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Dobbs Losing CNN Marijuana Legalization Poll Big-Time

I haven't yet watched the Lou Dobbs piece on the marijuana legalization movement, but it is has already been made available for viewing on YouTube, here. I am very interested to read comments -- hopefully posted here to the blog -- from those of you who have seen it. There is an online poll running on CNN from the Lou Dobbs Tonight home page. If it's still going when you read this blog post, please go there and vote. At latest count Dobbs was losing big-time -- 79-21%! So there. Read my takeoff on Dobbs' drug war editorial if you haven't already, in this week's Chronicle or here.
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lou dobbs & the marijuana conspiracy

on 2/19/07 , mr. lou , didn`t have the ball`s to host his own show. why not? surely marijuana didn`t have anything to do with it. whiskey drinkin` politicians are "beginning" to see the light. maybe lou is being su`pressed by cnn` higher -ups -to-the -government.


Dr. Stephen Dewey and Brookhaven Nat Lab may have done some small animal behavioral work with F-PET scans, but has no published data on cannabis sativa(Marijuana). This researcher is a canned tool and merits very little respect in so far as cannabis is concerned.

Here are the PubMed article search Results:

clone post???

i think you're on the wrong website

YES legaliza

Of course durgs will be legaliza. Legaliza no Perscripta! And Mr. Allknowsit, you missed the train. Hale-Bopp came in 1997.

Moms 4 Marijuana

loci explain

loci explain

Marijuana law

I'm a 55yr old Male, a disabled Veteran and patriot who loves his country and has paid a price for my love of personal freedom for myself and future generations.
I am an occasional user of marijuana that by todays standards would make me a criminal, along with millions of other users of marijuana. Time to stop making criminals of good Citizens, make Marijuana legal


legalize marijuana, free all marijuana prisoners.

This needs to STOP!

Many people are against this drug, but everyone knows its not a harmful substance. i am 16 years of age and have researched many things about sorts of drugs and such. marijuana by far is the safest unlike alcohol and every substance made chemically (coke, meth, ect.) even as a catholic, my priest said to me on topic, "Its bad for you if it effects you physically and pulls you away from being a good steward of god." this is funny because marijuana does NOT effect you physically, helps medically, and for the most part makes you more caring and nice to people when your stoned. alcohol on the other hand... gives you cirrosis of the liver (physically), and makes you a raging drunk (pulling you away from whats good). all im saying here is that you may not be like that when your drunk, but marijuana will never be as harmful as alcohol (which is in the bible). this conclusion has shown how marijuana should be legal if alcohol and cigarettes can get away with killing over thousands of people each year.

While you make an excellent

While you make an excellent point for the argument to legalize marijuana, the point carried across by a 16 year old is not the kind of help the movement needs. The politicians and the lobbyists that pull their strings to stop the legalization are using the under aged user card and the corruption of our youth as a direct defense to our fight for legalization.Also, because of the limited research and government propaganda campaign on the subject, I should remind you that we can't be sure if smoking marijuana at that age causes irriversible damage to the development of your brain, and you should refrain from use until you are of an age more suitable to indulge in vices such as marijuana, alcohol and tobacco products.
We also need to stop the DECRIMINALIZATION concept. Decriminalizing marijuana would leave the substance in the black market and would just reduce or eliminate arrest and prosecution for possession. This would never help to legitimize the substance in the same class as alcohol and tobacco, where, if used in moderation is nothing more than a recreational substance.
In closing legalization also leads to freedom of testing and research to determine the harmful affects if any, as well as exploring more in depth it's medicinal properties.These are the arguments that our local representitives should be arguing for us.

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