income means nothing to them  as long as they  can continue to rape this country for huge profits. We have had the technology for years to build better and cleaner ways to produce energy, yet I have only  seen this take place the last 5 years. I dont think these corporate giants can even begin to realize the many things that could be manufactured from marijuana, and or hemp. Making paper from the fibers of the hemp plant, clothes, fuel, oil, construction materials, and medicines that have already been proven to work time and time again. All these things would open up much more industry and jobs in the United States in a time of desperate need. Our country is deteriating,  yet the government closes it's eye's and continues to ignore a valuable natural resources that has been here for decades. I would think that saving lives, jobs, trees, oxygen and preserving the earths enviorment and wild life would be a no brainer.  

Spelling and MMJ

DUDE-- Anonymous..... Get a dictionary!!!!! Im on your side, but you make MMJ patients look stupid if you cant even spell!!! (obeying, their, does, harass, regardless, communist) ..... and remember the grammar lessons from grade school? I guess not, because I had to read your post a couple of times just to understand it!! Educate yourself.

Grammar & spelling

Amen! It really takes away from the message and turns people off! Glad some people will stand up and say so.

terrymckinney's picture

bad spelling.

This is the kind of elitist nonsense that keeps us fighting each other and getting nowhere.How do you know who wrote the letter and why?If the person was uneducated,does that make his point any less valid? Do we only allow people with schooling into the debate.Sorry,I don't think that's smart.

learn proper english

absolutely it makes the point less valid==it makes the poster sound stupid. most will take no notice of someone arguing from a position of stupidity. intelligence and care is not eltist, it is necessary.

"Proper english" people haven't gotten the job done.

I suppose some of us, that need MM the most, should not speak out for our rights. Some of the people that need medical marijuana the most, are not able to spell or communicate well, due to sickness, brain trama, chronic pain, pain management fog, PTSS etc.
Apparently those not in need of MM are not getting the job done. So us, none "proper english" and brain damaged people have to get involved, so get over yourself.

Freshman WI Democrat Kagen votes to arrest sick and dying

WI Democrat Steve Kagen, an MD (allergist) who beat anti-medical marijuana wacko and ex-Assembly Speaker John Gard for Rep. Mark Green's (another anti-mmj wacko) seat last November voted NO.

Kagen had said while campaigning that no one should go to jail for pot.



I've found that politicians lie on the stump. Even Demicans and Republicrats are liars.

First vote by brand new Congressman: Yes

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) was sworn in last night after winning the recent special election to replace the late Charlie Norwood. His first vote? YES on the Hinchey Amendment.

Another Ron Paul in the making.

There was no improvement from last year

The number of yes votes increased by 2, which could be seen as a good thing, if it werent for the number of no votes increasing by 3. Basically it was the same as last year.

Sad though. How long will patients have to deal with this before someone realizes how big of a mistake they have been making?

terrymckinney's picture

despair on med mj

A few years back,we thought we were going to have an open vote on legal pot.Now we get a reform party government and we'll be lucky if they don't move it up to a felony(inditeable offence).This stuff goes the way of the yoyo.All we can do is keep on keepin on.

Vote: YES on the Hinchey Amendment.

Please Vote, YES on the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment
to the Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill.

165 members of Congress voted for the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment this year (150 of them Democrats),
... while 15 Republicans voted for it:

And to Legalize marijuana would get America out of its' Tax Deficit in 5 years, if the Gov.. taxes it, Like Cigarettes.

