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Instead Of Drug Offender Registries Try Legalizing Drugs

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New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is the latest to propose giving drug dealers free advertising. From the Las Cruces Sun-News:

The proposed drug-dealer registry would be modeled after a national bill that has been introduced by U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce.

Pearce said he held 39 town hall meetings throughout New Mexico dealing with methamphetamine usage, and heard the same story everywhere he went.

"It is a catastrophe that is already happening, and we're not responding," Pearce said. "I think if the neighbors knew there was someone dealing drugs in their neighborhood, then parents would be able to say to their kids, 'stay away from that house.'"

This argument assumes that the registry will be a useful indicator of where drugs are being sold. If so, the registry will have tremendous potential to facilitate criminal liaisons. Mightn't some people turn to the list if they can't find the drugs they want? It's impressive that Pearce has managed to get so excited about the idea without worrying about this.

Of course, the smarter drug dealers won't operate at the address listed on the Internet. Ultimately, the registry would provide a false sense of security in that avoiding the grey house down the street isn't really the key to keeping your kids off drugs.

Still, I agree with Pearce that it would be ideal if concerned parents knew exactly where the drugs were being sold. Legalization is the only way to achieve this.

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Micah Daigle's picture

Presidential bid

Gov Bill Richardson threw his hat in the ring for the POTUS race today. Guess we know what his national drug policy would look like. Ugh.

Where's former NM Gov. Gary Johnson when you need him?

LEAP_Speaker's picture

Don't need a Yellow Pages for Drug Dealers here in the boonies

A Yellow Pages for Drug Dealers, is a great idea for big cities, but it's really not needed in rural America.

New Mexico's elected representatives, U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson don't understand the rural drug problem. I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the elected representatives of a rural state, understand so little about the rural drug problem.

I worked undercover in rural communities and let me tell you, there's a world of difference between the big city and rural America, when it comes to drugs.

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce said. "I think if the neighbors knew there was someone dealing drugs in their neighborhood, then parents would be able to say to their kids, 'stay away from that house.'"

Representative Pearce needs to wake up, in the small communities he visited, many of the people in his 39 town hall meetings, knew who the drug dealers are in their community.

In the big city you may find some anonymous guy on a street corner to score drugs from. No body stands on a street corner, in a town of 500 people selling drugs, but I can guarantee, every kid over 12 years old knows where to buy drugs in that town.

So you see Representative Pearce we really don't need a Yellow Pages for Drug Dealers here in the boonies, but thanks for the thought......

E. Jay Fleming
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
[email protected]
Mohave Valley, AZ
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