Don't Smoke Pot in Your Car

Listen up hippies: smoking pot in your car is for jerks. Here's what will eventually happen to you if you insist on doing this:

An off-duty Sioux Falls police officer called other officers Thursday after he pulled up next to a car in which a man was smoking a marijuana pipe while driving, police spokesman Loren McManus said.

"As a matter of fact, (the pipe) was still warm when they found it," he said. [Argus-Leader]
Marijuana enthusiasts are fond of claiming that the drug doesn't actually impact your driving ability to any significant extent. I think it depends on your experience level, but literally getting high behind the wheel is just stupid no matter who you are. For one thing, the more comfortable you are with marijuana, the more you'll hate having to pee in a cup every 30 days for a year (or worse).

In my work with Flex Your Rights, I've heard so many horror stories about people getting arrested this way that I could never count them. For anyone who doesn’t already know this, the smell of marijuana automatically gives police probable cause to search your vehicle. You will be arrested for anything and everything that might be in your car.

So, whether you're Willie Nelson or my friend Peter, just wait 'til you get where you're going (depending, of course, where that is).*

*This public service announcement has been brought to you by, a division of the international conspiracy to legalize drugs.

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Re: Tokin' & Drivin'

My grandpa taught me how to drive; he started with me on his lap when I was still wearin' diapers. I loved to drive. When I got older I loved to toke but, driving got me busted, a lot. I quit driving and really enjoy the freedom and anonymity that public transit offers. Of course, I also avoid flying like the plague.

Does toking cannabis affect one's driving. Of course. Criminally so? I doubt it.

tokin and driving

what the fuck you expect from south dakota.

Highway Busts

Statistics indicate that most busts for pot are highway or street busts related to auto travel. The cops look for signs of partying.

Trying to be discrete by rolling down the car windows or opening the sunroof all the way during freezing or night-time temperatures to clear smoke odor, etc., is like a blinking neon sign to cops that says "bust me."

There is a DVD that covers a lot of good info on traffic stop strategies used by cops that was produced by a reformed ex-traffic-officer, Barry Cooper. It's called "Never get Busted Again" and can be obtained at . There is one section in Barry Cooper's DVD dealing with allowing car searches that I disagree with. Better to follow ACLU advice (See DVD "Busted" available from DRCNet) and never consent to a search without a warrant.


The BUSTED DVD to which you refer was produced by Flex Your Rights, where I serve as associate director. It is not an ACLU production, though it features their former director Ira Glasser as narrator.

Don't Smoke in your Car Jerks of All Stripes

We see how pot profoundly impares people
- as they sit on a couch and watch TV-
- as they sit in a chair at school and attempt to learn
-as they fumble through decades of temporal life..

mix that level of cannabis induced mental imparement with a gasoline engine propelling a ton of steel in traffic with other profoundly stupid people behind the wheel..and we get escalated highway slaughter..
No wonder the insurance people are keen of denying coverage to any accidnets that are caused by stoners- ya and all those dead drunks in former years all claiming they can handle tbooze and driving.. well the time has come to stop the stoners from driving...

maybe in ancient times a stoner was not a social problem riding on horseback or walking, but driving a ton of steel in traffic ?

but ha! this is a drug apology website, but jerks none the less

Cell phones while driving are a bigger prob than stoners........

stoners aren't a social problem, they are a measurable percentage of our society, for the government to try to intervene with a culture that has naturally evolved to the level it is looks a lot like "social engineering" and whenever fools have tried to change what nature has created always multiplies the problem tenfold.........but toking on the road is an unnecessary risk, I wouldn't recommend it.........fred

toking and driving

I thought the article was pretty clear that they did not agree with consuming intoxicants and driving. Many intoxicated people are not going to pass the field sobriety test. That means whether it is alcohol or some other choice, you are going to end up BUSTED, DUI, DWI,etc.! I think, most, sensible people would agree that driving while intoxicated, no matter what is causing the intoxication, is bone headed, stupid,asking for it...(add any you want)and most of all DANGEROUS! Just about as smart as blowing marijuana smoke in a cop's face! (hemp fest idiot)

So why call the others here, jerks!?!? Having fun!? Bloggers are, for the most part, nameless and of little utility! That includes me!

pizza delivery stoner.

