Vermont Mayor Says Execute Drug Dealers, Legalize Marijuana

The increasingly obvious failure of the drug war is spawning some odd discussions this year. There's Joe Biden and Dan Burton calling for biological warfare in South America. There's a crazy former DEA agent promising a one-year turnaround if we bust all the "druggies" and force them to stop partying. Lou Dobbs is really frustrated too, and someone should talk to him before he starts racially profiling people and asking for consent to search.

But the prize might go to Barre, VT Mayor Thomas Lauzon who wants to try some of everything. From The Times Argus:
BARRE – Mayor Thomas Lauzon on Saturday said he hoped the Legislature would consider imposing the death penalty on convicted crack and heroin dealers, and to legalize marijuana.

Failing that, the mayor said, he would call for a public forum in Barre to kick off a statewide discussion about the growing drug problem in Vermont and steps – including the death penalty and legalization — to control the situation.
Sounds like an episode of South Park. If the citizens of Vermont indulge him, this could be a highly entertaining public forum. For my money, Vermont is much more likely to legalize marijuana than execute anyone (they haven’t imposed the death penalty in 50 years).

Expect to hear plenty more crazy talk of executing drug dealers and such this year. And don't be surprised to see more politicians calling for marijuana policy reform. The failure of the drug war is all around us and people are talking about it, for better or worse.

The drug war isn’t going to start working one day. Inevitably, the road to reform will be paved with crazy idiots. If they want to legalize marijuana and execute crack dealers, we'll help with the former and talk them out of killing people later.

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What a wacko

Maybe that guy in Vermont should turn in his own drug dealer because he must be high on crack.

Drug War Victim gets Justice!

Please refer to for breaking news! Click or past
this: into browser and spread the word.The cops that killed this woman in a botched drug raid have been charged! A 92 year old that was killed in a botched and illegal search was killed last fall and the cops admitt to false statements in a no-knock warrant with plain cloths that resulted in her legally shooting ONE bullet that hit no officers and the officers shot 39 bullets at her and she was killed.This is the type of National News that we have been wating for to plead with journalists and news medieas to cover the OTHER costs of this war on drugs.I plead with all to write your local and national news corraspondents RIGHT NOW! Hammer them with suggestive and questionable letters galore and maybe now one or many will finally start listening to our cries of help and give our credit where the credit has been due for decades.The time to act is now,those cops a.k.a..CRIMINALS! will be going to trial.With the help of the public and the news maybe we can persuea the judge into running their sentences concurrent to each other the judge will make them serve 10&12 years consecutively for ALL 4 charges(e.i.g 40-50 yrs) instead of 10-12 in all,not to mention they could get out in 5 years.If it were you or me do you think we would get out in 5?NOOOT! We would get hammered with LIFE! Much love my fellow warriors!Godbless.
Kevin Johnson


I meant for the judge to run them consecutivly instead of concurrent instead of the opposite-sorry.
Kevin Johnson-Ft Wayne Indiana
Freedom is an ideolgy twisted in the heads of politicians the assumption that they are GOD and we are their toys!We are GODS toys that assume not but know truth into the freedom to tell politicians to LEAVE US THE **** ALONE!!!!

Yup hes's a wacho!

Somebody should kill him for eating to many cheetos,well not really but if he can say kill a dealer then I can say kill a cheeto head fat a$$ like hemself.Even if hes skinny his head sure is big.But I am cool on the marijuana reform if he really means it.He wont get my vote,unless he says kill all the vicodin and oxycotton company CEO's.


Who is this???


Hey u guy's

hey sasha

yooo whats up sasha

Vermont Mayor is right

Executing these dirt bags might keep Illegals from crossing into this country.

Barre Mayor

Man I live in Barre and Lauzon is my Landlord....crazy.

i support execution of all

i support execution
of all drug dealers and manditory treatment for users

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