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It's Time for Medical Marijuana "Plan B"

Did you know that along with raiding medical marijuana clinics and prosecuting people, the DEA is actually blocking research into medical marijuana too -- research that if allowed to take place could lead to marijuana's approval as a medicine through the FDA? Yet at the very same time, DEA hypocritically cites a lack of research as justification for keeping medical marijuana illegal! Most recently, DEA has stalled an application from the University of Massachusetts to grow research-grade marijuana in a secure facility for FDA- and DEA-approved medical studies. Though DEA's own Administrative Law Judge has said it should be approved, we expect them to show bad faith and reject it -- after waiting as long as they can -- unless they are pressured to do otherwise. A group of US Representatives is preparing to send a sign-on letter to the DEA, next month, for just that purpose. Please visit our web site to write your member of Congress asking him or her to sign on! We encourage you to personalize your email. When you're done, please forward this alert to everyone you know who might support it too. Thank you for your help on this -- and thanks to the thousands of you who used our site to lobby for the Hinchey medical marijuana amendment last fall too. With your help, we believe that this "Plan B" will help get us closer to the goal. (Click here to read the text of the Congressional sign-on letter on the MAPS web site, and click here to read the results of this summer's Hinchey medical marijuana vote on ours.)
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marijuana/use in crohn's care

i have a sister who was diognosed w/crohn's at the age of 30. she is now 50 and she still has her lower intestine and colon, and as a matter of fact; this is because of her using marijuana since then. she now has vasculitis also and is on marinol(chemical version of marijuana) to keep it at bay, and help her w/her appetite. she was down to 96 lbs because she now has kidney failue from cy-toxin treatments. they put her on marinol then took her off abruptly and she had the only ceasure she's had in a year (once she was on dialysis they had stopped. as her sibling i have witnessed directly the last 6 or 7 yrs, and indirectly for 30yrs her progress and set backs. i would like to share her story if it would do any good to help get these studies approved [email protected]

Need advice

I know a person who is pro legalization but insists that it is not possible because of UN treaties and to fully legalize marijuana would be unconstitutional.
I know that the Single Convention treaty was used as an excuse in the 60's but are there any existing treaties that prohibit us from legalizing?

Re: Single Convention

The Single Convention is still used by the feds for everything from
prevention of legalization to unwillingness to license Professor Craker's
growing facility at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. (see The most recent version of the treaty came about in the form of a protocol amending the original treaty. Read it for yourself ( Personally, I think the Single Convention does provide the feds with an argument against complete legalization; however, the Netherlands are a party to the treaty, and are notorious for non-prosecution of personal use quantities.

Achilles' heel

As the US is the most influential party to the Single Convention a repeal of the marijuana prohibition laws in the US will lead to the collapse of the international prohibition and remove pressure on foreign countries to repeal their own prohibitionary laws.


Thanks for the info...guess I might as well give up...NOT!
I still cant see thousands of activists including leap doing their best to end this criminal war on Americans if it cant be done,besides,if we listened to the UN,we wouldnt be in Iraq right's an illegal war.

Treaty and Machiavelli

Excuse me, but perhaps you did not notice that Herr Bush unilaterally canceled the ABM treaty, just so we could deploy a missile shield. The basic facts of treaties were laid out by Machiavelli many years ago, to the effect that when a treaty is no longer convenient, it is to be promptly ignored. De Medici did it, Bush did it, we can do it again.

God saw that it was Good...and IN GOD WE TRUST?

According to my Holy Bible in the Genesis 1:12 God makes all the plants and calls them Good!

So if we take God's word as trut worthy and true....all plants are good!
And I believe they are required in our eco systems to do functions Humans cannot do!

SO if they Say In God we Trust...and denie this palnt or any other in trade, or in prescribed as part of our handy works for God Genesis 2:15...then they are liars!
They neither trust in God, or his word...and they don;t want you fulfilling God's will....Eden!

Just some round about Idea...If God created Marijuana and grw it in his garden, would they put him in jail?

Just wana know!

Sir Les

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