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They're Trying to Clone Drug-sniffing Dogs!

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It's horrible because it's true:

SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean laboratory that produced the world's first cloned dogs is looking to get into the business of cloning canines, first by cloning drug-sniffing dogs, a lab official said on Tuesday.

The laboratory at Seoul National University, implicated in a scandal for fabricating data in embryonic stem cell studies, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korea Customs Service to clone drug-sniffing dogs, said Kim Min-kyu, the researcher who heads the cloning project for the team. [Reuters]

You've gotta hand it to these guys. What better way to overcome the ethical dilemmas facing the cloning industry than by getting involved in the drug war, where ethics are all but unheard of.

There's something brilliantly Orwellian about armies of drug-sniffing dog clones chasing hippies and snarling at school children. It's just a matter of time until they build robots to do that, and when that happens I just don't know what I'm gonna do. The big-time crooks will have their own robots to commit crimes for them, so our prisons will be filled with poor suckers who couldn’t afford a Stash-Bot 6000 to take the rap.

For the time being, it's worth noting that cloning in the drug war is nothing new. Anonymous sources have informed me that the new ONDCP documentary Stoners in the Mist is actually cloned from the original Reefer Madness, and drug war mouthpiece Mark Souder is actually cloned from red-scare fear-monger Joseph McCarthy.

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i have to agree

yea anything and everything they can do to leave us at the bottom with nothing. i have to agree fuck the law...

Stop giving US a bad name.

Dude, F.T.L., learn to spell and how to turn caps lock off. Maybe if we intelligently expressed our dissent over the escalating injustice towards marijuana users they would listen to us more.

Just a thought from a smart stoner.

Matt_Potter's picture

The law... not law enforcement

I understand what you're saying. But we should try to state our thoughts better.

This is a problem with the law, not the law enforcement. There are bad cops out there, but most of them are just doing their jobs. Anger needs to be directed at legislative units. They are the ones who hold the power to stop this nonsense.

first rate rant, Scott

In general, I like the sarcasm often seen on this site. An appropriate response to an emperor sans clothes.

The Korean agency announced the successful cloning of drug sniff

The Korean agency announced the successful cloning of drug sniffers. Seven healthy cloned dogs were born last month. Two of them already started training.

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