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This way to the Coca Museum...

Submitted by Phillip Smith on
pictures from La Paz, Bolivia: Calle Linares pedestrian mall, with Coca Museum sign (Click the "read full post" link or the title link for more pictures if you don't already seen them.) Coca Museum, exterior, Calle Linares 906 Church of San Francisco, at the Plaza of San Francisco, seen from Calle Sagarnaga miners on hunger strike, Plaza San Francisco: "five months without working, and our children without food" families of miners (As these miner photos illustrate, cocaleros are one of a number of intersecting social movements in Bolivia.) shoeshine boys, Plaza San Francisco -- one on left says he's a sharpshooter and wants to go to Iraq "Anarcho Punks Seeking Equality" graffito, Calle Linares pedestrian mall near Plaza Murillo dried llama fetuses, said to ward off evil, at Witches' Market, Calle Linares more Witches' Market view of miners' demonstration view of main drag El Prado, seen from Plaza San Francisco "Combi" passenger vans, with man directing traffic Hostal Republica, on Calle de Comercio -- $16 bucks a night, with bathroom, hot water and wireless internet, but no TV

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