The real issue

Spelling atrocities aside there is no war on "drugs" especially is an industrial war (and a means of control), as it always has been, with trumped up propaganda in the (yellow Hearst published) newspapers (it was mostly the papers that convinced the uninformed public that it turned decent responsible people into homicidal maniacs). This great idea was thunk up by Hearst (who didn't want the better quality, more ecologically sound and renewable hemp paper (and other products) competing with his vast tracts of timber and paper making companies), his pal Dupont (who didn't want hemp products competing with the new "synthetics" and the drug companies who, although they used to sell cannabis extracts and the like, didn't want to continue providing medicines with ingredients they couldn't patent so they also jumped on the bandwagon and started telling us that only their "pure" and "safe" pills would do you any good. And Anslinger was just the fanatical, bigoted government man who aided and abetted them.
If hemp was legal in this country there would be a vast renewable, non soil depleting cash crop that can be used to replace almost everything that we now depend on oil for including energy, heat, fabrics, rope, paper (and the process doesn't create the big stink like timber paper mills do nor does it require the polluting agents), etc. It USED to be big business in this country (and widely encouraged by the government as an excellent crop, especially for the materials for the "War effort"....WWI that is) until the Hearst/DuPont/Anslinger game started. Henry Ford was experimenting with making car parts out of it (the outer shell that was far more dent resistant than metal). Out of an easily renewable resource. Who could it hurt? No one unless you were an oil man, in the synthetics business (which products are largely petroleum derived) which includes synthetic fabrics like nylon, drug companies, etc.
If everyone read "The Emperor Has No Clothes" they would see why we are where we're at now and who is to blame. The sad part is that they are STILL holding forth the ridiculous so called "'scientific" studies (which were laughably bogus) as "proof" as to the harm it does while the tobacco and liquor companies blithely continue killing people with the blessings of our noble government. In fact, I think it should be in every library under the History section. It might make people mad to realize how easily and thoroughly they have been duped but it also might open their eyes to the kind of manipulation the powers that be consider within their rights, even if it steps all over the rights of the citizens who are paying their salaries.

And as far as "medical marijuana" being an issue. That's not only preposterous but just plain cruel to dent people something that used to be widely used, is pretty darn harmless, and helps them feel better. Does anyone think they are going to go out and rob the local 7-11 to get more? Come on. How many deaths have been attibuted to marijuana in the course of history? Zero. But let us give you this "patented" medicine and if it doesn't work, oh well, as least we are giving you LEGAL stuff. And anyone with 1/8 of a brain knows that legal has nothing to do with moral or ethical. To watch sick old people or cancer victims puking up their lunch and unable to hold anything down, or old people who just aren't hungry (oh, no, a feeding tube is just fine) suffer when there is something that works so well and is denied to them over...what? Profits for big business...AGAIN. Makes me sick myself.
In case you are wondering I am not a teenage radical. I am an educated professional mother of three living in the midwest who knows crap when I see it. And when I read things like the government imports millions of pounds of hemp from places like France and doesn't let OUR farmers have a piece of that agricultural pie I want to take a tractor and stuff it up someones orifice.
Ok, off my soap box.

the best

your 'the real issue'' is and always has been the why,i've been telling people that for over 40 years at least ,its a long uphill battle that we just won't win....i like that ''Tea party anyone'' that'd be a start

The real issue correction

Sorry, that should have read "cruel to DENY people" not "cruel to dent people".

though it IS cruel to dent

though it IS cruel to dent people, isn't it?


It all comes down to taxation without representation.
Tea party anyone?

The drug war...*sigh*

When i think about the drug war, i think nobody can really win. I'm not against political action and i believe we all need to get involved as much as we can, but lately I've been thinking our entire government is a failed atrocity. I can't even vote for a president confidently with all the lost ballets and computer voting vulnerabilities. I only hope some day we can all come to a realization and start a revolution. A revolution aimed at bettering American life as a whole and deciding what goals we should make for ourselves as citizens. The rich keep getting richer and I'm not sure any amount of "votes" is ever going to change that. However, we must never give up or lose hope. It is not enough to desire freedom, we must be willing to achieve it. I also must apologize for not keeping up with the politics as of late, for that I'm sorry. Anyway, peace to all and better luck next time!

My Fibromyalgia Pain

Six years ago I was literally struck down with Fibromyalgia. I simply couldn't get out of bed one morning. I crawled verses walking most of the time as it was less painful. My husband had to lift me onto the toilet, give me baths, cook, etc. because I was of no use to anyone, including myself. I also had no appetite whatsoever. I lost 20 pounds in a matter of weeks, leaving me a frail 100lb. 50 year old. My husband thought maybe marijuana might help with my appetite, so he "scored" some for me. It not only restored my appetite, it also took alot of my pain away. It makes me sick to think we both could have been arrested. When is this country going to wake up?!!
Sure..I'll have some of that tea!

