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Radley Balko police raids testimony, House of Representatives Subcommittee on Crime

Transcript on Reason web site here. The following quote sums up the root lack of logic at work in the use of SWAT teams for routine drug enforcement:
"[W]hen you’re dealing with nonviolent drug offenders, paramilitary police actions create violence instead of defusing it."
United States
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Picture Of Jesus Christ

I am an American citizen. What is with you people. What did the picture of Jesus do to you that you gotta get out of control. You people make me sick. Now. Is there a picture of anyone else that you are so uptight about Jesus. Do yourself a favor and get A REAL JOB. I don't see you giving to the poor or needy. everything you do tells us that you people are very negative about a lot of things.

Mr. Oscar Ricchio

borden's picture

not sure what this is reacting to

I'm not sure what this is reacting to -- I don't think we have any Jesus pictures on the web site, or references to Jesus for that matter, certainly not on this blog post.

We actually give college scholarships to the poor and needy, if they've lost their federal eligibility because of drug convictions.

If this wasn't a spam- or virus-generated comment, feel free to post back and clarify exactly what it was that bothered you on our web site.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

He's right...

...sort of. I mean we really are "very negative about a lot of things."

All I ever do is complain, complain, complain. Drug testing? "It sucks." Plan Colombia? "It's bullshit." Congress? "It has its head up its ass." I don't think I've said one nice thing about the Drug Czar since the Speakeasy started.

Name one thing our government is diong right.

Of course there's negativity, there's nothing positive about our government's terrorist actions against the people. And the guy about Jesus, is an example of the needed treatment in this country, not the terrorist mindset of the drug warriors.

And another thing

Rock on David B. and thank you.

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