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Showtime's "In Pot We Trust" is a Must-see

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Wow, man. There's lots of heady nugs in this movie. Just pack your favorite bong, zap some popcorn, and get ready for the ride of your life.

Actually, no. In Pot We Trust doesn't make you want to smoke pot. It will make you want to give all your pot to Jacqueline Patterson. Jacqueline has celebral palsy, which manifests itself most notably in the form of a severe stutter. When she uses medical marijuana, Jacqueline can speak much more quickly and clearly, because the drug relieves her muscle tension. The difference is so obvious, I don’t know how anyone could watch this and say marijuana isn't medicine.

In Pot We Trust tells the story of four medical marijuana patients, against the backdrop of last year's Hinchey-Rohrabacher vote. The filmmakers follow MPP's Aaron Houston through the halls of Congress, then join the DEA as they uproot marijuana plants in the hills of California. Marijuana experts such as Lester Grinspoon provide insight into the drug's benefits, while prohibitionists Joe Califano and Robert Dupont explain why they've dedicated themselves to criminalizing sick people.

The film is invaluable because patients themselves make the best spokespeople for medical marijuana. The ulterior motives so often attributed to the medical marijuana legalization effort become irrelevant here, as we meet the actual people whose health and wellbeing lies at the center of this controversy.

I won't ruin the ending, but in case you haven’t heard, patients who rely on medical marijuana to maintain their quality of life are still criminals under federal law.

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IPWT Review

I review this great film. It is SICKO for libertarians.


I don't have showtime and can't seem to find this online :(

Can't find it online.

Utorrent has it as a 700Mb AVI file.


h t t p : / /

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Thanx but I don't need your pot :)

What I need, what all patients need is for the government, which veered far away from being for the people and of the people some time ago, to tell the American public the truth, to disseminate accurate reliable information regarding cannabis and to create effective policys based on sound scientific evidence, rationality, and compassion.
The Hinchey ammendment is simply a rational idea that would protect patients from federal interference and allow the Drug Enforcement Administration to spend a few more million dollars each year combating the meth epidemic, which they willingly admit has grown so severe that meth is becoming the first drug teenagers experiment with. This potentially fatal trend has undoubtedly been inspired by the advent of school and home drug tests that detect cannabis for up to thirty day after ingestion. Cocaine and meth, on the other hand, exit the system quickly and are undetectable after two days. But that's a whole other issue.

Cocaine IS NOT undetectable

Cocaine IS NOT undetectable after two days. And where do you get the authority to state that meth is the first drug teens experiment with? Do you work with teens on a daily basis? Know your facts before stating them. Thanks (not spelled with an "x") We don't need you judgmental, fictitious opinions :)

Great documentary

I have watched this movie several times now. It is amazing!

dguard's picture

DRCNet Assited the Producers -- See This Movie

From early on in its production DRCNet took on a pretty big role in assisting the producers of this film. I must have spent at least a week researching various things, proposing certain angles, and supplying them with contact information for many participants. The good folks from Showtime even filmed me at various venues around DC (my footage was eventually cut as the production went a different direction than initially planned). I thank them for being honored in the credits.

That said, this is a great production that needs to be seen -- tell you friends and family! If this film doesn't convince the 1 in 5 people who don't support medical marijuana, it makes you wonder what can/would...

David A. Guard

Anywhere on the Internet?

I have the same dilemma as Argh, I can't find it ANYWHERE on the Internet, besides only a couple of segments on YouTube (from the tidbits I have seen, I don't think Jacqueline really needs to tell anybody she has cerebral palsy...kind of obvious...). Does ANYONE know where I can find the show, in its entirety, on the Internet?

its on youtube

the full video is on youtube in 9 parts, check it out

Alternative Care Consultants

Check out this link to learn more about medical marijuana in CA

The movie is incredible legal medical marijuana patients should be left alone. It's very sad that gal from Kansas City had to go through so much just to get marijuana a drug that works for her. I wish I could reach out and help her, she can have my pot if she wants.

Well here it is.

Here is the torrent Torrent

about jacquline patterson

she is now living in bolinas, ca and living in a homeless shelter with her kids. she is trying to get section 8. but basically lives off her gov. assistance. u can find her on myspace her name is medical mary jane. she is a great person.

medical mary jane A

watch the whole thing

That up there is a link to the entire video. A really unbiased story about cannabis in today's society and a few of the lives that are affected by it.


I never review anything online, but after watching this documentary, felt compelled to. This film literally brought me to tears and has opened my eyes to the practice and use of medical marijuana. I am a non-smoker, but highly recommend this movie. It will change you.

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