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Court case for Trekt Uw Plant on 28 March 2007

Dear friends,

Yesterday we finally received information from the justice authorities concerning the case of "Draw Up Your Plant". The court case will be held in two parts:

1. On Friday 9 February there will be a session in which the prosecutor will explain which special investigation methods (observation, telephone tapping etc.) have taken place in the investigation. The judge needs to approve these methods, first afterwards the official accusation can be formulated.

2. On Wednesday 28 March the first real court session will take place: against the 6 accused: the association "Draw Up Your Plant" itself as well as 5 of the 6 members who were present at the plantation action on 12 December (the 6th member, Stijn Bex enjoys 'parliamentary inmunity' as he is a MP)

Yesterday we have been able to see the file as it has been prepared by the prosecutor. For the moment it does not contain any surprises. We will probably be charged with violating the law on drug production, and this means that the court case will deal with the principal issue: how should the ministerial guideline (of 2005) be interpreted which determines the posession of max. 3 grammes and 1 female plant as a non-arrestable offence (only followed by police registration, not by legal sanctions - not even confiscation).

It is possible that the prosecutor will try to describe us as a criminal organisation. However all activities of Draw Up Your Plant have taken place in all openness: the association is registered at the chamber of commerce in Antwerpen, all our public activities (planting the seed, taking clones of the motherplant) have been announced and permission has been granted by the competent authorities, including the public order police). The set up and functioning of the association, its funding etc. are completely transparent.

In short, this will be a perfect opportunity to raise a public debate for the need to apply a clear regulation that gives legal security to all cannabis consumers in Belgium.

Best wishes,

Stijn Goossens

Philippe Decraene

Joep Oomen


Lange Lozanastraat 14 2018 Antwerpen
Tel. 03 237 7436
GSM: 0479 982271 / 0495 122 644
E-mail:[email protected] / [email protected]
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Stijn Goossens


2007 IHRC Executive Program Committee

Trekt Uw Plant / Draw Up Your Plant

International Drug User Activists InternationalDrugUserActivists.html

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Best Wishes..

..for a speedy and sane resolution to this commonsense matter..


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