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Submitted by David Borden on
This so called "drug war" is a load of garbage. These hypocritical people, higher-ups, or self-proclaimed advocates of public health and society, don't even seem to realize that they're fighting wrongly. I bet that a majority, nay, all of them, after arguing for the side of the "good citizens" that they go home and have a good drink or smoke, not noticing anything of it. Tobacco and alcohol are drugs too, people don't seem to realize this, but they're fighting for a cause, that they obviously don't even believe in. The ones who may realize this, probably say they're just fighting the "harmful" drugs, or the drugs that cause the most problems. Marijuana would cause probably not even half the problems than that of alcohol considering most people can control themselves completely under the influence of some good old weed, and alcohol is much more known for it's harmful effects. Alcohol is probably the biggest cause of drug-related injury out there, so why fight against weed? Just because society says marijuana use is wrong, that's why. Our society has been filled with drunkards since the discovery of alcohol, so it has become a part of our daily lives almost, but none of these violent, nearly retarded alcoholics are being arrested for their extended drug use, why the hell should potheads?! Okay, I'm sorry if this "rant" doesn't meet some of you peoples' standards, but I was thinking of the subject recently, and couldn't decide what else for a first post. Glad to be here on this wonderful site, Alex

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