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Tyrone Brown is one step from freedom, and you can help today!

Last month, the Chronicle featured the story of Tyrone Brown, the Texas black man doing life in prison for testing positive for marijuana while on probation for participating in a penny-ante armed robbery back in 1990. He's been languishing in prison ever since, but in the past year, a movement to free Tyrone Brown has really taken off, thanks to a pair of ABC News 20-20 reports that featured his sad story. Now, Tyrone Brown is one step away from freedom. The Dallas county sheriff, the prosecutor, and Brown's sentencing judge have all called for him to be released. The state parole board last week approved their request for clemency or a commutation of sentence. Now, it's up to Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry to approve a commutation, a decision he will reportedly take up this week. Here's where you come in. Brown's supporters are urging people to call the governor's office TODAY to urge him to commute Brown's sentence. Here's what they said in an email today:
1. Continue sending and faxing letters. The address is on the main page of the website - . Fax: (512) 463-1849 2. Today we want everyone to call the Governor's office. It will take about 30 sec., but this is very important. Please call in and try to get others to call in and let's keep their phone ringing ALL DAY. Here is what to say when you call in: "I am calling to thank Governor Perry in advance for releasing Tyrone Brown. My name is 'XXXXXXXXX' and I want to let the Governor know that I support Tyrone's commutation." Please call several time throughtout the day and let keep the governor's phone ringing. Here are the numbers (cycle through and call all of them if you can !!): (512) 463-1782, 1-800-252-9600, (800) 843-5789, (512) 463-2000
For more information, sample letters, etc., visit the web site linked above. Now let's hit those phones!
Austin, TX
United States
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