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Hemp: A Coming Epidemic

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MSNBC reports on the alarming surge of hemp-laced foods being sold openly in our neighborhoods. Hemp products flow freely across our border from source countries such as Canada, where liberal policies have facilitated a booming industry targeting American snackers south of the border. While a ban on domestic hemp production provides some protection, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep these products out of the hands of children.

According to MSNBC, hemp cultivation has been a problem for quite some time:

Hemp has been grown for at least the last 12,000 years for fiber and food. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp and in fact Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper.

In recent years, hemp users have adopted increasingly diverse and discreet methods of administration:

Since the early 1990s, shelled hempseeds have been used as a food ingredient in a wide variety of foodstuffs, including baked goods, snacks, breakfast cereals, beverages, frozen desserts, tofu, and milk substitute.

The DEA has invested millions combating the dangers of hemp, both in court and in open fields around the country where the plant has learned to reproduce itself without human assistance. Still, there remains a well-funded campaign to legalize hemp in several states. Hemp advocates seek to deceive the public with misleading claims that it is a healthy food and that it isn't drugs.

To its credit, MSNBC refutes the dangerous myth that hemp foods are non-psychoactive:

If 20 percent of a food's ingredients are shelled hempseeds, and assuming a 2 ppm THC level, a human being would have to eat 50 pounds of the food in question to become intoxicated.

The prospect of hemp addicts consuming 50 pounds a day to get their fix is frightening indeed, and stands in stark contrast to the hemp advocates' repeated claims that it is "good for you."

Needless to say, this is not your daddy's granola bar.

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Grow up.

This article is almost silly enough to make me not want to comment. As it is posted digitally, it is truly not even worth the paper it is written on. I am hoping that Scott Morgan is younger than ten years old, and is "learning" how to be a mainstream journalist. The kind that doesn't really research anything before pecking at their keyboard.

Grow up.

Draconian style reporting

Is the publish date on this story correct? Because to me, it sounds like a late 30's Hearst publications story. Does this reporter really believe what he's writing? Who eats 50 pounds of anything a day? Somebody should flood this reporters email box with research based facts....maybe he can still be shown the true light.

A Joke...

It's got to be...

Just say "know"

Scott, please get your facts straight - you do a great disservice to our children - hemp is not frightening - medicinal / recreational cannabis is not frightening. The Federal Gov't has had a phenomenal success with it's monopoly growing medicinal cannabis for 30 years for 8 cancer patients. The Fed. Govt has been wasting $175million plus trying to erradicate 99% ferral hemp left over from WW2. Every major industrial nation but the US grows hemp & we have a rich history (I live near Hempfield Township, PA) - What is scary is the government spending $300Billion fighting for oil - look at our past Gov. Shaffer commission on the cannabis issue, tricky Dick Nixson didn't like the fact that the Shaffer commission basically told him this was a waste of taxpayer & law enforcements time.. Get a grip Scott - get some more facts - God doesn't make a mistake when he creates a plant for all it's many uses - mans prohibitionist attitude does a lot more harm. Don't follow Nancy Reagens example - get real and Just say KNOW..

Is There A Misunderstanding?

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe the article is sarcastic. Perhaps the commenters have in turn responded with sarcasm; however, the article supports hemp. It quotes from a news source (MSNBC) and sarcastically remarks in line with the bogus laws prohibitting hemp.

Does anyone else sees that he's trying to show how ridiculous ANY fears of hemp cultivation are?
-Dale Berthon

dguard's picture

Dale, you get it!

Yes, Scott's post was intended to be sarcastic and cheeky -- I've been waiting for someone to make that observation. I can understand, however, how those unfamiliar with Scott's posts or blog style writing might not get it. Have no fear, dear readers, Scott is still on our side...I mean, come on, this is DRCNet's Speakeasy is it not?

- David

This is not a joke.

Hemp is even worse than marijuana.

I learned this when my uncle died of a hemp overdose. He wore the same hemp pants for a week straight and finally expired from acute hemp toxicity.

It was very sad.


were they scratchy? did he itch to death?

lethal hemp

those pants must have been made from that killer, er, potent, bc hemp from canada.


It's satire, not sarcasm.

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