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Police aren't in danger

Submitted by David Borden on
Reading Ethans article on swat teams and the argument they are in danger is bogus. I live in a farming community and belong to the local Grange. Farmers and Ranchers have the 6th most dangerous job in the U.S. according the Associated Press article. Police didn't even make the top ten. Police murdered a friend of mine sitting on his living room couch in Seattle after kicking in his front door. He was like a nephew to me. And another friend of mine has been in trauma since the local drug warriors kicked in her door 12 years ago. Further more, according to the National police Union 60% of cops who died on duty died in automobile accidents. Not from dangerous criminals. How can we get the truth into the media? America's most dangerous jobs Rank Occupation Fishers and fishing workers Logging workers Aircraft pilots Structural iron and steel workers Refuse and recyclable material collectors Farmers and ranchers Electrical power line installers/repairers Driver/sales workers and truck drivers Miscelleneous agricultural workers Construction laborers By Les Christie, staff writer August 16 2006: 6:19 PM EDT

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