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The Difference Between Pot Growers and Terrorists

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When Drug Czar John Walters announced last week that pot growers are terrorists, I thought he'd gotten a little carried away. But ONDCP's blog actually blockquotes the worst portion of the article in which these wild claims first appeared:
John P. Walters, President Bush's drug czar, said the people who plant and tend the gardens are terrorists who wouldn't hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties.
Silly me. I thought maybe the reporter had taken Walters's statement out of context, but ONDCP calls it a "good story." Apparently, it is actually necessary to explain that pot growers aren’t terrorists and don’t want to help other terrorists kill lots of people.

Ok, let's begin. Basically, I think the difference between pot growers and terrorists is that pot growers grow pot and sell it to customers for profit, whereas terrorists build bombs and blow up innocent people for political and/or religious reasons.

Since pot growers are trying to make money and avoid law-enforcement, it isn’t in their interest to work with terrorists. Terrorists want to kill the pot grower's customers, and they also attract all sorts of unwanted attention from the military and various high-level federal agencies. Moreover, pot growers don't want to hurt or kill people. They sell pot, which is widely believed – correctly – to be relatively harmless. I've never heard of a pot grower who generally wanted to hurt people or who thought that what they were doing would cause mass casualties.

Some of the confusion here may stem from the fact that pot growers sometimes keep weapons around. This is actually to protect their valuable gardens from thieves, primarily wild animals. Incidents involving pot growers shooting people or fighting with police are incredibly rare. We know this, because if such a thing occurred, it would immediately be prominently displayed on the ONDCP blog and discussed endlessly by them. This has not occurred.

But perhaps the best evidence that pot growers don’t want to help terrorists is that pot growers never help terrorists. In the history of the U.S., no pot grower has ever been found helping terrorists get into the country or expressed any interest in doing so.

If Ed Rosenthal ever hijacks a plane and tries to fly it into the Sears Tower, I'll reconsider. But for now, I think it’s safe to conclude that pot growers and terrorists are two completely different things.

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slimy even by war on selected drugs standards

The drug jihadis are just getting uglier and uglier in their tactics.
There's no question that the dispute between marijuana users and the government empowers some very violent individuals and there is potential for terrorists to profit from the illegal trade in cannabis, as they do supplying the Israeli cannabis trade. The question is who is at fault.
That's why it is so important that the government come up with a reasonable explanation of why they can use killer alcohol but other folks can't use weed. Since they absolutely refuse to do this, they are clearly the ones at fault. You can't just order Americans to behave in a certain way without a reasonable and respectful explanation why!

Lowered Standards

What is amazing, and perhaps a little spooky as well, is that John P. Walters thinks his nutty terrorist accusation is going to trump the perceptions and experiences of 96 million Americans who have smoked pot. How dumb does Walters have to be to think everyone is dumber than he is?

Walters' methods are transparent. He is targeting peaceful marijuana gardeners with propaganda designed to portray them as people possessing a total moral inversion. This is not a tactic of the compassionate do-gooder. It is instead a common strategy for those who eventually exterminate people in death camps. Fortunately, there is currently less for growers to worry about given John Walters’ expanding legal problems as a leading member of the Republican crime syndicate.

It does say something about the success of the drug law reform movement when the selection process for qualifying drug czar candidates is forced to lower its standards to the level of enlisting moralizing compulsive gamblers, accused war criminals, and Goebbels wannabe’s.

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