Bush Makes Lengthy Incoherent Statement About Plan Mexico

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Via DrugWarRant, President Bush was asked about Plan Mexico yesterday at a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon:
Q Good afternoon, President Bush and Prime Minister. And I thought that this summit would be the -- actually Plan Mexico would come out of this, the combination of three governments to combat the effects of drug trafficking. What is the obstacle? What is causing the delay? Why don't the societies of each country know what this plan is about? And can you actually confirm the support of the United States to Mexico? Apparently it will increase tenfold, and the levels will be similar to Colombia. We hear very often the United States wants to take part in this situation against drugs, this war on drugs, and we see it very clearly in Mexico. Now, what is it all about? Could you tell us?
Oh boy, a rare opportunity to hear the President talk about drug policy. You know this is going to be…vague.
PRESIDENT BUSH: Man! Hombre! (Laughter.) We discussed a common strategy to deal with a common problem, and that is narco-trafficking and violence on our border. First, let me say that in order to develop an effective common strategy there needs to be serious consultations between our respective governments. It's one thing to say, we're interested in working together; it's another thing to develop a package on both sides of the border that will be effective in dealing with the problem. That's what our people expect us to do. They expect us to see a problem and to develop an effective strategy to deal with that problem.

President Calderon and I met in Mexico, and we had a serious discussion to get this initiative on the table. This is an interim meeting, a meeting for us to make sure that the strategy that's being developed is -- will be effective. So we reviewed where we are in the process.

The United States is committed to this joint strategy to deal with a joint problem. I would not be committed to dealing with this if I wasn't convinced that President Calderon had the will and the desire to protect his people from narco-traffickers. He has shown great leadership and great strength of character, which gives me good confidence that the plan we'll develop will be effective. And the fundamental question is, what can we do together to make sure that the common strategy works? And that's where we are in the discussions right now.

There's all kinds of speculation about the size of the package, this, that and the other. All I can tell you is the package, when it's developed, will be robust enough to achieve a common objective, which is less violence on both sides of the border, and to deal with narco-trafficking. And we both have responsibilities. And that's what the package is entailed to develop. It's to develop how do we share our joint responsibilities.

It's in our interests that this program go forward. You mentioned Plan Colombia-- this is not like Plan Colombia. This is different from Plan Colombia. This is a plan that says we've got an issue on our own border. We share a border and, therefore, it's a joint program that will mean -- that won't mean U.S. armed presence in your country. Mexico is plenty capable of handling the problem. And the question is, is there any way for us to help strengthen the effort? And so that's what we're studying.

And I can't give you a definitive moment when the plan will be ready, but we're working hard to get a plan ready. And it's a plan that, once it's proposed and out there, I strongly urge the United States Congress to support. It's in our interests, it's in the U.S. interests that we get this issue solved.
Any questions?
United States
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Single Stated Goal...

"All I can tell you is the package, when it's developed, will be robust enough to achieve a common objective, which is less violence on both sides of the border, and to deal with narco-trafficking."

Less violence?
And... legalization, making this a NON-BLACK MARKET would do what exactly?

With no cost to taxpayers?
With increased income for the nations through taxation/tariffs?

Yes... it's a big plan...

But overnight, you could shut down ALL illicit drug trade, put thousands (er... hundreds of thousands?) of drug dealers out of business, eliminate violent drug crime, and stop illegal smuggling over the Mexican border.

If you can legally traffic drugs over the border you can spend more time watching for illegal alien crossings.

But that would be too simple.
And admitting defeat.

I forgot that we weren't allowed to use logic here.
My bad.

George Bush

WHAT???? Is anyone surprised he was a C student? Personally I am astonished this jaggoff graduated at all. I know "Special" people with better communication skills and a much higher intelligence level than this douche. Canadians, I am begging you- PLEASE invade our country and give us freedom from this farce of a government. PLEASE???

^^ No Canadian govt please....

....unless we dont have to have free healthcare. I'll be ok with it then.

Anyways, his response looks like it was put together by an elementary school student. I dont see any actual answers to the posed questions. All I see is him repeating "and the important question is" and "...put a plan together."

George Bush, the important question is, when will you put a plan together that will eliminate all the outrageous drug policies this country has?

e-action to stop plan mexico...

Go to: http://clinton.senate.gov/contact/

Please write to Senator Clinton to urge her to speak out against the
expansion of the 'drug war' into Mexico. Tell her about the widespread
and serious human rights abuses committed by Mexican security
officials. Tell her lethal aid should not be extended on U.S.
taxpayers' dime to a brutal security apparatus which give abusers of
human rights in the Mexican government with impunity.

Again, we need YOU to invest 1.5 minutes to email Hilary Clinton to demand:

a. Sec. Rice attend (not some lesser bureaucrat)

b. plan mexico to be heard as a stand alone bill (not tucked into iraq
appropriations bill)

c. answers to questions re. Brad's murder and the murders of other
people by security forces in mexico


thx for helping.

From: http://friendsofbradwill.org


I made the contact w/Clinton. Also called Lantos - the chair of the foreign relations committee - looking at this 'drug war' taxpayer funded crap. Gave them both my views.

Obviously, I agree with all the yukking it up re. our pea-brained pres. But I'm also interested in stopping this f*kt up plan mexico. So i took action.

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