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Marijuana Clears Skins Rashes Therefore It Must Be Legalized!

The story is from fox news, apparently pot clears up dermatitis. The headline is my own. Pardon the hyperbole, I wanted to make a larger point. I have always stated that pot should be legal because we are free, not because it is healthy. My libertarian views are not reliant on the latest medical pot news. I believe in freedom, it's that simple. Contrast my simple view with that of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Prohibition lacks any serious logical foundation so Drug Warriors need scary headlines to justify their existence. Here are some recent PushingBack pot headlines. New Study: 1 Marijuana Joint as Damaging as 5 Cigarettes to Your Lungs 50 Top Experts Confirm Marijuana and Mental Health Risk New Harvard Research Study Shows Pot Use May Cause Skin Cancer Can you see the Prohibitonist argument- We have to arrest you and your loved ones for your own good. You don't want cancer, lung disease, or mental health problems do you? What arrogance. We are not a nation of children in need of a benevolent government to protect us. Never trust a government that seeks to "help" citizens by arresting them. It is easy to recognize the intellectual impotence of the Drug Warriors. If products should be legal or illegal based on the latest health news then shouldn't the ONDCP seek to ban cigarettes, booze, mountain dew, and McDonalds?
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Good point Robert

The government could start arresting overweight people. Think of the money they could make! They would have to expand prison space to make room for them all. Think of the heart disease that could be prevented. I suppose the fat politicians would object on the grounds that it would conflict with their right too choose for themselves what to eat.It would be ironic. Police would have it easy to make arrests. All they would have to do is hang out at the fat dealers place of business, just search out the golden arches and such. Declare them fat free zones.

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