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My favorite blog Drug War Rant frequently reports on my least favorite blog, the ONDCP's Pushing Back, a habit I intend to undertake myself, since Pete can't possibly find time to counter every last kernel of incoherent kookiness to be found there.

Unfortunately, the only way to learn what they're saying is to visit them and risk perpetuating this:

ONDCP would like to thank all of the loyal readers of Pushing Back for helping make this blog a success. Thanks in part to you, we are now averaging over 300,000 hits per month!

Yes, thanks in small part to spite-readers like us and in large part to ONDCP not telling the truth about its web traffic, their blog is a huge success according to them. As Pete Guither explains, their claims are not demonstrably false, but rather meaningless either way:

Note the use of the word "hits." It may be technically true that Pushing Back is getting 300,000 hits per month, if you use server terminology. In that case, every call of the server counts as a hit, so as a single page is loading it could call upon the server dozens or hundreds of times to load images, run scripts, etc. "Hits" may be useful for analyzing the way you organize your site to reduce server overload, but means very little in terms of the number of people who come to read your site.

In other words, ONDCP uses misleading rhetoric to claim that people like reading their misleading rhetoric.

And we've now found ourselves frequently visiting this blog in order to expose its erroneous claims of being popular. It seems a bit silly, but not as silly as ONDCP bragging about their site traffic when anyone can look them up at and see that every single link to their blog is hostile.

The conspicuous absence of friendly or even neutral links to Pushing Back is notable. It shows that reformers are the only ones reading it, but it also shows how many potential drug war supporters aren't interested enough to discuss the issue. It's a powerful example of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's observation that support for the drug war is a mile wide, but only an inch deep. Across the vast blogosphere, otherwise an epic political battleground, we can't seem to find much opposition.

In the meantime, I'll continue reading the Drug Czar's blog. So you don't have to.

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Actually, even if it's 300,000 actual pages per month, that's still peanuts. We get way more than that. In fact, even if it's 300,000 unique hosts per month (an estimate for the number of people), that would be no better than a number of drug reform sites and considerably worse than some. Lame.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

The Drug War - My Rant...

Yeah, I just went to that site, the ONDCP, or whatever they are called, I don't take the time to learn the names of insignificant people, or sites, or groups..

Anyways, wow, the amount of misinformation is staggering. I was there 2 seconds, and was forced to respond to one of the postings that caught my eye. It was going on about how marijuana isn't harmless, and how the FDA said it has no medical value. So I of course responded with "Then why do they issue federal marijuana cards?", and "Why do they allow synthetic THC to be marketed? Marinol, Dronabinol? Sound familiar?"

It's funny, for a plant with no medical value, it sure is used in quite a few new drugs, to cure quite a few ailments, not to mention that it comes in good old marijuana cigarette form to about 5-8 lucky federal marijuana patients who receive 300 marijuana cigarettes per month courtesy of Uncle Scam, oh, sorry, Uncle Sam...

Of course the FDA's standards are non-existant at best, they use us like guinea pigs for a hundred new drugs year, they require very little testing, I think like a three week clinical trial before they approve them, its ridiculous.

They have been studying marijuana for thousands of years, its one the most studied drugs in human history, and the results are always the same, its safe, and effective, and just plain fun to smoke. Yet it's still illegal.

Aspirin kills almost 20,000 people per year, and thats fine, collateral damage to the cause of ending headaches.

The center for disease control, has a list of all the deaths per year caused by drugs, and marijuana always comes in with a grand total of zero per year.

Oddly enough, aspirin kills more people per year than all the illegal drugs combined, about 7,000 more.

Alcohol, is the king killer, along with tobacco, both of them together kill almost a million people per year.

Though I am totally against this whole war on cigarettes they have going, I have to pay like $5 a pack for some smokes, I am going to have to take up bank robbery to just to be able to afford a fucking a cigarette at this rate.

Pretty soon, they will be portraying us like crack heads, they are breaking into cars, and commiting robberies to pay for their drugs.

Yeah, because you helped jack the prices up to high hell..

Just like with illegal drugs, heroin used to cost what, 10 cents for a big bottle full, now a little pebble cost 5-20 dollars.

Shit, if it comes to that, I am going to highjack a Marlboro truck, thats at least a 2-3 year supply.

Thats just another example of their "Government good, drugs bad" way of thinking.

Its literally fucking up society, they have already been asking people if they would support a federal ban on tobacco, so they can lock them up too. They are slowly phasing it in. They will probably try to do alcohol the same way.

The really think a drug free society is what we need..

Are they insane? The murder rate will go through the fucking roof if they pull it off, people need drugs, if you get rid of illegal drugs, they will use legal ones, if you get rid of them, they will abuse prescription drugs, if you get rid of them, along with lots of sick people, not getting well, you will begin to see the true face of a drug free america, and its a pissed off face, with a machine gun shooting everyone at the office because he got cut off in traffic..

Or beating his wife to death, because she didn't make the eggs the way he likes them, and many other random acts of senseless violence, usually averted by getting drunk, or high..

Thats not a world I want to live in, so if thats the goal, fucking check please. I don't think I want to live in this world any longer, I prefer going to work, and not getting shot thank you very much...

So if this is truly to be a drug free society, somebody book me on a flight the fuck outta here..


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