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NIDA To MMJ Patients: Shove It Up Your Ass

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The Clarion-Ledger reports that scientists at NIDA's marijuana research facility in Mississippi are working on a marijuana suppository:
[Dr. Mahmoud] ElSohly and his staff used the plant to create a marijuana suppository. On the market in five years, it could be used to treat neuropathic pain, nausea and vomiting experienced by chemotherapy patients.
It's unclear why the National Institute on Drug Abuse is making marijuana medicines, but anyone familiar with NIDA's notoriously bad product can't help but laugh at its new destination.

Many have suggested that NIDA's contempt for marijuana itself has contributed to their decades-long failure to grow it properly. Coupled with NIDA's ongoing blockade against medical marijuana research in general, their suggestion that patients medicate anally certainly adds insult to injury.

At last, I think we've stumbled on the federal government's secret and hilarious medical marijuana strategy. After years of bitter debate, the feds will seek to placate us all with a take-it-or-leave-it offer of perfectly legal marijuana-laced butt medicine.

It's a brilliant plan, but everything will fall apart at the press conference when John Walters laughs for the first time ever, setting off a chain reaction that turns Nora Volkow into a hippy and generally disorients the drug war establishment.
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Why Fight Illegal drugs When its the legal ones that kill

Every year more and more people die from tabacco than other drugs, more people die from over dosing on LEGAL prescription drugs than they do over dosing on illegal drugs. Weres the justice in that? And its a human beings right to choose what they ultimately put in there body, and if i remember correctly we broke away from england because we wanted to be free, to choose. And has anyone ever died from marijuana? If the government could prove that to me then i would gladely fight on there side, but no one has died from marijuana. Marijuana is a cash crop, and a hell of a good one at that. We could use hemp to make paper rather than kill trees that keep feeding us our air and protect our ozone which over the years has become a much larger problem. Why not just legalize marijauna, so many people smoke it and so many people sit behind bars for smoking and growing it. Why can people with illnesses be able to smoke it legally if it is so harmful to people? There is so much proof that marijuana is helpful to the human body its not even funny, and i am sick and tired of our country lieing and cheating to the people who respect its views and values. In my mind theres no such thing as freedom, and all the government has to do is stamp a label on something for it to be good or bad for the american people, how in the fuck do they know? I know a couple that has smoked marijuana for 30 years and they dont have a damn problem, but my uncle who has smoked LEGAL tabacco for 15 years has to use one of those electronic voice boxes for the rest of his life. Yes it was his choice to smoke tabacco but the governments choice to keep it legal. So to all you people out there who read this, remember that our government loves us.

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