Natural Medicine and the Stupid Drug Companies

Ok, the stupid drug companies are the ones who are keeping it this way, they are paying the politicians to keep it that way, because they are making millions giving people drugs that have fatal side affects. You see lawsuits popping up all the time about the side affects of the stupid pills they produce. That is why they will not legalize it. The drug companies take enough of the politicians to dinner, maybe a prostitute or two and that is it. Yes, our government is run by a bunch of 'crack heads, meth heads, and no telling what else. It is because of the drug companies. I had stage 4 cancer in 1999, and by some miracle, I survived the chemo and radiation and it has affected my life dramatically. I wish we could have our 'natural medicine', but because of the stupid drug companies (which by the way, if you've had the contrast medium and an MRI, it may be the cause of your disease).
Check it out. I don't know how we can change this, because we are just subjects and not the CEOs of the major drug producers (who by the way have a legal license to kill). Thank you. My name is Tina Marie. They already know me, as the government knows everything about everyone, except hermits who live in the hills.

Marijuana laws

Are you allied with Drug Policy Alliance? It would seem to make sense for you to work with this organization.

MMJ and lawmakers

Everyone should copy and paste all of their states representatives names (both for and against Hinchey) into an email and send it to your state or local chapter of NORML asking them to post it along with an article praising the elected officials for voting 'yes' to Hinchey as well as asking said constituents to contact their representatives asking them to review updated statistics rather than the old Nixon era dogma that feeds the war on drugs.

DEA raid on my property

I was raided by the DEA and the local sheriffs dept on my private property after being turned in by a nasty nieghbor for growing my medicine. I am a prop 215 patient and a caregiver. I am also a veteran, a union electrician and longtime tax payer. I am being charged with 100 plants, even though I had far less. This happened sept 12, 2007. You cannot believe the level of terrorism the govt pounds you with when the come into your life. I had to put my house for bail. They stole our money, took a longtime owned handgun(20 years, now I am defenseless) ,are demanding our home for their already overflowing coffers, and took all our medicine, and destroyed all our plants. Every week I get a new terrorist demand from them in the mail. The govt has no honor, only rules, procedures, and oppressionary tactics! I was told "I am commiting a crime against society" by an agent, yet when I turned in my bullets(forced to) on the counter at the gun store was a full military assault rifle for sale! I am committing a crime(?), that is pure hyprocritical bullshit. I am NOT anti gun. I have a son in college, he is a junior, and we are PRAYING he doesn't have to drop out. My lady has ptsd from a tainted blood transfusion(hep-c) and 3 botched abdominal surgerys, I have watched her health plummit the last 7 weeks. MMJ keeps her alive and well. I am scared for her. The us govt can destroy your life with the stroke of a pen and a few mindless people to do their bidding("i am just doing what i was told") Tell it to St. Peter. I am facing prison for growing a plant that G. Washington grew. They tell me a min. of 5 years. GOD, if you are listening ,it is time to stop them before they kill us all. You can contact me @ [email protected]

I hear you and feel you

The government has already taken over all of our lives, we just don't see it. The police are out of hand and getting worse. I believe a lot of them are on some hard drugs themselves, they want to make the money for themselves. It is a no win situation. Makes me want to get a passport and move out of this country, but I'm not sure where I would want to go. The whole world is going to hell dude. It is slowly getting worse every day. This is what happens: they let criminally insane murderers stay in a secure hospital for a while, then release them back into society. Hmmm, what is wrong with this picture? I think the Anti-Christ is already in motion. We do have freedom, but it is slowly being ripped away. Oh, yes, and the Government can come and take away all of your property and sell any time they wish. Yeah, that sucks. I think I need to join back with my Native peoples. The first people that were here and forced to leave by the so called "American Government". Yes, there were some brutal Native Americans, but it is just like any other society and it is called 'Survival'. Peace be with you and I will pray for you and your family.

