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My mom needs your help... send your support letters ASAP!

Wrongfully convicted of first degree murder my mom is Belita Fox who has been spending the past 17+ yrs behind bars, as she awaits a parole boards decision on 7-25-07. She needs your support, please send your letters To: Belita Fox w36976 C.I.W. / HB 719L 16756 chino-corona Rd. Corona, CA. 92880-9508 She was only trying to protect me and ended up shooting a man who refused her urging to stop giving her minor child (me) drugs, she was crying "she is my baby, she has a bad heart" and he argued "I don't have to listen to this" she tolk her gun from her purse and said "this is a thirty eight, this says you have to listen" He threw the covers off and said " your crazy lady" as he was getting out of bed. She shot him once in the chest before he could get to the gun, then he was still coming and she shot again only after he went for the gun, new evidence supports her testimony that she fired in self defense. The DA and officials falsifyed evidence and pressured witness on how they should testify, Eye witness gave statement Oct, 2000 that implicates DA Foltz jr. by stating on record that he was pressured on how he should answer questions, he gave an account matching that of Belita's testiomony, the jury didnt believe her based on witness testimony. The victim was the only son of Jean Harmon who was a para legal who did work for the San Fernando DA office and thats who charged the case. The incident tolk place in Lancaster, CA. the Antalope Valley Co. of Los Angeles, on 8-30-89. Read the archived article, I can send you some from the daily news and LA Times. my e-mail is devinedeligate please respond! Adults should not give minors drugs when the parent has warned of the health risk and distressed over the issue, she demanded he listen. What would you do? My mom is a good person and my hero..
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child abuse

My neice is an RPN in children's psychiatry. She says that most child abuseres get off with lesser sentences because the children are not well protected. People spend more time for sellling or posessing the drugs illegally than a lot of child molseters and abuseres. People charged with violent crimes, like battery, do not face mandatory minimums. Involuntary manslaughter does not usually get ten years, in the present system. When is it going to get real.

And the prosecutorial misconduct, is believable! There are too many cses of it, seen in too many articles. No one prosecutes the, out of contol, prosecutors, though! The American justice system seems broke, in so many ways.

Where are the protectors of the children!

Prosecutorial misconduct-believable

Head DA Foltz and Cooley were charged with prosecutorial misconduct. I am going to find out what the result was and post it , but off course they both plead not guilty to a number of charges and wouldnt comment publicly.

i have that result, they

i have that result, they wher found guilty of falsifying evidence and witness testimony. fabricating cases and malisciously prosicuting the defence attrny who defended their clients.

another case in the supreme court you can look up in Ron Minikin, also assosiated with the cooley foltz dealings, was guilty of selling out his clients and helping to secure testimony that would favor prosicution.

I just thopught id let it be known, its been awhile since i visited this blog.

hello my name is michelle in

hello my name is michelle in 2007 i had the pleasure of meeting your mother .Although im not proud of our meeting place which happens to be CIW. I must say iam honored to have had the opportunity to meet belita.She was my bunkie . She is a very sweet and caring woman. I listened to belita on occassion cry as she spoke of her love for her daughter. It broke my heart to hear her story and hear and see the pain she has gone through over the years. Prison is a very lonley place especially for a woman who doesnt belong there. my prayers are with you belita if theres anything i can do to help im here just email me im here. all my respect and love michelle greeneyes

