A Capitol Secret" A Family Devestated by the Drug War" but there is a Happy ending

God Bless you, My name is Steven L. Jackson, Washington, D.C. Native I am certainly not perfect person. I am not a shrink nor do I have any degrees in anything. I was raised in Southeast, Washington, D.C. This area has been described as the murder capitol of the world; at times it's been the drug capitol. I believe in The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Mohammed and Jacob. I love people, and pray for the world everyday. I love and honor Jesus and the prophets. I am African /Indian and American. I guess I am not a true Christian because I love the Qur'an and Islam as well. I respect the other religions. Call me a Child of the creator of existence. I was baptized in my families Baptist church and I love the people who worship there. I can’t hate anyone but I hate the way black people act in the 21st Century. My heart has often been troubled by the plight of the minority children in this city and the world and hurts me to see the way Blacks treat one another. My family has experience all manor of suffering at the hands of other blacks and also the white establishment in this city. My family has also inflicted great harm on other blacks. How? Now that's the question. POWER, Money, Pride, Hustling Dope and the eventual criminalization of drug users is one answer. Dad embarrassed the Washington and Baltimore DA’s, the DEA, FBI and The whole Department of Justice. He was using codes, pagers, and switching cars to throw them off in the 60’s. I believe the drug and violence problems stems from our collective 400 year miss education about what it means to be free. After traveling in other countries, I realized that I was living in a police state. I really want all minority children to be better prepared for this life. Hopefully it can be done by those wealthy Blacks Superstars, Athletes, celebrities, and successful black business people they look up to that have made it big. These Blacks and are now in a position to really educate the masses. I'm not sure why they have not all come together in a great forum to organize it. I don't know why they have not made the choice collectively to get financially involved. I don't think it's their responsibility but I pray that they will realize why GOD allowed them to make it from the streets to the TV screens and high offices they have attained. Thanks Oprah for starting in Africa. I know that you’re not the only one who cares enough to go to the root of the tree. I hope you'll get to the branches soon. The children of New Orleans and the District of Columbia school children need you most now. I feel that all the Public school systems are in need of a change of curriculum. I also feel the schools need to be closed later in the evening to make up for the poor conditions most kids face at home or in the drug infested public housing areas they stay in. I would rather see my tax dollar be spent there than on a BOMB in IRAQ. There should be activities in life lessons instruction, educate classes, arts, violence, sex, Aids classes, housing , banking, College resources, cooking, trade development and more. My idea is to provide life lessons early on to create more productive a knowledgeable Black community. How many times have you heard this phase? "If I knew then what I know now". Why do we wait to see how a child is going to develop instead of developing them ourselves? No parent wants their child to grow up lying cheating and killing others to get by in life as a normal way to survive. The Christ would be ashamed of us. I want our black elite to start making the public schools better if the Governments won't help. I want to bring the elite blacks down to earth. It's 2007 and our problems require special solutions now. We need about $10,000,000.00 invested in the city schools to get some real results. The Super wealthy blacks in the world could help out but sadly some have forgotten where they came from. If some of these wealthy blacks would donate what they could spare rather than buying Cars and rims, the black community could reach out to the young and other minorities to help spark the change in how we all treat each other, even how we live together with Whites. Not all whites are bad. We are our own worst enemies. Money seems to be the only thing America truly respects. The Black Children will be grateful and so our next Generation will be blessed. The world will be blessed with a new breed of minority Leaders not terrorist. I want to ask them to give some of these football, basketball, and movie star millions to the people who need it. I want what my DAD knew and taught use about “THE GAME” to help this next generation become young leaders and business people. We don't need more young and old drug dealers unless it's legal. I side with LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) on this wasteful DRUG WAR. The US is spending up to $67,000,000,000.00 a year on the drug war. We have all this wasted talent in prisons; some of the strongest most creative minds are lost to the prison system everyday My Family will always be known as a black family that was connected to the Italian Mafia. Loving my own, I feel we DC people are connected to each other by the ongoing struggle to shape the next generation of Blacks in America. We can help form our own Neighborhood Families Commerce Centers, Open Banks, Create Social Service networks without having to be labels separatist. If we change a little we can watch as the downtrodden