Lol. I delivered pizza for 3 years stoned out of my head every day and never caused an accident or even got pulled over. Its a risk, yes. But I've seen worse drivers who were sober. The risk invloved here is more legal than an accident liability. Just be careful out there. And, to stick with the thick layer of PC in this aricle: Don't toke the weed in your car, kiddies! Take it from someone who got away with it. :D

Highy Patrol

I got sketched out one day driving down Interstate 25 when I noticed a K9 cop driving along side cars with his sniff dog hanging out the window. He would pull up next to a car and stay along side for a few minutes then move up to the next car... as if he were letting the dog get a whiff of us all in search of something he couldn't see. Weird!

Driving is a Joke

In the last few years there has been a steady increase in highway accidents which is in direct relation to the number of : cell phones ; MP3 players ; Portable DVD ; Fast food and coffee shop drive-thrus ; and constant inattention of younger less experienced drivers who are in too much of a rush to keep up with our greedy society . Alcohol and marijuana may cause impairment but with all the other distractions around today ... the operation of a "motor vehicle" today is just a big joke ,,,



Micah Daigle's picture

Prohibition causes stoned driving

Here's an interesting clip of a "Driving While Stoned" experiment on British TV:

Although some studies and experiments have shown that marijuana doesn't adversely affect driving as much as other things like alcohol and cell phones, it's still a stupid idea to hotbox, fishbowl, go on high rides, or whatever you call it.

But what's even more stupid is prohibition, which pushes lots of young people out of public places and onto the roads, where many feel a false sense of security. During my college years, it was common for my peers to pack up a bong and drive around town instead of smoking up in the dorms. And while I didn't know anyone who got into a car accident while driving stoned, I knew plenty who got searched and arrested.

High rides just aren't cool.

weed behind the wheel

LOL I have been driving and toking for years. Sure, I shouldn't be, but I have never so much as been pulled over or made a traffic error. weed isn't booze, asshats!! You'd be surprised how many people have a spliff behind the wheel. Just be sure to have cigarettes on hand, if you get pulled over, light one up, it will totally cover the smell of the 420.

break one law at a time

ive been smokin pot in my car for years, as has my husband, both sets of parents, his brother and sister, my brother and sister, and many many friends. high rides are basically imbedded in my blood. ive never been pulled over and none of the above mentioned people have ever been arrested for marijuana use. the trick is to break one law at a time. if there is no reason for an officer to pull you over you have nothing to worry about. of course, whether you have to worry or not depends on experience, method of smoking, where you are, etc. just dont be stupid about it. unfortunately though people are stupid about it and give driving stoners a bad name.


ahhaha, ya we wouldn't want any pot head drivers out there taking time at signs and being polite to other drivers.. that doesn't mix well in todays society.


I believe stoned drivers drive way better than asians. Im not a racist , but thats just what i think.

blazing is chill

i smoke weed more than once a day everday, i have straight A's, i have a steady job, and i DEFINITELY do not spend all day sitting on the couch. so all you shady hypocrites stop stereotyping the stoner, we're not sitting around picking on you, leave us alone. maybe you need to chill out and go smoke some bud. and by the way, stoned drivers are for sure more skilled than asian drivers.

Im an Asian stoner. Before I

Im an Asian stoner. Before I started smoking pot, I was an excellent driver. After smoking pot, still an excellent driver.


