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The D.E.A cannot possibly eradicate our plant of choice if it grows like wild fire... that's why it's time to stop crying about prices and busts and free your weed! Don't throw away the gift of life that is in each seed and don't hoarde them the way so many well meaning (but lazy) smokers do... plant them all. Toss the anywhere there is water- irrigation ditches, lakes, rivers, gardens and parks... anywhere they can haver a chance to grow. If one tenth of all smokers did so there would eventually be too much of our favorite plant to eradicate. Prices for market weed would have to be competitive because there would be free ditch weed for all. And the best part- no more having to bumm smoke from a Budd and nome more having to bumm them some... just send them to the nearest wild crop. It's Time For Revolution! Free weed is just a seeds throw away. So what if the result is ditch weed... it's not about THC content anymore or profits... it's about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of weed! Spread the word and your seeds. Get every friend, neighbor, and relative to help fight the war on the war on drugs. Reforest what man has cleared in the name of progress... reclaim earth for our plants. With enough plants we could fight Global Warming! Your government cannot possibly tear out every wild weed if we all work together. In just a few years we could see it overwhelm them to a point where they will have to legalize low THC content cannabis... and that's a move in the right direction. Drop seeds in every flower planter and garden at your local courthouse, police station, library, and park. Let them know they cannot stop a plant!
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Jay is absolutely correct. I

Jay is absolutely correct. I have been saying this for years, I posted it on the DFWNORML site as something to do. Back in the late 60s I was throwing seeds out the window as I drove down a back country road in Jersey, spreading a mayonaise jar full of them behind a mobile home park in Fla. If we all do our part, the police, and the DEA will go up in thier choppers and have no idea in the world where to start because it will be EVERYWHERE. Another thing you all can do is to accept jury duty when called upon to do so. If I get that letter in the mail I go every time. Who knows, perhaps you can get some stoner off by hanging the jury.

Jay knows nothing about genetics.....or very little

Sure----let us all smoke dirt weed and more dirt weed , get a headache, and 'we are high'. Good in thought. Go to Kansas---you'll love it. Think about it. I like the comment above about going for jury duty. Screw 'em at their own game.

I do know ALOT about

I do know ALOT about genetics but this post isn't about your picky ass tastes in THC content. It isn't logical to pay $100 for a quarter sack of a plant! And if you knew anything about the plant you would know that genetic makeup is only part of the equation when it comes to THC content... the crystals are formed due to evaporation and expiration from the plant. Environment has alot to do with it... BUT YOU HAVE MISSED THE POINT of my call for seeds... the point is to overwhealm them with WHATEVER ammo we have and to send a clear nmessage to the DEA that they cannot destroy the weed. Their goal is to totally eradicate the weed worldwide because the overall usefulness of the plant would destroy big oil, medicine, and tobacco businesses like Dupont, Raleigh, and Proctor and Gamble! If we are complacent and do nothing, the DEA will get it's way and eventually the only thing left will be seedless weed that is way over priced and smokes much too fast. As for jury duty - I like it! Bail out a brother or sister in need. And while at the courthouse, spread some seedy joy and help fill the gardens - whereever you are... and the picky retards who spend their money on over priced female plants from the same plant my ancestors smoked with the creator can keep their thoughtless, careless, and selfish smoke to themselves! Hey stupid... a plant can't procreate without seeds! Keep your seedless stash and I'll keep sharing what I can with our planet - Ditch Weed or not! I will fight the fight and have already seen results. Please help if you have any sense you haven't smoked away with the $100 kind.

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