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MDMA and the FBI...

Submitted by David Borden on
Hey guys. I'm out on bail right now, awaiting trial for ecstasy trafficking. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do - I know that I should plea, give in, and take whatever is offered, but I am having a moral dilemma in which I can't admit to a CRIME when I don't believe my actions to have been criminal. I've done a lot of research... I know the drug laws aren't right or constitutional... I just have no way of bringing this up in court... I don't have enough people out here to go petition outside and hand out fliers requesting Jury Nullification... What do I do? Get rid of my lawyer (who continually lies to me and won't give me a copy of my interrogation - I requested a lawyer and they denied me one - I want to know if that part is on the tape... He lied about what this challenge would do.) who doesn't want to represent me, hasn't looked at my case, and I'm dragging along because I know more about the drug laws than him? He said that he thought looking at the fact that MDMA wasn't legally scheduled was a good idea. Then... didn't. And said that "the risk just isn't worth it" and to "let it go." What do I do? Challenge them on their turf? A federal court room? Or do I give in, forfeit my civil liberties, my rights, and end up with a conviction that will haunt me for the rest of my life? If I take a stand, is there anyone out there that will back me?

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