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Ron Paul Blames Prostitution on the Drug War

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When John Stossel interviews Ron Paul, you know it's gonna be good. Paul defends personal choice, rejecting the federal government's authority to regulate drug use. He even credits the drug war with causing prostitution by artificially inflating drug prices.

You know what? He's right.

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I don't think it's the "cause", but I think it's a major contributing factor.

Prohibition did the same

Prohibition did the same thing the drug war's doing: Increase crime by creating black market demand. It's why we ended prohibition in the first place! Do we never learn?

John Stossel did a great

John Stossel did a great piece for 20/20 once called "The War On Drugs: A War On Ourselves."

Also, Rolling Stone has one of the best drug war articles I've ever read in the latest issue (Led Zep on the cover).

Boycott ABC

It's absolutely criminal that they won't air this interview on TV. The whole thing is an hour long.

More than a few people have suggested that the public is being prepped for a rigged election. He's a "fringe candidate", right?

Ron Paul rules.

Its just great. Ron Paul is so awesome!

He is interfering with the election rigging going on, so the MSM is suppressing him!

"Crack Ho's"

If drugs were de-regulated, they could just walk into Walgreens and pick up a box of crack and go get high without bothering anyone else. And their pimps would have to get a real job. And the "Johns" would have to go back to their wives. Oh wait, we don't want THAT!


Personally, I'm more in favor of something similar to the Swiss model, used for distributing heroin, coupled with the decriminalization of hard drug possession. Besides, I don't think there would be enough people in support of the kind of legalization you're talking about.

Then, if somebody just wants to casually get high, they can go to a coffee shop and get some weed. Crack, meth, heroin... all of them can be pretty nasty. But, we need to do something that effectively disrupts the hard drug black markets, and helps the seriously addicted to get their lives together.

I tend to lean more on the side of effective systems of regulation, rather than an open free-for-all. I think the latter could get ugly. And yes, I know you used to be able to get the stuff over the counter, and in the Sears catalog, etc.

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BRAVO MR. RON PAUL!!! Finally an american politician with a brain. Greetings by Ministry of Cannabis, a marijuana seeds bank, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We are not going to stop

We are not going to stop people from self medicating.

Addiction Is A Genetic Disease


PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System

The idea that we can eliminate "hard" drugs is a hippie fantasy.

If you think as I do that people take these drugs because they need them then keeping these drugs from people is criminal.

Ron Paul FTW

Drink LiberTEA at the Teaparty, Dec 16, 2007. Drink it for the first time.

All other candidates DENY LIBERTY.

Ron Paul is the greatest candidate I've ever seen. Consistent for 30 years. No flip flops. We are done with WAR, we want a real currency, we want peace, we want the welfare-state for the military industrial complex to END, we want to fix America and stop policing the world and to stop the authoritarian oppression here NOW.

Here is what the US Government without Ron Paul in charge has done to us:

- 9 trillion in debt
- 850 billion trade deficit
- War in Iraq
- War in Afghanistan
- Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda alive
- Fomenting War with Iran
- 12.25 trillion M3 money supply, and expanding (massive inflation)

Ron Paul’s record is crystal clean perfect and consistent. He takes no money from anyone but people and constituents. He is as pure as they come.

One of my favorite quotes about Dr. Paul, “You’re working for the most honest man in Congress.” That was John McCain speaking to Kent Snyder in 1988.

Ron Paul and War on Drugs

Ron Paul makes so much sense, its amazing how many different and unique people gravitate to his message. I think legalization and regulation is the best was to fight drug use.

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