MagicMinerMike, just say "not guilty"

If I was in your shoes, I would have the word "MEDICAL" tattooed on my forehead before the trial. The jury couldn't miss it then! And if they made me cover it, I would jump up , just before the jury went into deliberations, and shout "IT'S MEDICAL MARIJUANA - MY WIFE IS VERY ILL! Jurors cannot be prosecuted for their verdicts!!" Bam! Now the jury knows the truth...the common people are the only ones you can trust to be compassionate these days...

Illness and Medical MJ

Most people don't give a flyin' **** if you are sick, dying or what. They could care less. They don't have all the facts, they are vulnerable and believe anything they are told by some prick in a suit.
The courtroom is a big game of who has the best story and the sympathy of the jury. I've had to defend myself twice because I couldn't afford a frickin' lawyer. Once was for a child custody case (thank God in Heaven I won). It all had to do with my daughter's father died, he had a million dollar life insurance policy and a bunch of B.S. from his sister. The judge said to me,"This isn't court tv" or something to that effect. Another time I was falsely accused of theft by a girl who was on meth herself. She had accused me of stealing her purse, a couple hundred dollars, food stamps and
also accused me of writing bad checks. Her story didn't stand up at the hearing (too many inconsistencies. Man, if you want to try and win the case, you have to get the sympathy of the jury. I mean, don't over do it, because they will think you are a fake, but make sure all of your medical problems are on the forefront there and do like Hillary did---tear up a little bit. Don't be over dramatic. Be real. Dress clean and nice, not like a bum. As for your house, I don't think the frickin' police will ever give that back to you. Once they take something, they put it on the market for their own profit. It is injustice. Good luck and peace/

US Armed Forces vs. the US civilan population

The most profitable wars are the ones that are ongoing; the war on drugs is a fantastic idea designed to generate money and keep the commoners on their toes. It cannot be won by either side. It is a war on productive, contributing civilians.

And I absolutely refuse to believe that they are spending as much money fighting this "problem" as they claim; I wander where the money's really going?

In any case, while it is more deplorable that people with serious medical conditions that are known to be eased by mj are prosecuted for treating their own pain, I believe that this 'war on drugs' is in fact, fundamentally unconstitutional for everyone. Our Law, in general, was established to protect people's freedoms and rights to live as they see fit, up until the point where it infringes on another person's rights and freedoms. Where does Jim's smoking a joint infringe on Bob's rights and freedoms?

The most damning evidence that mj is bad for us comes from research done that suggests that marijuana users are more likely to develop mental disorders than non-mj users. Unfortunately, I have never seen any of these studies ask these same people why they started taking mj in the first place. Most people I have personally surveyed who sufffer from psychiatric disorders and who also smoke mj claimed to have started smoking as a kind of self-treatment for their disorder. They claim to have either been misdiagnosed in the first place, thus given the wrong medication or none at all, or the medication they were given had such extreme side effects that many were unable to maintain even medium level social interactions. Many of the people I surveyed with mild psychotic disorders who take mj claim that this illegal drug for which they are prosecutable offered them considerable relief from the symptoms of their disorder and had far fewer side effects than the medications offered by their doctors. In fact, I have heard a number of doctors tell their patients to seek out the drug for their condition, but that considering it was not officially legal to use it for their condition, the doctor announced that he would deny ever having said it if the police came knocking. So now our doctors are running scared too!

Finally, the most tickling evidence for legalising mj is that, whether we like it or not, we live in a Christian, Gd fearing society run by Christian, Gd fearing people. What was the first thing that Gd gave to Adam (mankind) to consume? Was it not the herbs of the field? (Gen 1:29)

"And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing
seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree,
in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it
shall be for meat."

So, in fact, this war on drugs is a war not only on the modern peoples of the Western world, but on the bible and on the most basic foundations of Christianity itself. It is a war on religious freedoms and on personal choice.

And please don't even intimate that you didn't know that our leaders are not interested in or listening to their constituents. You must have your eyes wide shut, to coin a popular phrase.

Gd save the herbs of the field!

War on Consciousness

The fact remains that the state's interest is to keep its people un-conscious. Don't believe me? Proof is in the pudding.

