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Drug Czar Says Pot Growers are "Terrorists"

The escalating lunacy of Drug Czar John Walters becomes more apparent all the time:
John P. Walters, President Bush's drug czar, said the people who plant and tend the gardens are terrorists who wouldn't hesitate to help other terrorists get into the country with the aim of causing mass casualties.

"These people are armed; they're dangerous," he said. He called them "violent criminal terrorists." []
So when Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff warned of an imminent terrorist attack this summer, did he mean that someone was planning on planting some pot in the woods?

Hopefully not, but it should come as no surprise that the people responsible for U.S. marijuana policy actually believe that they're fighting terrorists. Nothing could better explain their behavior or more perfectly illustrate the sheer mania by which they are driven.

All we need now is for the national media to report on ONDCP's unsightly divorce from reality, which can be easily documented and displayed. When the drug czar hallucinates violently onstage, spewing unfathomably bizarre exaggerations, it should be fairly clear that something has gone terribly wrong and that his microphone must be turned off immediately before he speaks again.

This is truly a definitive moment in the drug policy debate; a crystal clear depiction of the limitless enthusiasm of the drug czar's office for saying absolutely anything. Even people with no sympathy for drug policy reform should be asking questions about the fundamental competence and sanity of our top anti-drug officials.

Unless, of course, this is all a cynical plot to send Ed Rosenthal to Guantanamo Bay.

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hahahaha jack ass


i didnt vote for that guy, i dont think anyone did, so why the fuck would anyone listen to his stupid ass........

ain't that something?

if anyone is a's the US Government.

dum ass

what is the United States coming to. We are not FREE. Ron Paul is the only fair minded person i have heard.

give me a break

the DEA confiscates tons of coke and heroin, and herb, resells it but we are the terrorists

HASH BASH Oldest Terrorist training camp in USA

Not sure how many of you were FREEDOM FIGHTERS in the 80's who might have camped with us at GRASS LAKE (exit 151 I-94) for the weekend long celebration but The Ann Arbor HASH BASH has never been that same since the FREEDOM FIGHTERS disbanded and no longer lead a march thru the city before taking to the stage at the HASH BASH. Now we would be on the nightly news labled as TERRORISTS! In a strange way I am proud of that.

These politicians who attack us as dope perddlers and terriorists or my favorite is the one where I want thier children to smoke weed because I emcee a one hour rally on ther DIAG about changing the laws. Every year I ask how many of the audiance is under 18, more for curosity as everyone is welcome to attend, I then remind those under 18 who do not have a medicinal need that the best thing they can do to legalize weed is not smoke it, until they are an adult that is, since folks like Congressman Mike Rogers blame me for the fact that when he visits the local high schools the kids tell him they are looking forward to going to the Ann Arbor HASH BASH. The thing is the Congressman is able to get the media to cover him as he creates a story about how bad HASH BASH is.....Of course all the congressman and the media did was to increase the size of the turn out by having stories published about the event, some on the front page and you can't purchase that ad space, weeks before the event happened. I am always willing to give up a quote when asked that way when i need a quite put in the peper they already know who I am.

Adam Brook
[email protected]

Matt_Potter's picture


The irony here is amazing! Because they are arresting these "terrorists" and throwing them in the back of an SUV... ya know... one that runs on oil, bought from the Saudis, who paid off some terrorists who flew the planes on 9/11....

You guys coming along w/ me on this one?!

This isn't exactly a new approach, but it never gets any less ridiculous.


Year after year this agency (ONDCP) has lied and misrepresented the image of people that use drugs.

It seems that the Bush administration is willing to deflect their responsibility for their mistakes in Iraq by blaming our citizens as being the terrorists that our soldiers have been fighting in foreign wars. We are proud Americans but are dumbfounded by the foolishness and perceptions of our government.

Why does this country continue to fund this agency? Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the ONDCP!!

puregenius's picture

Walters needs forced commitment

All the vile that comes from his mouth is nauseating. I hope more and more people outside of reform learn who he is. I think he reached delusionary status long ago. Reformers are ready and willing to debate this issue anytime, anyplace. He has no ability to persuade, so he must attempt to alarm.

I am above the influence, the influence of drug war propaganda


John Walters isn't on drugs but with a statement like that he should be...Will the tobacco farmer please step forward, your crops are responsible for nearly half a million deaths every year. That statement better not stop our Homeland Security from looking for real "known" terrorists. How the hell can a person in that position make such an irresponsible comment...Oh yeah Bush appointed administration head. Well then there ya go Bush puffed so he aided and abetted Terrorists, and ever single mmj user too. Do us a favor John, keep talking, your dumber than we thought.


Washington D.C. Terrorist John Walters

Walters was the deputy drug czar under the infamous gambler William Bennett during the Bush Senior era. At the time of his appointment to the ONDCP by Bush Junior, John Walters was president of a fascist organization called The New Citizenship Project, an organization that promotes a policy of more religion in government.

Both Walters and Bennett made little distinction between substances such as heroin and marijuana. They emphasized punishment over rehabilitation. They also rejected the idea that drug addiction is a health issue because it makes drug users look too sympathetic. Instead they promoted the old “wages of sin is death” agenda that sought to make drug users into a hated subculture. Walters is quoted as saying, “The health people say ‘no stigma,’ and I’m for stigma.” [From Dan Baum, “Smoke and Mirrors”]

Walters is just another know-nothing religious fanatic who has made his career by hating, scapegoating and destroying people. He wants a fascist government that will do the same, hence his desire to see drug users defined as terrorists. Discrimination, war mongering, rejection of any science that challenges his prejudices, a completely naïve and delusional world view that he wants to impose upon people with infinitely more brains than Walters himself, senseless damage done to people’s lives for nothing—this sounds like a terrorist to me.

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