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A poem

Submitted by David Borden on
dedicated to victims of lifestyle police everywhere: We'll ransack your home, tear your family apart; Take your children away, and that's just a start. We'll take or destroy everything you hold dear, And leave your heart heavy with anger and fear. Concerned citizens are easily found, Who believe all the lies we've been spreading around; We'll threaten and bully the weak and the poor, Til we get a warrant to knock down your door. We'll swear under oath that the rumors are true, Then be on our way to terrorize you. While others may know us by different names, The m.o. of drug cops is always the same. A battering ram, a percussion grenade, Signal the start of another drug raid; Looking like Nazis, in black riot gear; No police badges or uniforms here; We break and we enter, guns drawn in case You try to protect your family or place. The crimes we commit in our quest to control Are justified means to a glorious goal: A drug-free America, even if we Take away all of your rights to be free. Protections of privacy, gone by the way; Oppression is really a small price to pay For knowing your family is safe and secure From dangerous drugs and their deadly allure. Drugs that are evil, Satan's own kind, Possessing your soul, your heart and your mind. We know it's a lie, but we'll never back down; No matter the cost, we won't be turned around, For we have no courage, no conscience, no heart, To undo the damage done; no place to start. Our make-believe war has become the real thing, With all of the suffering that real wars can bring. Our power is awesome; our brotherhood strong; If you stand against us, you won't stand for long. The fear we instill in your family and friends Will cause them to scatter, like dust in the wind. Violent drug raids put your children in danger; We'll take them away and we'll give them to strangers; Then we'll blame the loss of the ones that you love On evil, illegal, dangerous drugs.

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