Conclusive results from government mind control experiments (MKULTRA) indicate (conclude?) that the two most efficacious substances for achieving mind manipulation -if not complete mind control- are ethyl-alcohol and pharmaceuticals (barbiturates, "muscle relaxers", "pain relievers","sleeping pills"). Through physiologically induced brain damage and suppression of the neocortex (resulting in effective cognition suppression) these substances cause the inability of individuals to effectively utilize logic, applied reasoning, and abstract thought.

The cause of the widespread use and acceptance of these substances however can be traced not to the "consumer" but to corporate interests. The purpose for the damage to the individual and society is justifiable to the profiteering gangs we call industrial corporations. Their strategy ensures unsustainable consumption patterns through the constant bombardment of advertising and the systematic destruction of human cognition. This damage caused to the neocortex is irreversible and permanent and results in a population that is easily manipulated to desired spending patterns, preferred ideology, and even the acceptance of imposed reality as objective truth. In short "legal drugs" are the truly dangerous substances as they are capable agents of massive brainwashing (literally killing people's brains and telling them what to do). The effects of these drugs are consistent with the illogical consumption patterns, ecological damage and general widespread apathy of the populous.

Given these conclusive proofs of the dangers of commonly available drugs is it any surprise that those substances which improve cognitive functioning and increase spiritual awareness (vedic: soma pavamana) are outlawed. This is not a war on drugs this is a war on consciousness. More fundamental than speech more fundamental than religion (of which entheogens are the universal core rite) they want to control your ability to think.

