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My mom needs your help... send your support letters ASAP!

Submitted by David Borden on
Wrongfully convicted of first degree murder my mom is Belita Fox who has been spending the past 17+ yrs behind bars, as she awaits a parole boards decision on 7-25-07. She needs your support, please send your letters To: Belita Fox w36976 C.I.W. / HB 719L 16756 chino-corona Rd. Corona, CA. 92880-9508 She was only trying to protect me and ended up shooting a man who refused her urging to stop giving her minor child (me) drugs, she was crying "she is my baby, she has a bad heart" and he argued "I don't have to listen to this" she tolk her gun from her purse and said "this is a thirty eight, this says you have to listen" He threw the covers off and said " your crazy lady" as he was getting out of bed. She shot him once in the chest before he could get to the gun, then he was still coming and she shot again only after he went for the gun, new evidence supports her testimony that she fired in self defense. The DA and officials falsifyed evidence and pressured witness on how they should testify, Eye witness gave statement Oct, 2000 that implicates DA Foltz jr. by stating on record that he was pressured on how he should answer questions, he gave an account matching that of Belita's testiomony, the jury didnt believe her based on witness testimony. The victim was the only son of Jean Harmon who was a para legal who did work for the San Fernando DA office and thats who charged the case. The incident tolk place in Lancaster, CA. the Antalope Valley Co. of Los Angeles, on 8-30-89. Read the archived article, I can send you some from the daily news and LA Times. my e-mail is devinedeligate please respond! Adults should not give minors drugs when the parent has warned of the health risk and distressed over the issue, she demanded he listen. What would you do? My mom is a good person and my hero..

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