people in need are elevated by our own wealthy blacks so nobody Black has to ever steal or take life and everyone can eat swell. I love you my Washington DC Family. People call me "Big Jack" but the old neighborhood hustlers’ referred to me as Slippery’s son. My Story is about a true Black Mafia family, staring my infamous father Lawrence W. Jackson AKA "Slippery Jackson". I have an even more incredible mother, Anna Mae Jackson. I come from the Washington area and have lived here for about 30 years. We spent 30 years living as a family of eight in Southeast, Anacostia. My father was arrested in 1969 for heading The D.C BLACK MAFIA a (300 to 500) member heroin and cocaine distribution network. He supposedly controlled the most organized black crime network on the East Coast in 1969. He was convicted and spent (10) years in different US federal prisons. When this happened I was 4 years old. I watched the Federel agents raid our home in Hillcrest, Southeast DC and take money out of it two times. Dad never kept drugs in our home. I never saw any drugs but I saw lots of money. He was released and was home for about a year and some months when I was (15) yrs old. He fixed up the house and gave us the best of everything later he was convicted of conspiracy again and violated parole in 1981. This added (25) more years to his (25) year sentence of but the Judge aggregated and converted his original (25) year sentence to (27) Years to save him from getting a life sentence for selling drugs. The BOP and Justice Dept. conspired to over rule the Judges mandatory release order and keep him in prison (10) extra years past his mandatory release date so he served (33) years in total. They just ignored the law and made up new guidelines to excuse their deceptions. He would not testify against the MOB so they punished him. Six (6) of his co-defendants died during his year long trial. Our true Story has never been told publicly by us. Someone should make it into a Hollywood movie. Our story is powerful, controversial, intriguing, inspiring, heartrending, and spiritually uplifting. There was a happy ending. Our story is true and it is historically well documented. Lawrence W "Slippery" Jackson changed the times he lived in and defined the True BLACK Hustler. He was a wise and loving father and a true man of vision. His regret was that he capitalized from the misery of others. We loved him and we always will. He did not start the Drug WAR but he made a profit from drugs as a model prisoner. The knowledge he had about illegal tactics of the DEA/FBI Agents and wealthy respected Doctors, Lawyers and Political drug addicts made him a threat to the Public. He was 68 years old and sick from unknown health problems so the BOP let him out under house arrest until he died. His wife Anna Mae Jackson represents a strong noble black woman. We all graduated most from Anacostia and many of us have some college or technical degrees. We all have the equivalent of degrees in education but we were too poor to ever make time to go to college. The old ones help to support the young ones until we all graduated. The Washington Post devastated our family with article after article on my fathers’ drug activity in the 70's and again in the 80's. The Washington Times wrote a scandalous cover story in the Washington Times Magazine entitled "A Capitol Shame" and mentioned my father by name while Mom was an employee, working security on the front desk as she had for many years. She even knew some of the reporters who wrote the story. She kept her head up and she raised us on her salary, welfare and with my father's drug money and Black Mafia members helped. Mom never divorced him or tried to replace him even though the feds tried to set her up several times. Momma and my brothers and sisters are all still alive thank GOD and successful respectable citizens. I am a twenty one (21) year U.S. Army Veteran. My Big Sis works for HUD as a GS 14, one of my brothers retired from the US Air Force after serving 25 years. Two of my brothers are Chiefs in the D.C. Fire Department, We’ve all given back to society and done ok with the help of the our parents advice and faith in GOD. I would say that mainly we never allowed our fathers trouble to destroy us as a family. We stuck together. I plan to write several books in the next few years on our family and other things I see in the streets. The children of jailed parents and poor parents need to know about the successes that sometimes come out of bad situations. We are all worldly folks being from Anacostia that says a lot. Almost all of us have visited Europe, one Korea even the war torn lands in the Middle East and we all have traveled the US. My Grandfather, John H. Jackson Sir, owned a small church in D.C. Saint Johns Baptists Church, in Marshal Heights for over 50 years. My Grandfather was a Baptist minister; he kept it going with my fathers help in the 60's. Later my uncle Charles, one of my fathers’ six brothers became the Pastor and rebuilds the church. My father and mother were ordained ministers by mail order. Dad was released from prison close to death. He knew he spent (10) years longer incarcerated than his sentence called for but no lawyer would touch his case until it was too late. Judge Aubrey Robinson, who presided over my father’s conspiracy trial, was kind to my father during his final sentencing. Why…? I think he was a good man plan and simple he respected my fathers’ courage in standing up and taking his punishment without turning snitch. Maybe it was