Hinchey Roll Call -- medical marijuana amendment did not pass, total not yet available (online at least)

[UPDATE: I've learned by email the vote was 165-262. Don't look to the Democratically-controlled Congress to protect you, patients!] Didn't make it this time, according to the House Clerk web site. The Roll Call vote results will appear here. We are anxiously awaiting the numbers -- perhaps someone will post it here in the comments, if we haven't already done so first. Last year the amendment lost on a vote of 163-259. The reason we are waiting "anxiously" is that we want to see if there was improvement. It might be several hours, though, or tomorrow.
Washington, DC
United States
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It could be very close

It could be very close this time, but when activists can wait, the patients can't wait for another year...because it means the difference between life and death. The only hope now is that we can elect a president in 2008 that would end the raids.

I watched it on CSPAN and it

I watched it on CSPAN and it when they ended the vote the screen had it at 165 for and I'm not sure exactly how many against but over 250. If this is the case then what options are left besides waiting till the 2008 election? After all the lobbying and money spent it appears only two votes were gained, even with the Democratic congress.

Wow. Maybe MPP should have

Wow. Maybe MPP should have spent less time partying at the Playboy Mansion and more time actually working. What a sham they're running.

borden's picture

what a stupid comment

As I pointed out in response to a similar comment in one of our Chronicle articles, this is a misleading statement, because it fails to state that those were fundraisers (and extremely successful ones that have paid for a lot of work). Unless one is going to argue that the staff who attended their own fundraiser shouldn't have spent the time doing so (which would be kind of strange), I don't know what amount of time the commenter here is referring to that could have been spent doing other things, and that amount of time is fairly small. Strange. I guess there are a lot of people who have axes to grind.

David Borden, Executive Director
StoptheDrugWar.org: the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Axes to grind...

Indeed. One can disagree on strategy, but criticizing MPP for reaching out to celebrities and raising money for their work is pure ignorance.

Reaching out to the New Guys

I think we need to focus on the Freshmen this year. There were 50 of them elected in November, and they were elected to bring change.

Axes to Grind

I couldn't agree more!!
WOW! indeed, maybe think about identifying yourself &/or step up to the plate & do some footwork yourself!
As a PS, I am most grateful for the work being done by MPP!
Debby Ledbetter


I should have said that I couldn't agree more with Mr. Borden & another poster! The previous post was not clear on that! I hope that clears it up. D. L.

borden's picture

I should mention...

Thanks, Debby. To be completely fair, I should mention that if it is the person I think it is, there is some really useful work that he is doing. But this other stuff he's posting here on the comment board is nonsense.

David Borden, Executive Director
StoptheDrugWar.org: the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC



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