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Call for User Activists to work on Inpud website

Send out to your local activists

Dear fellow activists,

We are people from around the world who use drugs. Some of us sometimes meet in the real world. But most of us most of the time meet online. We need our own website to be able to organize User Activists on the international level and as a platform for global user activists communication.

In a message last week I announced that we bought and a hosting package. I now call for User Activists who have the skills to build and maintain the Inpud website. I will be part of the website group, but I myself am totally not skilled enough to lead this group. People who know my personal website already saw that the only way I know to make a site is to cut and paste. We need people who know how to do more with site building.

Candidates send in some written (user activist)back ground on themselves and about the cyber skills you have. Send it to [email protected]. Below I give some details on the hosting package and first idea's on lines of work to do with the website group.

I propose 5 days for people to present themselves as a candidate. That is Saturday 3 February.

Share your talents


Stijn Goossens

Website development

What are we going to use it for? What features does it need to be a useful tool for our work? Is it possible to transfer the mammajamma forum to our future website? What kind of a design? Make it Anything else...

Website maintenance

Keep it running Keep on evaluating and developing Anything else...

Hosting Package Domain name and hosting Set-up cost €9.95 1 year subscription 24/01/2007 – 24/01/2008 Cost per month €4.95 Total -€58.28 Disq Hard disk space quota 200 MB Disk space quota 200 MB Web Users Number of web users 1 users Databases Number of databases 1 unit Mailboxes Number of mailboxes 200 unit Mailbox Quota Mailbox quota 50 MB Mail Redirects Number of mail redirects Unlimited Mail Groups Number of mail groups Unlimited Autoresponders Number of mail autoresponders Unlimited Mailing Lists Number of mailing lists 5 unit Applicaties Custom error documents Included PHP support Included Web statistics Included Plesk SubDomains Number of subdomain names 5 subdomains

2007 IHRC Executive Program Committee

Trekt Uw Plant / Draw Up Your Plant

International Drug User Activists InternationalDrugUserActivists.html

Breakline Peer Support


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