Cannabis is a Safe Alternative that has to be made legal

Compared to Tobacco which has over 4000 chemicals in it including Arsenic , Embombing Fluid , & everything else the Tobacco Company's want to spike it with is insanity. With 1000 + people dying a day in the US from years of highly addictive smoking which these chemicals take over to make the brain crave them. The Government allows this to be put in tobacco. The government Republican party is SICK in there Insidious lies to cover up Tobacco, Phamacutical, & Oil Companys to make Trillions of $'s while making most americans poor with nothing except being forced to a type of slavery to these so called government officials that are nothing more the paid off CRIMINALS. Alcohol is the same thing. It's what destroys health to an early death by destroying the liver , brain, ect. The Government allows this. They do not tell you the billions it cost the last few months of 1000+ americans a day that have destroyed their lives with this trickery to use as legal. Another Republican gimmic is with Pharmacutical Companys In N.J. there are over 77,000 regular interveinous illegal drug users that cannabis means nothing to them. Multiply this by 50 states & you get over 3.5 Million addicts that 90% do not work. Say there are only 1 Million total. If they only robbed $100 a week to get a few bucks in cash for a fix. This is still $100 x 52 weeks in a year = $5200 Now multiply this by 1 Million & that is 5.2 Billion $'s in robberies the government never speaks of. The kicker is every state gives out free needles to these low life slobs that do not care if they are dead in 30 seconds. Neither do the people handing out the syringes. Why ? Because they buy them with your Tax Money & any other way thay can receive funds to let police have plenty more investigations to keep them in business. The main thing is the Pharmicutical Company's are making $100's of Millions on the needles they keep producing. Why do they not jail anyone caught using a needle without a doctors need from being a diabetic or other serious reason that is to keep them alive. Now what has to end just as the Republican Party has to finally be put to rest for history to forget is this reason that will be done for any reason to cover themselves up. 700,000 Americans each year are arrested for cannabis use. Most are honest good working people. When you get busted for a small amount and go to jail. When the cop goes home and his wife is smoking it. He will never bust her or say a word. If his kid gets caught nothing will happen. The judges family the same thing. Will tell the cops do not file a report & I will cut you a break someday if needed. If the Constitution says all men are created equal. Why are the Republicans & Government Officials & Police way more equal then all of us. Which is 90% or more of the 300 Million people. Bushes 700 Billion was rejected. Just like McCains Dementia Brain said he predicted on Monday 9-29-2008 it would go through. Yea just like he said he will give anyone $300 Million who can develope a better car battery. He's spending government money before he even can or would be allowed . Mr McCain with you pretty faced corrupt Mayor that has no experience as a leader with her Govenor job is what her daughter is a 17 year old little ___!!! That she brought up to allow unprotected sex without caring about aids. Not even a Senior in High School to graduate without any normality. Why did she fire the person who wanted to prosicute her sister in law & why wont her husband speak after being legally directed to do so. Also why is she now being investigated for taking bribes in housing & other areas. Gifts ? Try $30-50 K or more is a good possibility. This lady is nothing compared to Hilary Clinton who did not win because Barak Obama is the best person. It's time to make a CHANGE in many ways for this country to evolve to keep growing for the better. McCain said he will make it worse. McCain is an old white fuzzy haired FART. That is what Paris Hilton said after he used her to put down the Genius he cannot defeat. Mr Bush I am sorry for ever wanting you for both terms. Because I now Know you do not care about me no matter how good I am or what I would do to help this country. This was my only way to start. Please EVERYONE vote for Barak Obama and end the repuplican sickness that never stops lying to all of us. P.S Another reason the cannabis issue is the same for 30 years is the republicans do not want the phamacutical companys to loose $Billions on crap they make that CANNABIS can help more without any bad side effects or damage to the liver, ect. P.P.S. My final statement is to all Black Americans who are old enough to vote or not. Please tell everyone to vote for Barak Obama & tell them to tell others. Black Men have fought in every war from 1776 , 1812 , Civil War 1860-65 Spanish - American war 1898 World War I 1917 World War 2 1940-45 Korean War, Viet Nam Gulf War & Iraq + others & with all the segrigation , slavery, & poverty As a white man who whites put me and hurt me just as low I say that every Black Person in America that can vote must Please vote for Barak Obama. I never voted in my life. I'm 53 And I registed to vote for Barak Obama I watched every president from John Kennedy & also Esinhower and I believe it's time that this country gets it right and stays that way. I just hope Barak Obama can do enough that he says without the government House & Senate , ect ruining anything to end up worse. P.P.P.S. Mr McCain before signing off I would like to say your Viet Nam means nothing to command a 36 foot boat with 20 men that never saw battle. So they picked you up and the plane was shot down. There is not one person alive who did not talk for food. What about the all the others that had way worse happen. Stiching themselves up while their guts were hanging out or feet blown off from toe poppers. Or ones that returned home blind or in a wheelchair for life. For a little cannabis you would let these people and good americans go to jail. And not care if they were raped or stabed to death. But the lier you and all the rest are if it was your kid of wife or family or freinds you would let them go. What a true White Cracker is. I have freedom of speech 1st amendment which you can't take away. If you try America will know. With Best Regards To All Good Americans !!! Bruce S.Zembko If any one can copy this and put it on you tube please do it for me so as many as posssible can read the truth what a suffering man has written without premeditating it or writing it down ist


The I never tried its, wins all the time.The laws won't change because non users have the majority of the vote. The reason I would like to see it leagleized Is. It is no more than coffee in reverse. People have been drinking coffee almost as long as people have been smoking or eating pot. The real differance is ,Going faster and faster, has always been an excepted fact of our society.Tea, Coffee, Jolt drinks, and now top grade consentrated energy drinks have lately topped the charts. I personally don't like being around Hyper, jittery and rerved up people. They seldom have patience. other than thinking of them selves as getting more done. They realy dont get any more done than the next person.They both have a bad rap.Like alcohol and pot they were leagle until 1939 However there were more drunks than pot smokers. Gues what won. That one should not have been reinstated. I have never heard of someone running off the road stoned on pot. But people racing around and chugging alcohol have never won a plus sign from anybody! So relax and think about it!

Anyone have a count?

Hello fellow mellows:) Bills 1380 & 1386 are on the ballot today for medical use in North Carolina and I am soooooo excited but, unfortunately I'm too computer illiterate to find the right place for this information. Been heavily medicated by an awesome caregiver and provider, so uh, anyone wanna help a fellow activist and advocate for the use of marijuana by responsible adults especially those who are seriously ill and even the guy that just wants to unwind and puff one after a hard days work.......whew...find out if his home state has made all of his dreams come true? Holla

THIS Bud's for you&u&u&u&u,

Future Caregiver

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