Trial Misconduct and Ms. Fox's parole

This trial was performed flawlessly by the prosecution. There was never any evidence of any type of falsification of anything or witness intimidation or pressuring of any kind. If this were true, why was there never any appeal filed of any kind? Why after sitting in prison for many years has Belita never filed for any appeal due to misconduct? The answer is because there was no misconduct. The main thing that hurt Belita’s case was her own slimy lawyer. He continually painted Kevin as a drug dealing, low life who deserved to die, the only defense he had which didn’t work because it was full of lies. Allegations without substantiation never flies in court. He put her on the stand to defend herself…a major faux pas in any defense. A.D.A. Robert Foltz had her for lunch as any good attorney would have as she hemmed and hawed and stumbled through the lies she continually spewed, trying to manipulate the jury to see things her way. They didn’t buy it. Belita is in prison for a good reason, she intentionally MURDERED someone for her own benefit. Found guilty of murder in the first degree and sentenced appropriately by a jury of her peers. Were they tampered with as well? No, they just saw through the lies. My brother Kevin was murdered by Belita. She admitted it, to the police right after she did it and in court as well, and now she is paying her penance.
Has she done anything while in prison to validate her claims? Has she tried to even better herself by educating herself for her possible future parole to help if she did get out? The answer is a resounding no, she hasn’t. Her lazy, woe is me attitude is showing through. Now in prison for nearly 20 years and no better off than she was when got there, truly a shame. She could have studied enough in this time to mount a reasonable appeal. Why hasn’t she? Because she knows that she is as guilty of murder in the first degree as she was when she was convicted. She did nothing to help herself in her parole hearing, nothing. A rambling letter supposedly written by you Cheryl, was read at her parole hearing. I really don’t believe it was, as it was much too eloquently penned, and again full of lies as to try to help your mother’s cause. Again, it didn’t fly. The parole board wasn’t buying it.
At the parole hearing, I stated that Kevin’s family is still suffering, reeling from the pain every day Kevin is not here to share his kindness with us. I also stated in front of Belita, that we are also not without forgiveness, that we would agree to Belita’s parole after she served her complete justified term. Does his family have the same feelings after 3 years more of going through the same ridiculous rhetoric about Kevin and the system that justly sent his killer to prison? Time will tell. It is up to you Belita. Only you can make it happen.

Murderer: Belita Fox

What kind of warped logic can claim self defense when a person enters another's bedroom with a loaded gun and opens fire. Self defense--my ass. That's the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard of. Kevin was in bed, unarmed, defenseless, as this insane woman shot him. I was at the trial and witnessed a thorough and accurate depiction of the crime. There was no defense--it was pure and simple murder in the first degree. To claim otherwise is sickeningly absurd.
Belita Fox is exactly where she should be, and she should be there for the rest of her life. All her sniveling does not alter the fact that she is a cold blooded murderer who is now wasting precious oxygen.

You must be insane!!!

I think your mothers sentence should be as long as the boy she murdered! It's unbelievable that you would even post such non-sense! Im sorry but your mother sounds like she should stay where she's at. I don't think EVIL is curable. Most people would agree Im sure. Thank God for the Military and the Prison system!

unfair sentence

I knew you and your mom back in the early 80's
I think the last time I saw you was at a bowling tourny in Landcaster.
You also took a drive with me to pick up a car that broke down on I-5
Anyway I heard a while back about what had happened
I was told by people close to the situation that Belita had talked to the police several times about Kevin and what he was doing but the police and DA refused to do anything because he was one of their informants. I was told that Belita was in fact very dunk when she went to confront Kevin which would create dominished compassity and could in no way be 1st degree murder.
If the police would have done their job in the first place your family might still be together

Justice for Kevin

Anyone who really knew Kevin knew that he was a compassionate man who cared for anyone that needed help. Once again, more unsubstantiated rhetoric from people who were not even close to what happened that night or Kevin’s life. Kevin was not an informant for anyone. He was a hard working person who loved good times and ended up on the wrong end of very bad situation. All of you Belita apologists who are looking for a reason to justify what she did are out of line. Kevin never had the chance to defend himself in a court of law like Belita did. If he did something criminal, he would have been arrested and tried accordingly, but he wasn’t. Why? Because he did nothing worse than let the wrong person into his life. Someone whose baggage (her mother) was so very jealous, she would do anything to win her daughter back. More conspiracy theories form people trying to justify a heinous act by a drug and alcohol poisoned selfish person who has no regard for human life. We all know Belita is no angel. She did not martyr herself for the benefit of Cheryl. She murdered Kevin in cold blood for her own benefit. Kevin never had any relations with Cheryl. If so, why was it never brought up in court in Belita’s defense? Let us all remember why Belita is in prison: After a long night of planning and partying, she went to a man’s house that she was very jealous of, and shot him 6 times, a man who never harmed her or any of her family. In fact he did love her niece, Jocelyn and her young son. He planned on marrying her so she and her son could have a better life. I am very close to this, and will continue to be as long as Belita is alive, whether she is in prison or happens to find parole at some time. There was nothing unfair about the trial, the verdict or the sentence. It was justified, and I will be there at every parole hearing to do my best for Kevin and his family, to make sure that Belita lives on, in prison, remembering every day why she is there. Kevin is my brother and I will forever love him and show my support for him as long as I’m alive to do so. [email protected]

what was her benifit?

So she was and that a crime of passion defense?   

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