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Dutch Police Insist on Smoking Marijuana Off-Duty

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Apparently, American tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying Amsterdam's coffeeshops:
Police in Amsterdam are complaining over new rules banning them from smoking cannabis while off duty.

Officers in the Dutch capital, famous for its liberal drugs laws, have been told they must set the public "a good moral example". [Daily Mail]
Oh, whatever. There's nothing immoral about using marijuana and no reason to look to off-duty police for moral leadership.
…Dutch police union chairman Hans van Duijn said: "Many of our members are opposed to this.

"They are not paid for 24-hours a day. What they do in their free time is up to them."

It may seem strange to encounter law-enforcement officers agitating for the right to use marijuana, but their argument is perfectly legitimate. Marijuana is only intoxicating for a short period of time, after which one becomes sober again. There's simply no reason on earth why police shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy marijuana off-duty.

But if you live in a country where this is the biggest drug policy controversy of the day, you probably have more to be grateful for than to complain about.

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marijana not drugs to police

we need more police officers like these in australia ,and the rest of the world.. we need a world revolution to allow pot smokers the right to smoke pot without fear of he men coppers kicking doors in to bust people for pot and we need more people who make these stupid laws against smoking a little pot to either legalise it or make all drugs illegal alcohol as well, coffee tobacco etc,why pick on yhe poor pot smokers it is a big hipicritcal society that says its all rigt to drink to u shit yourself but u cant have a couple of cones ,,wake up the rest of the world


I couldn't agree more with the above post. Let's go Police Officers Against Prohibition!!

Cops should Drink Alcohol..... it's not a drug.

The Police should stick with's not a drug.....
It's safe...
they can drink all they want....
It won't hurt's not a's a liquid....
Getting Drunk is acceptable.....busting pot smokers is acceptable....

Drink, don't smoke........unless it's tobacco. Tobacco is good. Pot is bad.
Alcohol is good. Pot is bad.
Cigarettes are good. Pot is bad

I'm being sarcastic........

Please be Rational, Positive and Creative..............high or not..


choose your poison

You made me laugh -- LOL!!!


i love men


i never thought i'd agree with a cop about cannabis!

so, by the same "logic" are these off duty cops not allowed to go to prostitutes (also legal in the netherlands), either?
come on, if its legal then its legal for off duty officers...same goes for off duty teachers, doctors, nurses, pilots, bus drivers....

Technically it's not legal

Technically it's not legal in The Netherlands to buy it or smoke it. The laws making pot illegal remain as to make sure that The Netherlands adhears to the letter of the international treaties she signed on drug enforcement and eradication. It's simply not enforced and you won't get busted if you buy a maximum of 5 grams of weed at a licensed, approved 'coffeeshop' and just smoke it for personal use, but you can still be fined if you smoke right in front of the police or if you are in a area where the police have been assigned the right to random
searches of people and they find it. You will lose it and get a fine.
And ofcourse the production is completely illegal, although again not enforced if it's less then 5 plants and just for personal use.

I wish the police in

I wish the police in Thailand were able to do the same!


hmmm marijuana is great....but it can't be great without water bongs...check it:

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