OK 1st of all cannabis is not a drug
it grows on a plant and not chemical changed (bad spellings)
but i earn £900 a month and i am 18 and that is OK
and i go collage
i smoke weed at collage,at work,at home and it dost change anything in my life it makes me a better person.
i ride a 400cc motobike and drive stoned
and i passed frist time on both times stoned

i passed my crash course in 2 days stoned

so i dont know how being stoned can kill u
u lot just cant face the fact that us hippies as you call us are going to keep smoke weed untill the day we die and youc ant do anything to stop us


anonymous, you smoked marijuana and were not able to drive because you do not do it on a regular basis. I was smoking pot long before i started driving by the time i started driving it hardly does anything to me except makes me feel better about myself, colours and sounds are better and you notice everything. I can drive just as well or better while stoned or even getting stoned. All my buddies drive around hitting bongs the size of our arms. We have never tried other drugs (except natural ones like mushrooms) we are in our 20's have good jobs and i am finishing school to be a chemical production engineer so quit bad mouthing it you rookies. It doesnt effect everyone the same. Dont speak for others, im not telling you to go get high and drive but im just saying i dont know anyone who caused a problem driving while high and i'v never come close.

Weed isn't all bad!!

Yea Ive driven behind the while stoned out of my mind. Sorta made me a better driver, instead of driving 80 to 90 mph on the freeway when im sober Im driving 65mph. Its risky but its not that bad. I live in California and Ive been busted for weed, the cop smashed my piece and took my bud. All he said was to go home. If i was caught with a beer can I would have gotten a DUI or DWI or even worse prison because I am underaged. As long as you have a Gram or less the cops dont care(Sorry if you live in shit nowhere town were the cops are BORED) Instead of getting wasted in the weekend I relax and spark up a joint. Im in College straight A's, i run 5 to 8 miles a daily workout everyday and im a health freak. Weed is a friend indeed.

i smoke every day on my ride

i smoke every day on my ride to work in the working dude give me a break im one of the best drivers out there and all i do is smokeee i work very hard construction and it helps my back

I think it just depened on

I think it just depened on who you are, if your a 16 year old kid in a red and wite mustang you'll attract more attention then a 34 year old soccer mom with a dog in the car. So my advise is to just get a really normal car.

i think that that stoners

i think that that stoners are actually BETTER drivers. Unless you have done it you won't know why i think this. you pay WAY more attention to what's going on and drive slower (because it feels like your going ten times faster than you actually are). So you're A) more cautious B)Driving slower so in theory you're not going to be driving crazy/speeding and thus safer than a drunk person by far or even many sober drivers.

and i disagree with who posted that having a window rolled down to let smoke out is a giveaway. Cigarette smokers do this like its a religion. no-one is going to sit in stale tobacco smoke willingly. think about it.

I agree with this guy^

I have driven stoned for so long, and never got busted, or heard of anyone getting busted. You just gotta be smart with your pipe/joint, and know when to spark up. Keep the window down, and always have a can of febreeze on the side, and you probably won't be detected unless you drive like an idiot. I have never gotten in an accident while stoned, or pulled over, but when sober, 2 speeding tickets and a fender bender, i think i'm probably better when i am stoned, because like ^he said, you pay more attention to detail.


Smoking in car

Well what if I'm just smoking in my car that's parked? I live in an apartment and I can't smoke inside due to the smoke traveling upstairs to my neihbors. So I just smoke in my car since I can't smoke in my own home. I use marijuana for medical reasons, so you're telling me if I smoke in my car that I'm not going to drive, cops are seriously going to arrest me?

Smoking Pot in car

Pot is a powerful and addicting drug, Smoking anything is bad for your Mental health, and physical Health.

Pot very quickly makes you stupid. AS evidenced by the scores of stupid comments about being a better driver on Pot.

Anyone with an unimpaired Mind, and a modicum of intelligence, would know that, that is not the case.

The guy that killed the Dallas Mom and her unborn child, while stoned out of his gourd on Pot, while driving the wrong way  on a busy Dallas freeway,  felt he was just fine.

While I totally agree in decriminalizing of Pot for the small user, and for components of Cannabis, being extracted and used medically,  to allow smoking of pot is a shame!

lastly, the DEA, is just buying its time, waiting until Millions of dollars are spent, and they will do a blitz on every Marijuana operation in existence, including so-called medical marijuana dispensaries. Shutting them down for good.

This the the real world


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