because my father was young then just (33 yrs old) with a wife and eight young children. His ties to the Italian Mafia where so deep and so published By the Washington Post that President RICHARD NIXION and J. EDGER HOOVER wanted him out of the way. He was too big; a dark skinned Blackman driving a Silver Rolls Royce in 1969 was the straw that broke the camels back. There is considerable interest in our story. My father is not the only one who knows all the facts. My immediate family is full of great men and women. My uncle Norwood (deceased) Ret. LT. Col. UA Army was in charge of Fort Dick's prison was for a tour and commissioner of prisons in New York. He even has a wing of the prison building dedicated to him now. It’s a Funny thing because ...while three of his younger brothers were convicted felons he was a prison warden. My other uncles are successful men as well. My Grandfather on my mothers side, Welton B. Johnson Starred as "Rose" in a 1982 Sci-Fi film "The Passing" it was a great film. Actor TICO WELLS "Choir Boy" from Robert Townsends' "The Five Heart Beats" also plays Rose but as a young man. The movie was made partly at our grandparents house in Cedar Heights, MD, by John Huckert. The Movie was broadcast as a short on PBS called "Ernie and Rose ". My brother Kenneth can be seen in "Forest Gump" as an extra Black Panther standing behind TOM HANKS. He is in at least three scenes of the movie. Once a man named Jon Alpert contacted me, he had won (8) Emmy awards for HBO documentaries, he and a black professor who spoke to my father in prison proposed a documentary on us. At age (34) I found out from them that my father was really connected like an Italian Don. I found out from DAD that he knew some of them personally like JOHN GOTTI. Lawrence W. “Slippery “Jackson, he was a flamboyant, charismatic gentleman and business man. He was truly connected nation wide and had the gift of gab. He looked like Bernie Mac to me when I was young. He had a Gas station, Pool hall, Clothing Store and a Limo Service when I was a boy of (15yrs). He had been friend with Adrian Davis, Round One Boxing club; Adrian taught me how to box. Several New paper and Magazine articles mention my father's negative impact on the Washington D.C area. The U.S. Justice Department tried everything to catch my father and tried to leave him to die in prison. He did survive but just long enough to say "well done my children I am proud of all of you" The characters and plots in my families' tragic history include…the Genovese Crime Family, headed at the time by Vincent Giganti, The FBI, President RICHARD NIXON, FBI Director, J. Edger Hoover and many more of the Washington elite reporters such as Bob Woodward and Nancy Lewis of the Washington Post. My father was incarcerated with Vincent Giganti at Butner FCU in North Carolina before he died. While he was in Lewisburg FCU he got to know John Gotti who had spent time there before he was the Man. Most of the Top US drug Dealers respected my father as a Black Don. His younger brothers Lester and Morris Jackson both have done some serious time for forming the BLACK MAFIA in the nation’s capitol. My uncle Morris Jackson just happed to be an acquaintance of General Miguel Noriega they were temporary cellmates. The Jackson Brothers had big respect in the Federals prisons. We even had the respect of the Colombians, Cubans and various members of the Mexican Mafia of Stafford Arizona FCU . My father was so powerful he stopped a war between the Blacks and the Mexicans while he was in Stafford AZ. He was know to the young DC inmates as POP and usually ran the prison pool rooms. He even sold drug from prison to help us keep the house he brought for us to live in Hillcrest. He helped raise us all from behind prison bars. My Uncles John, Lester, Morris and Charles helped a lot us too. I love all my uncles to this day. My Uncle John is the oldest. I look like my grandfather; he was very influential preacher in his day. There is a lot more to tell but I 'll save it for my book. If you’re a literary Agent or Book Publisher contact me. If you want to know more visit me at http://uniquefeatures.tripod.com/slipperyssonstevenljackson/index.html I have been making short documentary videos on you-tube for the youth folks in the game so check out ten stories I have there. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Slipperysson5 May God Bless you! Contact me at [email protected]
Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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The Drug War hurts more families in Southeast Washington DC

I'm doing fairly well , Thank the Lord !!
embed the youtube docudrama by Steven L. Jackson



Did your father have a sister name Bertha Jackson (?)



artivle on ur father

I find it very interesting that you are painting your father as some kind og glorified gangster! Sit all the way down! My family was a direct result of your ignorant, no regard for hum life disrespectful on so many accounts ass! I hope your you and your profiteering ratchet family rot in HELL!

You disreputable poser. jealous of my family

Loser your a close minded coward. Paint yourself read. Your opinion means nothing to those that kno.You must be from a family of Rats. Join you're folks where you would see mine.

Rat talking about painting something

Screw you Rat bastard

Was locked up with your pops

Was locked up with your pops in Safford AZ in the early 90’s. Good Dude. Loved to play Chess

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