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In Lima, the Cocaine is Cheap, High Quality, and Easily Available

Well, that didn't take long. I arrived in Lima late last night and didn't clear customs and make my way to my very cheap ($10) hotel in the center of the city a few blocks off the Plaza de Armas, the main square at the heart of the city. But I went to the Plaza today, where I met some Canadians and Russians. As we sat drinking Inka -Cola, we were soon engaged in conversation by one of the numerout touts trying to make a living off the tourists. The young man wanted to sell bronzed llamas and stuff like that, but the Russians had more decadent pleasures in mind, and the young man disappeared and returned in a matter of minutes. An under the table transaction occurred, and our group adjourned to the Russian´s hotel, where they proceeded to put their contribution to the Peruvian economy right up their noses. They paid $40 for what was supposed to be a gram, but looked like maybe twice that. I ran into the tout again a few minutes ago. He wanted to know if I wanted some. When I said no, he dropped the price to $20. How low would he have gone? I don´t know because I wasn't haggling. From what I can tell, though, it was so pure that if I had snorted any it would have probably blown out my sinuses. A couple of points here: I don't really recommend buying cocaine off strangers in the main plaza of a strange city. There are plenty of stories here about people like that turning out to be cops. (Ah, the old reverse sting. It's particularly profitable for Third World cops working on gringo tourists. How much would you pay to make that sort of trouble go away?) In this case, however, my concerns were lessened somewhat because it wasn't the tout but the Russians who mentioned the stuff. In those stings, it´s usually the other way around. The second point has to do with coca. All the coca growers say they are only growing for the traditional markets, but that's clearly not the case. I don't think it serves their leaders well to pretend otherwise. I guess I'll see what they have to say about it when I talk to some of them next week.
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Cocaine is for tourists

You know. I have been in Lima long enough to know how things work there. And I have seen much more than the a one-week-tourist side of it. Cocaine it is cheap, just like anything else over there. It is high quality, like a lot of things(like silver, wool, cotton clothes, crafts, food, fresh meat, etc). But, it is not easy available, by any means. Unless.... you are a gringo tourist. And why they offer you this kind of this ??(I mean drugs) Why dou you think? Not only for the sterotype of gringos liking drugs, also because they know in their countries it is totally legal. maybe not in the US, but it's legal in most Europe. And despite of not being legal in America, everybody knows it's not uncommon or rare to know somebody who have tried drugs. Or maybe you are the one that tried it before.
Just wanted to correct that. For the average people(I don;t mean the poor, or below poverty line pleople) drugs in general are hard to get in Peru. I am not saying nobody in Peru do drugs, just it's not common, and highly condemned. Smoking marijuana is not a funny history that you would hear from some 16, 17 year old high school kid. So, If you want any king of drug, hook up with a tourist and you'll get it.

M. Elson

Buying Cocaine in Lima

I had a friend that was there and was also offered by a few locals in the square ot buy some. Well, he finally game in and asked to get $100 USD worth. To his suprise, the young guy was also a police informant. After paying some corrupt officials about $800 USD he was released. He has stated that he was told that there are many informants and undercover officers in he square and airport and is not recommneded to attempt to buy any drugs.

this is not true!!!

Where did you see cocaine is legal in Europe? In your dreams maybe!! I'm telling you:cocaine is I*L*L*E*G*A*L and considered as a hard drug. My advice for you today is to conscientiously check the truthfulness of your sources(if you have any to write this) before spreading wrong informations to the world. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

why is the shit illegal? its

why is the shit illegal? its a great way to party. everybody did it b4 the 1st world war and in the 70s. they should make corporate greed illegal instead!

Legal coke

Cocain is legal IP ti 2 grams in peru..

You are wrong im 18 years and

You are wrong im 18 years and I live in Lima and the mayority of my friends smokes weed, and a lot have done cocaine, extasis, lsd, etc. And its not hard at all for me to get any of this drugs, definitely there is less use than in europe, but its not hard to get drugs and the drug use is becoming more common every year. Sorry for the bad english.

drugs in lima

I have been in lima for a few months now and have been offered drugs, and yes it is easy and reading this i did not know about the undercover cops in the downtown but i got offered in barranco driving around with a friend in his car if you see some dodgy people outside on a corner of a street or outside there house waiting for something its most likely they want to sell you something.


that is true becuase i did exactly the same thing in barranco about 2 am in the morning

How much is a gram of cocaine in lima now?

this is purely for research but does anyone know the price of pure or near to pure cocaine in lima?? per gram!



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