MDMA and the FBI...

Hey guys. I'm out on bail right now, awaiting trial for ecstasy trafficking. I'm having a hard time deciding what to do - I know that I should plea, give in, and take whatever is offered, but I am having a moral dilemma in which I can't admit to a CRIME when I don't believe my actions to have been criminal. I've done a lot of research... I know the drug laws aren't right or constitutional... I just have no way of bringing this up in court... I don't have enough people out here to go petition outside and hand out fliers requesting Jury Nullification... What do I do? Get rid of my lawyer (who continually lies to me and won't give me a copy of my interrogation - I requested a lawyer and they denied me one - I want to know if that part is on the tape... He lied about what this challenge would do.) who doesn't want to represent me, hasn't looked at my case, and I'm dragging along because I know more about the drug laws than him? He said that he thought looking at the fact that MDMA wasn't legally scheduled was a good idea. Then... didn't. And said that "the risk just isn't worth it" and to "let it go." What do I do? Challenge them on their turf? A federal court room? Or do I give in, forfeit my civil liberties, my rights, and end up with a conviction that will haunt me for the rest of my life? If I take a stand, is there anyone out there that will back me?
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I would imagine that all depends on how the lawyers read the law (yours does not sound very reliable, but what can you do?). I think you seem to have a descent grasp. The problem is, do you stand up and declare what you think is right and then end up in prison? Has there been any deal offered? That is when they will stick it to you, if you ar seen as not "cooperating". Do you take a deal, and admit to something that is really not the truth? Truth is relative, with the law, now-a-days, it seems! The system is really going down the tubes.

Good Luck!

Try LawGuru

Try posting a question on, they get lots and lots of drug offense questions, they might be able to help you. Usually though, if you're convicted of trafficking a Schedule I drug, you're screwed. People don't get away with things like that often. It all depends on the evidence though, and your previous crimes, if any, and your appearance (if you look like a Nazi goth self-cutting shady character, a jury usually thinks you're guilty). But might think of something. At the least, you can get a really good lawyer (the lawyers who answer your question always give you their phone number).

Hope that helps!

Jury nullification

If you can find a Lawyer with balls and the will to do it you might try the jury nullification route. There is quite a bit of info on the net. Maybe start here. Good luck, I've been through and am still going through the wringer for drug charges. It's a hard fight.

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tough situation

Good luck, Kalash. I don't know what the right thing is for you to do, but we'll be hoping with you here for the best possible outcome.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Is selling wrong?

You know it seems to me that our government says it trying to strop drugs but our government and law enforcement agencies circulate them back through our communities... and even use and consume these products them selves.. So how is being a street pharmacist wrong? Our government has already made it hard for it's citizens to obtain proper medical care and are trying to restrict the freedoms of it's people all the time forgetting that.....HELLO aren't they suppose to be the Peoples government? However those that we appoint to power never seem to look down on all of us for our opinions, all they are interested in is making the most money they can they don't care how We the people of the United States truly feel. We line there pockets even after they leave office, the only reason they say we can't sell drugs is because if it were legal they couldn't take our money, and line their pockets, this country is in need of major changes.......I don't think being a street pharmacist is wrong weather it be herbal or mind expanding.....How can you truly open your mind without height-ing your senses and lowering you inhabitation's. A street pharmacist in my opinion does a service for our communities, almost like a therapist you talk to and the doctor someone would see for drugs. You can supply them the materials to open their minds to explore new things that life has to offer, and then there's also the one that help people to cope with the horrible things that have happened in their lives. There are different types of people in this country, those who can have what they want because they have money.....Those who work all there lives for something and struggle till they die, and those who live off the government so they don't have to do any thing they don't want to. But the one thing all these people have in common is a majority of each group uses as well as the others.

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