Another day another Drug War poem


Another day another Drug War poem

December 2nd, 2007

Every day is the same situation
try to work it through major frustration
is this nation of ours still alive
do liberty and justice survive
i strive to direct your attention
to these actions most will not mention
the detention of freedom of speech
why i can’t seem to touch those in reach
how can we teach if the truth is illegal
how can we trust in a rarely seen eagle
maybe a seagull can save us today
somehow show us that this ain’t the way
it is with great dismay that I continue
endangered species all over the menu
our venue is sweet mother earth
all our homes since the days of our birth
what is worth all the madness we cause
are our achievments worth any applause
have we treated ma’s house with respect
have we handed out any neglect
can we deflect what nature throws at us
can we fine tune this grand apparatus
without status guiding us there
can we advance just upon human care
do we dare

how can we stand our condition
without going off on a mission
no permission from DC is needed
the gardens need to be weeded
if we suceeded in building a nation
i must demand one explaination
an examination of our drug war
leads to the same conclussion as before
waging it anymore is inhumane
there is not one thing to gain
no human brain can justify
line the supporters up to testify
who will deify this bloody war
while the victims cry what is it for
accept it no more and it will be ended
the constitution, humankind, well defended
an ammended human creedo might say
if it hurts humankind then no way
end it today

there are people in charge who don’t hear
perhaps to much in step spreading fear
we are not deer to be herded and kept
this kind of justice is fully inept
rights have been swept from masses
victims mounting with every new day that passes
school classes keep the kids busy thinking
while the life’s blood of earth we keep drinking
humanity is sinking in sync with our rights
every minute goes by that nobody fights
perhaps corporate delights are worth saving
it’s what all politicians keep raving
while they’re paving the forest
how can one support this

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